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Everything included in the Ticket of Treats in Pokemon Go

Everything included in the Ticket of Treats in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go released its Halloween-themed paid event, Ticket of Treats. The Ticket of Treats is now available in the game.

In October, Pokemon Go trainers will have access to a spooky list of Timed Research opportunities. Each week will last for a week and will grant premium items to those who complete them.

The Ticket of Treats can be acquired on the game for $5. It grants access to the Timed Research opportunities. All Timed Research opportunities must be completed by October 31. Come November 1, all opportunities connected to the Ticket of Treats will expire.

Pokemon Go Ticket of Treats bonuses

Every day, trainers will receive 1.5 additional XP and 1.5 additional Stardust for the first catch of the day.

Part 1 – October 5

Players will encounter Guzzlord. Defeating it will reward players with three premium battle passes and more.

Part 2 – October 12

Players will receive one Mossy Lure and additional encounters with Large Size and Super Size Pumpkaboo.

Part 3 – October 19

Available with the start of Pokemon Go Halloween, players will receive two incubators and additional encounters with Phantump.

Part 4 – October 26

Those who complete the Timed Research will earn three silver pinap berries, two super incubators, two rare candies, and additional encounters with Misdreavus and Phantump

Pokemon Go Ticket of Treats schedule

Every Thursday in October, a new Timed Research will become available. There are four parts in total. These Timed Research opportunities can be completed on the same week they are released, or all at once after part four is available.

The sooner players start to go through the Timed Research, the better.

The Ticket of Treats will be available through October 29. After that date, trainers won’t have the option of buying it. Trainers can gift the Ticket of Treats to a friend as long as they have reached a friendship level of Great Friends or higher.

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