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<div>Best Homeschooling & Educational Subscription Boxes</div>

Best Homeschooling & Educational Subscription Boxes

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Best Homeschooling & Education Monthly Subscription Boxes


In recent years parents have been increasingly opting for homeschooling to replace traditional in-person schooling at a physical school.  The challenge, no matter what type of schooling you choose, is to find ways to supplement and expand the lessons and homeschooling curriculum being learned, all while providing immersive, hands-on experiences that will captivate your kids. Homeschooling subscription boxes are a great way to bring new ideas, crafts, challenges, reading, STEM, and more to your students. What could be more wonderful than nurturing your children’s engagement and curiosity with monthly subscription boxes filled to the brim with educational treasures?

Below is a list of the best subscription boxes for homeschoolers and online learning apps and programs.


As is with all subscription boxes, please check the actual subscription box’s website for all FAQs, shipping details, and correct currency.


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The Best Subscriptions for Homeschoolers!

From science experiments to art projects to reading games to tech programming to cooking these homeschooling subscription boxes cater to a wide range of interests and learning styles.



MEL Science – cool science experiments for kids, tweens & teens

Photo credit: MEL Science website

Why We Love MEL Science:  MEL Science is an educational subscription box for science enthusiasts of all ages; kids, tweens, and teens! Each month you will dive into the captivating world of science with up to 3 thrilling experiments arriving at your doorstep. These educational boxes are tailor-made for budding scientists, aged 4 to 16+. MEL Science doesn’t just offer fun and entertainment; you will create real-life science and chemistry experiments and incredible family bonding moments. For homeschoolers, it’s become a go-to subscription box for enriching learning.

See our reviews of MEL Science.

What’s in a MEL Science box: Everything you need to complete awesome science experiments! All necessary chemicals, components, and instructions.

Frequency: Monthly Subscription or One-Time Bundles

Age Range: 


  • MEL Chemistry – $44.90 CAD/$39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Physics – $44.90 CAD/$39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL STEM – $44.90 CAD/$39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Medicine – $64.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Math – $39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Space – $39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Coding Bundles – $179.90 USD or $299.90 USD


  • Canada – $1.90 CAD monthly (Currently, only MEL Chemistry, MEL Physics, & MEL STEM ship to Canada)
  • USA – FREE

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KiwiCo – 9 kids, tweens, & teens subscription boxes

Photo credit: KiwiCo website

Why We Love KiwiCo: KiwiCo is where education and fun come together in a monthly kids’ subscription box. With 9 awesome boxes to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for every boy or girl, regardless of age or interests. KiwiCo’s special touch lies in its commitment to STEM, STEAM, and Science, offering hands-on experiences that lead to creating something truly amazing. Unleash your child’s potential and make learning an exciting adventure with a KiwiCo subscription box. Now, the only question that remains is: which subscription line will you choose?

Check out our KiwiCo box reviews here.

What’s in a KiwiCo box: Crafts and activities all relating to Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, or Math and kid-friendly instructions.

Frequency: Monthly or Bi-Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 0-16+ years old


  • Panda Crate (explore & discover) – 0-36 months old – $21.95 USD/month ($43.90 USD/crate) 1 crate every 2 months – (2 months in one crate)
  • Koala Crate (play & learn) – 3-4 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Kiwi Crate (science, art, and more) – 5-8 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Atlas Crate (geography & culture) – 6-11 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Yummy Crate (the science of cooking) – 6-14 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Tinker Crate (science & engineering) – 9-16+ years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Doodle Crate (create & craft) – 14+ years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Maker Crate (art & design) – 14-104 years old – $32.95 USD/month
  • Eureka Crate (engineering & design) – 14-104 years old – $32.95 USD/month

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  • Optional Add-On – Deluxe Subscription (book) – $10.95 USD monthly


  • Canada -$4.95 USD per month
  • USA – FREE
  • Worldwide – price varies country dependent

KiwiCo Coupon Codes:

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Creation Crate – tech-savvy teens

Photo credit: Creation Crate website

Why We Love Creation Crate: Creation Crate is a monthly “tech education-in-a-box”! Each month you will dive into a world of awesome engineering, technology, and programming-themed projects suitable for tweens, teens, and even adults. It’s not just fun; it’s challenging and a highly educational subscription box, especially for more advanced teens. With Creation Crate, your child gets to embark on an exciting journey that will leave Mom and Dad equally amazed and inspired!

See our Creation Crate review here.

What’s in a Creation Crate box: All the needed real-world tools and components.

