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Best prepaid SIM Card for Miami: prices and where to buy?

Best prepaid SIM Card for Miami: prices and where to buy?

All know Miami as an ideal place to spend one of the best vacations of your life due to its emblematic South Beach, Little Havana, and Bayfront Park, but you don’t want to be without internet during your trip, do you? Suppose you want to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

We recommend connecting to the internet networks using a prepaid SIM card for Miami.
In addition to staying connected during your trip, you can save money by paying less than international roaming or renting pocket wifi. If you have a compatible phone, you can also use embedded SIM cards or eSIM. They have the benefits of physical chips but are easier to buy and install no matter where you are.

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Where to buy a SIM card for Miami?

There are many ways to purchase an international SIM card for Miami. However, one of the best ways to do it is to buy it before traveling through an online store like Holafly. This way, you can avoid the endless queues at commercial establishments located at airports, shopping malls, etc. In addition to this, in the Holafly online store, you can access different advantages that will considerably improve your trip.

Another way to acquire a Miami SIM card, although not as recommended, is through the physical points of sale located in Miami’s international airports, such as Miami International Airport; you will also find stores throughout the city and in many shopping malls.

Easy to buy

When we travel, we look for an easy and safe way to buy everything we need for our adventure. With prepaid SIM cards for Miami is no exception. One of the most recommended ways for tourists is to use online stores to buy your service. Many online options offer affordable payment methods, specialized customer service, and the opportunity to receive your SIM card through international shipping. It is undoubtedly an alternative with more facilities than others.

However, there are also local SIM cards in Miami that tourists can buy. This is thanks to the telephone companies that have prepaid plans. In this way, you will have to wait to arrive in the city to find a physical store and go through the purchase process. Availability will depend, in many cases, on the hours of operation and the location you choose to look for your tourist SIM card.

Buy before you travel.

Buying a prepaid SIM card for Miami before your trip is an excellent option to keep mobile internet in the city. Nowadays, you can find online stores that offer this service, and to get it, you only have to do a few steps on the web. There are also stores like Holafly that offer virtual SIM cards for this destination, with which you don’t have to wait for a shipment. You will receive them immediately!

Whether you decide to buy a physical prepaid SIM card or an eSIM for Miami before you arrive, you will have benefits that you should not miss. You will be able to have an internet connection from the first moment you arrive in the city. You will find a wide variety of affordable plans for tourists, unlike local phone companies with reduced plans. Finally, you will have unlimited data plans and multi-country coverage options if your trip takes you further afield.

Buy upon arrival

The last way we have as visitors in Miami is to buy a local SIM card once we arrive. Operators such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are the most important in the country and have excellent service and coverage in Miami. If you buy a tourist SIM card with any of these three, you will have assured your communication during your trip. 
You should know that you must undergo a SIM registration process when you buy one of these SIM cards. Generally, in the store where you make the purchase, they will help you with this, considering that it may take some time. You will also need to have a valid ID and a valid payment method from the store. You will not have mobile internet until you have completed the purchase and installed the SIM card in your phone.

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Stores in Miami

Miami Avenue at night. Source: Freepik

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are the largest mobile operators in the country also have a variety of physical stores in the city. To locate them more quickly, you can use the maps on their websites to find the physical stores in the city. You can also find options at Miami International Airport, although depending on your arrival time, the stores may or may not be open. With any of the options, you will not be able to bypass the registration process. 

You may think that using a local operator will give you better service than using an international SIM card. The truth is that the SIM cards you buy in the online stores use these local networks to work, so with either option, you will be connected to an excellent network service.

How much does a SIM card cost to travel to Miami?

The cost of the SIM card for Miami will depend directly on the prepaid plan you purchase with it. It is impossible to purchase a SIM card without an associated plan as a tourist in the city. The price range you can expect is from $25 for a basic option and up to $60 for more complete plans. All options are for use in one month, so if your stay is shorter, you will have to pay extra. 
In some cases, in addition to your documentation, you will be asked to bring your mobile phone, where you will place the SIM card. The operator must confirm that the SIM card can be used in the phone before selling it.

eSIM card for Miami, the new alternative

Virtual SIM card for Miami. Source: Holafly

As time went by, SIM cards became smaller, and now they have reached the point of not needing physical installation. These are the eSIM cards. They are integrated into the latest generation phones, and for their installation, the whole process is virtual. Online stores like Holafly sell virtual SIM cards for Miami and other destinations worldwide. When you buy one, you will receive a QR code which you will scan, and the installation of the eSIM will start on your phone. 

