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Beaubleu Launches the Ecce, the French Brand’s First Permanent Collection

Beaubleu Launches the Ecce, the French Brand’s First Permanent Collection

Beaubleu is a French brand that we’ve covered a handful of times since their debut in 2017, and we certainly have a soft spot for their quirky and contemporary design language. The basic idea is rather simple, at least on paper: instead of traditional hands, Beaubleu uses circular rings of different sizes to tell the time. As they move around the dial, it creates a very different impression than what you’d see on a normal watch, and causes some reflection as to why traditional handsets, with their inherent precision, are so commonplace to begin with. Like Alain Silberstein’s designs, Beaubleu’s watches remind us that a watch can be anything, and that shape is a critical element in how we relate to watches both practically and emotionally. Beaubleu, to this point, has also done a fantastic job of using color to drive these ideas home. With their new Ecce line of watches, the brand’s first permanent collection, Beaubleu has further refined their aesthetic, adding a bracelet for the first time, and making subtle changes to their dials and cases that allow everything to work together a bit more harmoniously. 

The core of the design, of course, is unchanged. We still get the unique circular hands in the three models that launch the Ecce collection, with a large running seconds circle, a small hours circle, and a medium sized minutes circle in between. The 39mm cases have sculpted flanks and prominent, brushed circular bezel that complements the hands as well the circle motifs that are effectively built into each dial design. In a way, these watches work as deconstructions of a classic sector dial, with circular figures everywhere, each one highlighting an essential time telling or design element. 

The most straightforward of the Ecce models is the Vesperal. This one has a multitier, metallic dial that would seem to blend in seamlessly with the bezel and case. It has a distinct sculptural quality – an almost whimsical expression of Brutalism. The Lys has a rose gold plating and a lightly textured dial, and feels even more minimal than the Vesperal. The third Ecce reference is the Smalt, with a dark blue dial featuring a repeating, embossed pyramid pattern.

All three watches are mounted to integrated, mesh bracelets, with stainless steel cases that measure 39mm in diameter. The movement used across the collection is the trusty Miyota 9015, with a subtle, circular date window at 6:00 on each reference. The watches also feature sapphire crystal and are water resistant to 50 meters. 

The retail price for watches in the Ecce collection sits at 990 € on a bracelet (they’re available for a little less on leather straps). Deliveries are expected in December, Beaubleu has indicated this platform will be used for additional limited editions that are currently in the works. Beaubleu

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