Age Range:


  • Electronics Beginners – 1 project per month for $39.99 per project, 3 projects per quarter for $34.99 per project ($104.97 billed quarterly), or All 18 projects for $29.99 per project ($539.82 billed once + FREE bonuses + FREE Shipping)
  • Electronics Challenger – $49.99 for each or all 4 projects for $159.96
  • Engineering – 1 project per month for $99.99 or all 3 projects for $299.99 + FREE Shipping
  • Chemistry – 2 experiments per month for $39.99 + $25 Starter kit or All 20 experiments for $359.99 billed once + FREE Starter Kit ($25 value)


  • Canada & Worldwide – Calculated at Checkout. Complete kits may include FREE Shipping – see website for info.

Creation Crate Coupon Codes:

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Little Passports – learn about the world

Little Passports kids subscription box

Photo credit: Little Passports website

Why We Love Little Passports:  Little Passports is an acclaimed monthly educational subscription box designed for kids, aimed at igniting their curiosity about geography, science, global cultures, the arts, and beyond. Inside every box, you’ll uncover an array of imaginative and enjoyable activities that unravel the wonders of our world. With a diverse selection of eight boxes available, you’re bound to find the ideal one for the young explorer in your life.

What’s in a Little Passports box: Each box includes letters, souvenirs, photos, stickers, activity sheets, and exclusive access to online games and activities related to the box chosen.


  • Monthly Subscription Service
  • Online Shop

Age Range: 3-12 years old

Cost: $29.95 USD monthly per box

*Subscribe to longer subscriptions and save!


  • Canada – $4.95 USD monthly plan, $29.70 USD 6-month plan, $59.40 USD 12-month plan, or $9.95 USD for Shop Items
  • Continental USA – FREE

Little Passports Coupon Codes:

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BitsBox – easy game coding

Photo credit: BitsBox website

Why We Love BitsBox: BitsBox is your child’s gateway to the exciting world of coding. As a coding academy tailored for kids, they offer monthly coding projects right on the BitsBox website, making it easy for grade-schoolers aged 6 to 12 to learn how to create their very own game apps. The platform is designed to engage both boys and girls and with hundreds of thrilling and creative apps to build, there’s something to captivate every aspiring computer coder. Best of all, no prior experience is required!

What’s in a Bitsbox: 

  • BitsBox Basic – a full set of monthly app projects.
  • BitsBox Deluxe – a full set of monthly app projects, plus premium coding support, extra project stickers, and tattoos.

Frequency: Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 6-12 years old


  • BitsBox Basic – $29.95 USD monthly
  • BitsBox Deluxe – $54.95 USD monthly

Shipping: Calculated at checkout

BitsBox Coupon Codes:

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Raddish Kids – a kids’ cooking club

Photo credit: Raddish Kids website

Why We Love Raddish Kids: Raddish Kids is a monthly culinary journey, meticulously tailored for young learners. It’s a captivating adventure delivered right to your doorstep through a subscription box, offering the perfect opportunity to complement what your kids are already learning in school. The real magic happens when they step into the kitchen with their parents or other loved ones, turning education into a fun and interactive experience. Along the way, they get to explore the art of cooking and unlock the mysteries of math and chemistry, all while having an absolute blast. And the best part? Each box brings families together, as you embark on a flavorful voyage, crafting three mouthwatering recipes, each with its unique theme, making it a truly memorable and educational culinary escapade.

What’s in a Raddish Kids box: Each month will be a different box, often themed according to season, holidays, or global inspiration.

  • 3 illustrated recipe guides
  • 3 culinary skill cards
  • a creative kitchen project
  • kid-friendly tools and collectibles (such as Table Talk cards, culinary tools, and an iron-on Raddish patch)
  • grocery store shopping list, digital bonus bites recipes, activities, dietary substitutions, digital lesson plans for homeschool parents, and more!

Frequency: Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 4-14+ years old


  • monthly – $24 USD per kit
  • 3 months – $24 USD per kit + FREE Apron
  • 6 months – $22 USD per kit + FREE Apron
  • 12 months – $20 USD per kit + FREE Apron
  • Upgrade to Raddish+ – access to 120+ recipes – $7 USD per month


  • USA – FREE
  • International & Canada, etc – $7 USD a month

Raddish Kids Coupon Codes: 

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Wild Life Outdoor Adventures – outdoor education box

Photo credit:

Why We Love Wild Life Outdoor Adventures: The Wild Life Outdoor Adventures – is your ticket to exciting outdoor exploration for kids. These kits are gateways to essential life skills. Ideal companions for backyard explorations or venturing into the great outdoors. Not only do these award-winning kits make fantastic gifts, but they also offer a world of adventure. Each kit is thoughtfully curated with essential gear like compasses and binoculars, along with an extensive selection of engaging activities, providing over 10 hours of entertainment, skill-building, and nature-inspired crafting. My daughters have had the opportunity to review a few of these boxes, and they love them!

See our Wild Life Outdoor Adventures kit reviews here.

What’s in a Wild Life Outdoor Adventure Kit: Themed quality gear/tools, activity cards, a nature craft, and a custom merit pin.

