4 Scary Things That Happen to Your Body During a “Sex Drought” (And How to End It & Get Laid Tonight)
Discover how to end a dry spell and why it’s good for your health below…

How To End Your Dry Spell And Get Laid (And Why It’s So Important For Your Health)…

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Are you in a dry spell? You know—you’re just not getting any.

Dry spells are not uncommon, especially after a divorce or after a relationship ends. Perhaps you just don’t feel ready to get back “out there” yet.

Or maybe you’re still hung up on your ex and hoping to rekindle what you once had. Just sitting in a puddle of self-pity is another common possibility.

In my case, my marriage spanned 17 years from the mid-1990s to 2012. A LOT changed in those times.

So, not only did I feel all of those things I just mentioned above, I was also faced with the challenge of not even really knowing HOW to get back in the dating saddle.

With apps and social media and online dating, people were doing things a whole lot differently from when I had last been on the dating scene.

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It took me almost a year before I was having sex on the regular again — the longest dry spell of my life.

And it wasn’t for lack of desire necessarily—believe me: I wanted to be f**king.

It’s just that all those hangups that go with the end of a relationship gave alls sorts of excuses and mental road/c**k-blocks that kept me on the sidelines.

But if I knew then what I know now about how bad a dry spell is for your health, I’d have been back in the game a whole lot sooner!

So, if you’re in a dry spell, you really need to think about strapping on your man pants and getting back out there.

Going for too long without sex can cause problems that go well beyond self-esteem troubles.

Seriously. I’m talking about real health issues here.

How Much Sex Is “Normal” And When Do You Know You’re In a Dry Spell? Here’s What the Numbers Have To Say…

You may be wondering just how much sex is considered “normal.” Well, more than none, I can tell you that for sure.

One study suggests that the average person will have sex 5,778 times before they die. Men over 30 tend to get it on somewhere between 70 to 90 times every year.

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What does this tell us apart from the fact they are people out there doing a whole lot more f**king than you?

These numbers demonstrate that regular sex in an important part of man’s life—and not just because it feels great.

Thus, your body kind of expects you to have sex on a regular basis. It follows then that a lack of sex in your life can do more than hurt your ego.

1) Brain Cell Production Declines

Let me start by saying that, while regular sex is normal, so are dry spells. Everybody has them (I hope, because, if not, I’m a total loser).

That being said, it’s good to know what kind of potential impact a dry spell can have on your body—especially if it goes on for too long.

One of the biggest negatives about a lack of sex is that it slows down brain cell production. Yep—that’s right:

Regular sex makes you smarter.

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As you get older, a healthy sex life has an even bigger impact on your overall brain health.

Two studies conducted by British universities found that people who had sex more often tended to score higher on cognitive tests.

In a lab experiment conducted as part of another study, middle-aged rats produced greater numbers of new brain cells after doing it. So, go ahead and f**k your brains out—they’ll grow back!

2) Your Stress Levels Skyrocket

Another negative effect that can arise from a dry spell is an increase in your levels of stress.

Research has consistently shown that regardless of how much stress you may have in your life, a little sex helps to reduce it.

So, without regular tumbles in the sheets, all those work aggravations may linger for longer once you get home.

You may be thinking, “What if I just relieve my own stress?”

Well, it’s a good thought.

And while it might be enjoyable, it really won’t do as much to reduce your stress levels as a good ol’ roll in the hay.

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In 2005, the journal Biological Psychology published a watershed study indicating that masturbation was simply not as effective for reducing stress as sex.

This is because sex with a partner releases a different cocktail of chemicals than simple masturbation.

(Try using this natural food to boost your libido and stay rock hard for hours.)

Getting it on with a lady boosts your endorphin levels and causes your brain to increase its production of the hormone oxytocin.

Both of these chemicals have been proven to reduce the effects caused by cortisol, which is a hormone linked to stress.

3) You Might Have Trouble Getting It Up

In some cases, though, masturbation may not even be an option, because men going through a dry spell may find it more difficult to get it up.

Yep—according to a 2008 study, men who are not having regular sex (not masturbation) are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

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And unfortunately, watching porn probably won’t help. If you’re hitting the PornHub too hard and too often, you’re likely to become desensitized to the real thing.

So when you do finally get back in the saddle, you may have trouble getting aroused.

This, of course, creates a vicious cycle that could extend your dry spell.

4) It Can Make You Physically Sick (Yes, Really)

The negative effects of not having sex reach beyond stress, mood and performance issues, though.

Regular sex has some positive health effects on the body, and in its absence, there could be some serious downsides.

Your immune system produces increased amounts of immunoglobulin A when you have sex. This antibody helps you fight off illnesses.

Having sex on the regular, therefore, gives your immune system a huge boost.

And if you’re not getting any, you may get sick more easily.

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What’s more, your chances of having clogged arteries increases when the amount of sex you’re having decreases.

One study shows that a man who has sex only once a month is at twice the risk of heart disease as a man who’s doing it twice a week.

Regular sex appears to lead to better circulation and to keep your blood vessels healthy and in good shape.

So, if you’re in a dry spell, how do you start getting out there and getting some once again?

The good news is that a dry spell doesn’t have to last forever. And ending a dry spell is almost entirely in your control.

Here’s what I mean:

dry spell
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