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February Tarotscope – Pick A Tarot Card

February Tarotscope – Pick A Tarot Card

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February Tarotscope – Pick A Tarot Card

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Feeling curious about what February has in store for you? Perhaps one of these Tarot cards can help. Gaze at the back of the cards and see if one speaks to you. Trust your gut and tap into your intuition. Choose your card and scroll down for your February Tarot vibes. What emotions does it evoke? Think of it like a movie scene; what story does it tell?

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Have a stunning Feb.

Love Michele x

Tarot Card One – Ace of Pentacles

Boom! It’s all to play for this month as a golden idea or opportunity dangles before you. You’ve likely been inching towards building your self-esteem and healing past wounds, and it’s time to take care of the details. Know that you deserve success and that you have earned it.

Maybe you have been so caught up in fighting other emotional battles that you didn’t realise that you have achieved so much? You have worked harder than you thought and it has not gone unnoticed.

You can achieve your goals now, but you must take one step at a time. Influencers, powerful souls and wise ones are all drawn to you. Commit to your dreams, fight any fears or self-doubt. You have come this far and the next stage will likely feel simpler.

The Ace of Pentacles assures you that you can and will do it. Ground yourself, look after yourself and plant your seeds deeply. An abundance spurt it on the way!

A positive financial and internal shift is coming, and you’re more than ready to receive. Oh, and you’re sensual, confident, and secure in yourself too.

Tarot Card Two – Knight of Cups

Is that cup half empty or half full? Get ready for something to transform! This Knight arrives holding a cup which represents an offer for you. February fetches you prospects around friends, travel, socialising, romance, and stepping away from your everyday environment.

Someone new could enter your life who acts as a catalyst for this – whisking you away on their metaphorical white charger somewhere you’ve not been before. Be open to all invites that may come your way, as this could be your entry into this new world. For some, this offer could be a change of job that lands you in a supportive and cooperative workplace. Instagram, the internet, PR, and your image may also feature now.

You’re going to be in focus in some way so be ready. If you have been spending too much time at home or glued to a screen of any size or description, expect your focus to change as you emerge out into the real world rather than the virtual one.

This Knight is asking what is it that you want? And is telling you that to get it you need to be seen and interact. When that offer arrives this month, if it feels right, take it. And put feelings of being unfulfilled behind you. That cup the Knight carries is full. And it can be refilled – again and again if necessary.

Tarot Card Three – The Queen of Wands

This month you have the wind beneath your wings. You are in a heightened state of longing and desire. You crave adventure, passion, and fulfillment. You’re quickly bored and seek out the wild side.
However you’re not coming from a place of self-destruction but empowerment. You know your worth and stepping forward with renewed confidence. If you’ve felt held back, put down or a bit downhearted you can overcome it now.

It’s time to pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved and conjure a new adventure. You are far stronger than you know. Imagine what you could achieve if you poured some of your loyalty and giving into you!

Your stamina, commitment, and intensity may have hidden your vulnerability and needs, the Queen of Wands is encouraging you to not only look after yourself but to honour and express your desires.

It’s your turn to do what you want and to be the QUEEN. It’s amazing that you juggle so many responsibilities and are always on hand to pick others up. This month focus on what pleases you and what you want to experience.

Tarot card Four – 8 of Swords

Have you been feeling like a victim of circumstances? Has there been pressure from outside sources, or have you felt attacked somehow? While there may have been external pressure, inside the cocoon you have built, your soul is getting ready to soar.

Traditionally this card tells us that feeling trapped is an illusion. Whatever has placed you in limbo need not have power over you now. Think outside the box, get ready to unleash your inner butterfly, and dance away from the pressures that have been blocking you. It is time to see your situation with fresh eyes and to make a different choice. It is time to be true to yourself and see the beauty in your magnificent soul.

Tarot Card Five – 3 of Wands

Hello Visionary, We are certainly in exciting and intense times yet is this a portal I see before me? You are scrying the future. You have learned from the past and can now leap this cosmic unknown with renewed faith in yourself.

This Tarot card suggests a great mystic soup of possibility. A journey is beginning, and you are ready for it. However, avoid getting lost in the past. If you spend too much time thinking about what ‘coulda, woulda. ‘shoulda’ happened, you may lose this month’s power.

Brush up on your intuitive skills, polish your trust, and prepare for an awfully big adventure. Don’t spend too long second-guessing, it’s time to take the lead. You are the hero of your journey and the captain of your soul experiences. Life is about to get very interesting.

Tarot Card Six – The 10 of Cups

The Ten of Cups meaning is very clear in this divine picture. Positive energy is being shared and flows. Love, ideas and good vibrations are streaming from one cup to another.

Your soul family is gathering, and there’s a sense of union in the air. Never underestimate the power of friendship and kindred spirits. You are about to experience unconditional love and a sense of belonging.

A gathering of like-minded souls can reboot your faith in humanity. If you have felt isolated, you become a magnet for the right energy. You deserve love and have a peak experience of kinship. You can also become a group leader at this time.

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