This gives you the ease of purchasing the eSIM before or during your trip and installing it in just a few minutes. This technology has arrived to make the process much easier and faster for travelers and users around the world. It also makes them much more versatile than traditional SIM cards without giving up the benefits and quality of service they have always had.

Holafly’s eSIM for Miami is good news for everyone, but before buying one, you have to take into account a few features.

  • As we mentioned, eSIMs are available on the latest generation of phones. So you should confirm if yours can use them before buying one. Holafly has an updated list of compatible devices.
  • You will receive the activation QR code to the email address you use to purchase with Holafly. You must have a valid address that you have access to.
  • As you can imagine, for the purchase and installation process, you will need an internet connection. We recommend you do it from home before your trip. If you are already in Miami, try to use a secure public wifi network.

Holafly online store

We already recommended you buy your virtual SIM card for Miami before your trip; now, we recommend one of the best online stores to do it. Holafly has eSIM for Miami with unlimited data on all available options. Plus, you have 24/7 customer service on hand for any help you may need.

Holafly’s website is very easy to use for everyone, with portals in over ten languages. The purchase and installation process will take very little time, even if you do it when you are already at your travel destination. They also have several payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, G Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Within the technical specs, you can confirm that Holafly always counts on the support of excellent local operators, assuring you navigation speed and coverage at your destination. They also have a top-up system with which you can buy an extension of your service, which is ideal for staying connected if your trip is extended. Finally, you can keep the WhatsApp number you used at home so that your family and friends can communicate with you. It is possible to use at the same time the Holafly virtual SIM card and the SIM card you had in your home country, so once you finish your trip, you simply return to the data plan you had locally.

Disadvantages of Holafly’s eSIM card

We have talked about many advantages of Holafly’s virtual SIM cards, but they also have some disadvantages. With this alternative, you will not be able to share data with nearby devices, so if you need to have an internet connection on multiple devices, you will have to buy an eSIM for each device. Holafly has no limit to the number of virtual SIM cards you can buy.

How can I shop at Holafly? 

As we already mentioned, the purchase process will not take more than a few minutes. You must go to Holafly’s official website and search for the destination or region to which you will travel. Once you see what data plans are available, select one and go to the shopping cart. Before you can pay, you will be asked for an email address and your first and last name. You will receive your eSIM, so you must have access to it.

Finally, you proceed to pay by any of the available methods, and immediately, you will receive the activation QR code in your email. You can change both the language and currency on the Holafly home page. No matter where you are, the purchase will be fast and secure.

How much does the eSIM for Miami cost?

There are a variety of plans that Holafly offers with its virtual SIM card for Miami. You can see below a table with the data packages available.

Days of use Amount of mobile data Price (USD)
5 Unlimited data $19
7 Unlimited data $27
10 Unlimited data $34
15 Unlimited data $47
20 Unlimited data $54
30 Unlimited data $64
60 Unlimited data $84
Table 1. eSIM rates for Holafly Miami

How much does the eSIM for North America cost?

Do you want to travel all over North America without spending so much money? If you don’t want to spend your money on expensive roaming fees, with Holafly’s North America eSIM you can connect to the internet from multiple countries with just one eSIM and no additional fees, which is an excellent advantage for a great traveler.  

Days of use Amount of mobile data Price (USD)
15 days 6 GB $54
Table 2. eSIM rates for North America from Holafly.

Frequently asked questions about the Miami SIM card

What other options offer me internet in Miami?

During your trip to Miami you will find several options that, like the SIM card, allow you to connect to the internet. However, most of these options tend to be very expensive and impractical or insecure. Among these options are the roaming service, Pocket Wifi, and public wifi.

How much does it cost to roam in Miami?

The rates charged by mobile operators for roaming service in Miami usually vary a lot depending on the operator you use. However, in most cases, the price per MB charged is around $6.80 USD.

What do I need to know to choose the best SIM card with data for Miami?

The most important thing to keep in mind when ordering your SIM card with data for Miami is the number of days your trip will last. This is important because based on this you will be able to decide the number of days you want your data to be valid. Another very important aspect is the amount of data you need during your trip, if you are a person who uses a lot or a little, one SIM card will be more convenient than the other.

What do I do if my SIM card does not work in Miami?

Do not worry if you have a problem with your SIM card during your trip to Miami because if you bought a Holafly virtual SIM card, customer service would be available to help with any questions and resolve any problems you may have with your SIM card.

If your SIM card does not belong to Holafly, we recommend that you contact the seller who gave it to you or, failing that, the SIM card company.

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