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Evil Geniuses and Gaimin Gladiators qualify for The International 12

Evil Geniuses and Gaimin Gladiators qualify for The International 12

Two more teams have passed the 2023 DPC gauntlet and received direct invites to the upcoming International 12, Dota 2’s biggest tournament. Evil Geniuses (EG) and Gaimin Gladiators will be heading to Seattle to compete for the coveted Aegis.

Both teams have dominated the regional and International stage, Gladiators won both Majors this year and will be defending their title in Bali, while EG has placed second in the South America DPC, with equally impressive performances at the first two Majors.

It’s been an incredible year for Gaimin Gladiators

Evil Geniuses The International 12
EG has dominated their region this year, and they are no slouches on the international stage either. (Credit: EG)

The Gladiators started the DPC season by making a big change to their roster, parting ways with Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan and recruiting North America’s star mid-laner, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan. The results were immediately apparent, as Gladiators won their debut tournament, the BetBoom Xmas Show.

The team then proceeded to dominate the Lima and Berlin Major, along with taking first place in DreamLeague Season 19. In each of these tournaments, Gladiators took down their rivals Team Liquid and ensured they only receive a silver medal for their trouble.

Much of the Gladiator’s success comes from Quinn’s performance in the mid lane, as well as the offlane stability from Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard, and the dynamic support duo of Erik “tOfu” Engel and Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp.

Evil Geniuses has been the strongest team in the cutthroat South America region this DPC season. The team placed second in the Winter and Spring Tour, but it is on International LAN events that the team truly shines.

At the Lima Major, EG was at the top of the group stage and proceeded to make a deep run in the playoffs, with a top-six finish at the tournament. EG looked even stronger at Berlin, taking fourth place, one of the best performances for a South American team ever.

A big part of the team’s strength is the stability of their lineup. EG hasn’t made any roster changes since they announced their players, giving them time to adapt to each other. This is in stark contrast to other teams in the region such as Thunder Awaken and Hokori (formerly Alliance) who have made a roster change after every DPC Tour. Even their rivals, Beastcoast, recently announced that the team won’t be playing with their full roster for the rest of the Tour.

With three teams heading to Seattle, that leaves only nine direct invites left for The International 12. The upcoming Bali Major will be the last chance for teams to snatch up the DPC points necessary to head to TI this year.

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