9 Essential Oils For Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One Photo: Amanda Linette Meder

9 Essential Oils For Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, it can feel challenging to rise up and transcend above your emotions. This is true even if you are someone who typically is known for being able to transcend beyond any physical circumstances that you’re going through.

Losing a pack member, whether they’re human or animal, is a change in the homeostasis of the environment. It generally takes a little bit of time for that equilibrium to start working itself out again in a new way.

Moving through the transition of death, you’re going into the new world welcoming in new friends and relationships. As you do this, it’ll be essential to stay positive, connect with positive media, and sources of information to keep your head up.

It may help to keep yourself busy with tasks and activities, but this can be hard to do when you feel sad. So I wanted to share with you some emotional support items that can help you get out of any mood you might be in.

I’ve found that in the process of grieving, sometimes you’ll get stuck in a rut of negative thinking. In this place, it feels like where you are now, in this feeling of loneliness and loss, is where you’ll always be.

This is not true. While it may take a bit of effort to get out of this mood, you’ll be happier when you do, and pretty soon, sunnier skies will be returning to you.

When I lost my dog, I had the opportunity to revisit this topic of grief and try out all the new support items out there.

I tried out a bunch of different essential oils from Young Living and Plant Therapy, two of the elite essential oil brands out there. Through this trial process, I found that some of the oils really help to shift the mood from a negative outlook to a positive outlook.

There’s lots of research out there on the benefits of essential oils for depression and promoting positive thinking. I also have to confirm that yes, essential oils do work for grief. They can bring the smiles back.

In my own experience, here are some of the best ones I’ve found for promoting positive feelings after loss:

Gratitude – This is a Young Living Essential Oil blend that’s designed to help shift your mind-state to the things you’re grateful for. When you’re grieving, it can feel like everything is terrible even though this is usually not true. Gratitude can be had for the people who are still living, the roof over your head, and the little things, like your cup of coffee. This oil helps to stimulate our mind to remember these things.

Abundance – Another Young Living Essential Oil blend that’s designed to inspire feelings of abundance. I like it for grief because smelling it reminds you of all the positive things you have going in your life. It’s also got a cinnamon scent, which for most people reminds them of the good memories from their childhood.

Joy – Joy is a Young Living Essential Oil blend that’s the first ingredient is citrus. It is meant to inspire happy feelings, and I’ve found this one is great for inspiring positive memories.

Harmony – is a Young Living Essential Oil blend that is designed to promote feelings of peace and well-being. It contains Sandalwood, Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Frankincense, Orange, Angelica, Geranium, Spanish sage, Black Spruce and others that are meant to create an uplifting experience.

White Angelica – is another Young Living Essential Oil blend that feels like an angel hug when you wear it. I’ve found it helps with hysterics that may come in bouts of grief. So if you are someone who grieves and has crying and shaking episodes, this is one oil that helps to calm down the emotions from that state of being.

Journey On – this is a Young Living Essential Oil blend that is meant to create feelings of courage and the ability to move forward. There’s another essential oil blend from Young Living called Valor, which is thought to be the ‘courage’ oil. Personally, I feel like Journey On is a courage times ten. So if you like Valor, you’ll like Journey On. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and having trouble with the courage to carry on, this one I would suggest.

Ylang Ylang – All the oils mentioned until now were blends, and this is pure plant oil. It can be purchased from just about any essential oil company, though I have the Plant Therapy version, which is available on Amazon. I like Ylang Ylang because it is very grounding and it provides feelings of stability. I like to suggest it for grief waves, as they come through because I’ve noticed that it softens the physical effect that grief has on the body.

Motivation – is a Young Living Oil Blend that according to their website may promote feelings of action and accomplishment when diffused. I’ve found it’s very helpful to use in the mornings to reestablish that zest to move forward with life. Often when we lose a loved one, there is a cleaning up and reorganizing process in our lives where we find a new normal of how things are going to be. In this job, there can be a lot to do, and I’ve found this oil assists with giving you that zest to move on and get things done.

Into The Future – This is another Young Living blend and a great one to inspire the feelings of moving forward and charting a new life beyond the life of your loved one. Say for example you dreamed your whole life only with this person or animal and you now need to look to the future and dream something new. This oil helps inspire dreams of the future which can bring out hope, optimism, and enthusiasm, all feelings you need to get through grief. This oil is designed to help you look forward to your life’s goals and dreams. It includes a carrier oil, Clary Sage, Ylang-ylang, White fir, Idaho Blue Spruce, Jasmine, Juniper, Frankincense, Orange and Cedarwood. I like using this one alongside Motivation.

Some other blends from Young Living that people like for grief include: Peace and Calming, Forgiveness, Present Time, Valor and just plain Lavender for sleep. I also recommend any citrus oil such as Orange, Lemon or Bergamont for positive mood.

These are just a few of the essential oils out there that make excellent tools for supporting the grieving process and promoting the mood of positive expectation and joy in moving forward with life.

I’m open to using all high-quality essential oils that have been tested for lab safety and are food grade. However, I’ve primarily mentioned the use of Young Living Brand Oils here. This is because when I was going through a recent loss, these are the oils that were given to me by friends and family, so this brand’s oils were the ones I got to know the most. I also like Plant Therapy Oils, which are available on Amazon.

If you’re not familiar with Young Living, it’s a health and wellness company that is kind of structured like Mary Kay, except it’s all natural living stuff. You can purchase products as a retail customer or you can become a wholesale customer. As a wholesale customer, called a ‘member,’ you can get the oils and the many other health products they offer at 24% off retail price.

I have a wholesale account, called a member account, with this company and I like it. If you become a member to buy wholesale, there’s no minimum order of what you can buy. You can get on a monthly ordering program if you find you like the health products and oils they sell and get a discount for your purchases. If you want to buy the oils as a member, you select a starter kit, which you choose once upon sign-up, and then your account is open, no contracts.

If you want to get start getting your oils through Young Living, please visit this link, choose your path as it guides you through the entire process and you’ll see my member referring link in there. You can select to buy the oils you need retail, too, it’s up to you. I personally find them some of the best on the market, and I particularly like the blends for emotional support, so I have a member account.

All in all, essential oils for grief are a useful emotional management tool and above are a few of my favorite blends, many of which come from the company Young Living, which are beautiful.

Moving through grief takes time. It can help to know that when your loved one crosses over, they enter the space of non-physical reality where all spirit beings live, and their love lives on. Your loved one may become a member of your spirit team, visit you in their spirit form, or stay with you as you continue to process and navigate life as the new you.

Though it feels like our loved ones are gone, they have simply transitioned into a new form and developing a connection to this new form takes time. It will take determination, drive and with a little bit of a boost from emotional support allies, such as essential oils, the process is a bit easier.

Amanda Linette Meder


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9 Essential Oils for Grief


9 Essential Oils For Grieving The Loss Of A Loved OneWhen you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, it can feel challenging to rise up and transcend above your emotions. This is true even if you are someone who typically is known for being able to transcend beyond...