Frequency: Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 6-12 years old

Cost: $49.00 monthly or less

*Add-On – Sibling kits – up to 2 additional kits for $34 each


  • Canada – $8.00 CAD
  • The US – Calculated at Checkout

Wild Life Outdoor Adventure Coupons:

Subscribe to Wild Life Outdoor Adventure here



ABCmouse Early Learning Academy – educational app for young kids

Photo credit: ABCmouse website

What We Love about ABCmouse: ABCmouse is a premium online curriculum tailored for pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school programs. Your child will dive into the world of learning with engaging games, puzzles, books, and songs that make education a blast. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing there are no bothersome advertising, pop-ups, or external site links to distract from the learning experience. Education has never been this enjoyable and hassle-free!

What is ABCmouse: An online educational learning app with games, puzzles, books, and songs.

Age Range: Ages 2-8 years old.

Cost: $12.99 USD monthly

Shipping: Online App

ABCmouse Coupon Codes:

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Adventure Academy – educational app for tweens

Photo credit: Adventure Academy website

Why We Love Adventure Academy: Adventure Academy is a fun, online subscription-based learning program, designed for kids aged 8-13 years old. Your tween will dive into a world of educational games and videos that will not only captivate them but also nurture their skills in reading, math, sciences, and beyond. The Adventure Academy approach ensures that while they’re having a blast playing, they won’t even realize they’re on a journey of learning and growth! It’s a win-win!

What is Adventure Academy: An online educational learning app with games and videos that teach tweens and teens about math, sciences, reading, and more.

Age Range: Ages 8-13 years old.

Cost: $12.99 USD monthly

Shipping: Online App

Adventure Academy Coupon Codes: 

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GIRLS CAN! Crate – empowering girls

Photo credit: Girls Can! Crate website

Why We Love Girls Can! Crate: In a Girls Can! Crate your child will discover the stories of remarkable, fearless women who have left an indelible mark on history and reshaped our world. They are women whom our daughters can look up to as role models and who can inspire them.

What’s in a GIRLS CAN! Crate: An activity book (woman’s story, games, experiments, and more), 2 hands-on STEAM challenge activities, and inspiration galore specifically geared toward girls.

Frequency: Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 6-10 years old

Cost: $34.95 USD monthly

*Free GIRLS CAN! tote in your first crate with every 3, 6, or 12-month subscription


  • Canada – Calculated at Checkout
  • USA – FREE

GIRLS CAN! Crate Coupon Codes:

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Spangler Science Club – entertaining science experiments

Photo credit: Spangler Science Club website

Why We Love The Spangler Science Club:  The Spangler Science Club is the monthly box that makes learning STEM at home becomes an exhilarating adventure! Their hands-on experiments, curated by none other than Steve Spangler (famous for the Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment), offer an interactive and entertaining educational experience. The easy-to-follow lessons are the perfect introduction to deeper experiments and challenges, igniting the spark of creativity in learners and homeschoolers alike. Get ready for experiments that fizz, pop, bubble, and erupt with excitement! Join the Club today or explore your favorite experiments in the Spangler Store.

What’s in the STEM Lab Box: The materials and instructions to perform 3 – 5 experiments based on one single theme each month.

Age Range: 5-12 years old

Cost: $32.99 USD or less for longer commitments

Shipping: FREE within the USA

Spangler Science Club Coupon Codes:

Subscribe to Spangler Science Club here



Epic! Books – digital library for kids

Photo credit: Epic! Books website

Why We Love Epic! Books:  Epic! Books stands at the forefront as the premier digital library catering to children aged 12 and under, offering an extensive collection of over 40,000 of the finest children’s books, accompanied by engaging learning videos, quizzes, and more. This is a resource that my daughters’ teachers love to use to instill a love of reading in and out of the classroom.

What is Epic! Books: An online library for kids

Age Range: 12 and under


  • Basic Plan – FREE
  • Unlimited Plan – $9.99 per month or less

Shipping: Online App

Epic! Coupon Codes:

Subscribe to Epic! Books here



ReadingIQ – online reading level assessment and library

Photo credit: ReadingIQ website

Why We Love ReadingIQ: ReadingIQ allows you to carry an entire online library in your pocket with a subscription that grants you access to over 7,000 books suitable for kids of all reading levels. Think of it as Audible for kids but with an online reading level assessment to pinpoint the perfect books for your child. With this app, your child will delve into a world of beloved titles and cherished characters, including those from Disney, Marvel, Highlights magazine, National Geographic, and Boxcar Children, to name just a few. What literary wonders will your child discover today?

What is ReadingIQ: Access to 1000s of books appropriate for your child based on the reading assessment.

Age Range: Ages 2-12 years old.

Cost: $7.99 USD a month or $39.99 USD a year

Shipping: Online App

ReadingIQ Coupon Codes:

Subscribe to ReadingIQ here



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