When it comes to NBA picks, we’ve got you covered. Here, you will find free NBA expert picks from our team of basketball handicappers. Keep reading to find the NBA predictions that we feel the most strongly about coming into today’s games.

NBA Best Bets For March 19, 2023

NBA Best Bet #1: Memphis Grizzlies -2 over Golden State Warriors

Once again, we will be fading the Golden State Warriors on the road for this game. The Warriors lost on the road on Friday night against the Atlanta Hawks, and they will continue to be a miserable road team here against Memphis. While the Grizzlies are going through a ton of their own issues, thanks to Ja Morant’s questionable off-court choices, they should win this game at home over Golden State.

NBA Best Bet #2: New York Knicks +2 over Denver Nuggets

We also like the New York Knicks to take care of business at home over the Denver Nuggets. Denver is the best team in the Western Conference this season, but they are a .500 team on the road this year. The Knicks are playing some elite level basketball in the second half of the season, and they will continue to do so against MVP candidate Nikola Jokic and the rest of the Nuggets.

What is an NBA Best Bet?

NBA best bets are the NBA picks that our team of experts feels the most confident about each day in the National Basketball Association. Our experts look at every NBA game throughout the NBA season. They compare their NBA score predictions to the numbers that are available in the betting markets. Where they see the most value is where they place the designation of being a best bet.

On this page, bettors will find our best NBA bets for each day. These are not necessarily the biggest games of today’s NBA slate, but rather the best bets from the entire slate of NBA action.

How Do We Pick the Best NBA Bets Today?

When making our top picks for each day in the NBA, our NBA experts compare their projections to the betting lines that are available at each of the NBA sportsbooks out there. For example, if a game between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies has a point spread of Warriors -3, but our sports betting experts project the Grizzlies winning the game outright, you’d see the Grizzlies as a recommended bet on this page.

To make those picks and predictions, our NBA bettors use a combination of advanced statistics and other criteria to evaluate each NBA game. As a result, you can trust that the NBA picks that we recommend as best bets are backed by data, rather than being conjured out of thin air with no advantage whatsoever.

Does ATS Use NBA Computer Picks?

When coming up with free NBA picks, our experts do utilize the ability to make NBA computer picks work for you. To do this, our handicappers maintain databases of NBA information, which they use to project the scores of each NBA game. This practice can help remove any biases from the process of NBA betting, as the numbers rarely lie.

Of course, the criteria for our NBA betting picks are not completely based on the statistics used to make projections. Those computer picks have to be adjusted to account for the deluge of injuries to each key player that can make NBA betting more challenging than betting on most sports.

How to Win With NBA Free Picks

Our expert NBA picks can help both novice and experienced bettors be better at NBA betting. But there are a few things beyond utilizing our NBA predictions that bettors should do in order to be as successful as possible when wagering on The Association.

Bankroll Management

The most important thing when doing any sort of sports betting is to exercise strong bankroll management. This means betting the same amount on every game, rather than betting different amounts based on wins or losses in previous games. Doing this will level out the amount of potential winnings for each bet, but will also make sure that a losing bet will not wipe out your bankroll.

It is human nature to want to bet more after a loss to recoup those losses. It is also human nature to want to bet more on bigger games, such as those in the NBA playoffs. But this can be detrimental to achieving the ultimate goal of sports gambling, which is to win long-term, and not just on one individual wager.

Trust Your Instincts

While bettors may notice a trend of NBA consensus picks emerging for a given NBA game, they should always second guess things when locking in their NBA picks. Fans who live in a specific market may have knowledge from local NBA reporters that handicappers do not, for example, and bettors should always trust their knowledge and use it to supplement our expert NBA predictions.

Where to Bet On NBA Picks

There are so many sportsbook options to choose from when deciding where to place NBA wagers, from the start of the regular season to the time the NBA Championship is awarded to the winner of the NBA Finals. Here, we have compiled a list of the best of those sportsbook options, which come with sportsbook promotions that can help you get the best value when betting on an upcoming game.

Types of Free NBA Picks

There are several NBA bet types that we will highlight on this page on a regular basis. These are the most common types of NBA wagers, which we will go over here.

Spread Bets

Point spread wagers allow NBA fans to bet on one team or the other in a game, with a point spread being applied to the side that they wager on. For example, the Boston Celtics could be a three-point favorite against the Sacramento Kings. In that scenario, Boston would have three points subtracted from their score, or the Kings would have three points added to their score. The team with the higher score after that handicap is applied wins for the purposes of this market.

Over/Under Bets

When it comes to the over/under, or totals market, it does not matter which team comes away with the win. Instead, the goal is to predict the total points that will be scored by the two teams in this matchup. This is a betting market where advanced analytics can really help make the best NBA picks today, such as tempo and efficiency metrics. The total is often closely correlated to the outcome of player props such as player points and threes made.

Moneyline Bet

Finally, the moneyline is a market where the goal is to simply predict which of the two teams will win an upcoming game. This market is available for every game throughout the season, and features odds that are very different than you will find in spread and total markets.

When betting on the moneyline, the team that is the favorite will come with odds that require a higher risk amount to earn the desired profit. The team that is the underdog, meanwhile, will come with odds that require less risk to win that same amount. The task at hand is to navigate those different odds to determine which team has the most value to win the game.

Other NBA Picks

Beyond the straight bets highlighted on this page, we have plenty of other free NBA prediction types available as well. NBA fans can look at the following betting markets to get even more NBA action:

  • NBA Player Props – COMING SOON
  • NBA Futures – COMING SOON
  • NBA Parlay Bets – COMING SOON

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When it comes to NBA picks, we’ve got you covered. Here, you will find free NBA expert picks from our team of basketball handicappers. Keep reading to find the NBA predictions that we feel the most strongly about coming into today’s games. ...