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10 Blue Dial Dive Watches To Wear In The Ocean This Summer

10 Blue Dial Dive Watches To Wear In The Ocean This Summer

Blue Dial Dive Watches

Blue is the best primary color. There, I said it. Okay, let me be clear: Blue is the best primary when it comes to attire—and this is coming from a guy who is definitely a red man. Truly, it’s a classic shade, just like black and white, but is actually easier to wear than the so-called universal black. This is especially so when it comes to watches. Brown straps with a black dial? Possible but tricky.

Blue dials are particularly suiting when it comes to divers, which the 10 dive watches rounded up here perfectly embody. It’s the same color as the ocean and the sky, it’s summery, and one look at the color wheel cinches its ability to get along with other colors and tones.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Blue Dial

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

That wave dial, those skeleton hands, and that scalloped bezel have gone down in history as signature elements of James Bond’s GoldenEye Watch. And while being the inaugural Bond Omega is more status than any timepiece can hope for, this Seamaster Diver 300M is much more than even that. 

The design is a watch world icon, this particular reference boasting a co-axial escapement. This provides better accuracy over time, along with a finely decorated and meticulously layered movement available for your viewing pleasure. Though this wave-dial layout comes in alternative colorways, the most prominent alternative being black, the blue variation is the tentpole. Arguably, it’s one of the most culturally relevant blue watches in history.

  • Movement: OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 8800
  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Price: $5,600
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Blue Dial

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto

While the broad strokes of the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba are that of a standard diver template, the distinct details level it up on every front. The murky edges of the dial make way for a dark yet vivid cobalt, like the ocean itself. Instead of a sunray surface, the matt texturing is unexpected, without compromising the watch’s tried and true look and its versatility. The engraved numerals on the fade-resistant ceramic bezel add luster on top of legibility. And naturally, this automatic runs on Hamilton’s H-10, with a whopping 80-hour power reserve.

  • Movement: H-10 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 43mm
  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Price: $995
Shinola Lake Michigan Monster Automatic Navy Blue Dial

Shinola Lake Michigan Monster Automatic

Handsomely straight-forward and refreshingly honest, the Shinola Lake Michigan Monster Automatic is a get-the-job-done diver. Take a microscope to the entirety of this watch and find zero short-cuts, from the anti-reflective sapphire crystal to the 26-jewel Swiss movement to even that anti-magnetic shield.

On the style front, the midnight blue shade adorning the bezel insert and the dial face is inspired by, and is as striking as, ice formations on a wintery Lake Michigan. Its bracelet is unique, featuring an oyster-like assembly, but with rounded links. It’s like a jubilee-meets-oyster, that perfectly matches the swerves on the watch’s profile.

  • Movement: SW200-1 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Price: $1,650
Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic With Blue Dial

Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic

This Citizen Promaster is a masterclass in how to make a diver brawny and strong, without being bulky and heavy. It’s not just made out of titanium, which is strong yet lightweight, but specifically Citizen’s Super TitaniumTM. Appropriately, this ocean-specific titanium is especially resistant to salt water corrosion. 

The athletic bezel and outerdial make for a smaller but easily-read dial from any angle, since all of the applications are sizable and close together. It gives the look of bigness without actually taking up extra room on your wrist. Top that off with the fact this fully-automatic sport watch is ISO-compliant.

  • Movement: 9051 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 41mm 
  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • Price: $745+
Tudor Pelagos Blue Dial and Blue Bezel

Tudor Pelagos

Many argue that Tudor should be able to stand on its own without being compared to his Wilsdorf sibling, Rolex. I agree, though, ironically, bringing Rolex up is a good way to show how this Pelagos nabs its own spotlight. It’s sophisticated yet relaxed, with an overall matte characteristic that’s fun, modern, and practical. 

The case is both titanium and steel, while the dimensional dial is equipped with the brand’s signature snowflake hands. Like a Submariner, it runs on a COSC-certified automatic. Better than a Submariner, it flaunts 500 meters of water resistance. 

  • Movement: COSC-certified MT5612 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Water resistance: 500 meters
  • Price: $4,925
Yema Superman 500 Blue Dial

Yema Superman 500

Its bezel-lock may be the visual focal point that gives Yema’s Superman 500 its distinct gadget-forward aesthetic, but every element on this watch comes together in a truly science-chic kind of way. The flat-linked brick-layering of the bracelet looks downright mechanical, while the fully-guarded crown provides a sturdy overall style. It also makes it easy to use, with its smooth and user-friendly operation.

Relatedly, everything that looks cool on this watch is also useful. The double-domed sapphire adds intrigue to its profile while also increasing resistance, and the aquamarine-toned lume is brilliant and one heck of a lightshow.

  • Movement: YEMA2000 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 39mm, 41mm
  • Water resistance: 500 meters
  • Price: $1,249
Baltic Aquascaphe With Blue Dial

Baltic Aquascaphe

The Baltic Aquascaphe is delightfully retro and extra stylish because of it. You know how men used to dress up to travel? This is the dive watch version of that concept. Of course, all of the specs are upgraded to modern standards. 

The sapphire crystal is domed providing a vintage-style distortion at certain angles. And with the effervescent blue sunray dial and sandwich design at the gold-tinted 3, 6, and 9 markers, there’s layers and angles of complex light and color play. There’s even more of this on the bracelet courtesy of the beaded center links.

  • Movement: Miyota 9039 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 39mm
  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • Price: $620+
Seiko Prospex SLA023

Seiko Prospex SLA023

If you want a pro-level watch, you go for Prospex. After all, it stands for Professional Specifications, and that’s exactly what the Seiko SLA023 is filled to the brim with. As this brand does, they take a classic dive template, and Seikoify it with hard-edged lugs, a 4 o’clock crown, and polygonic hands and indices. It’s a genuinely rugged piece of gear, visually comparable to a deep-diver. Furthermore, the ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal, and dependable movement bring this solidly-architectured tool watch into luxury territory.

  • Movement: Seiko 8L35 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 44.3mm
  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Price: $3,100
Rolex Submariner Date Blue Dial and Gold

Rolex Submariner Date

The most recognizable dive watch in the world looks great in blue—and gold. The Rolex Submariner Date might actually be functional luxury defined. Every aspect of it is a better, in-house version of something you might find on a non-Rolex watch. You may already know about their extra shiny, extra resistant Oystersteel and their intense blue Chromalight. 

Additionally, the proprietary combination of gold and steel gives you the timeless luster of yellow gold, strategically reinforced. Meanwhile, the overachieving 3235 movement is accurate even beyond its chronometer certification.

  • Movement: 3235, Manufacture Rolex
  • Case diameter: 41mm
  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Price: $15,600 (If you can ever find one at retail, which you likely cannot)
Vaer D5 Meridian With Blue Dial

Vaer D5 Meridian

From its silky navy blue dial accented with gold-outlined applications to the bezel’s coin-edging, the Vaer D5 Meridian combines dapper looks with a hearty construction. This American-assembled watch may have a high-beat workhorse for a movement, and it may be outfitted with a secure custom-fit bracelet. But boy, are those applications impeccable. They really shine beyond the sapphire, almost showcasing a meticulous texturing on the edges of the hands. Feel free to wear this watch with a dinner jacket or the t-shirt you slept in.

  • Movement: Miyota 9015 Automatic
  • Case diameter: 39mm
  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • Price: $659
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