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Games to play while you’re stoned

Games to play while you’re stoned

For many people, smoking marijuana is a relaxing activity that pairs well with gaming. My brother is one of those people. He’s always been dedicated to work, video games and eating–but now he’s also dedicated to smoking weed! 😊

For a night in, there’s no better way to relax than with a video game. It’s a chance to take control of your world and do whatever you want, whether that’s exploring a new planet or taking out some bad guys. To help you relax and unwind, we’ve compiled a list of games that suit a stoned gaming sesh. Settle down, pack a bowl and leave the stress of the day behind as you play alone or with those close to you.

Donut County

Donut County is a humorous game with a charming story and clever gameplay. You play as a raccoon who has been causing holes to appear all over his county and gobbling up the townsfolk and their houses. You are investigating the holes, but you are also playing as the holes. You swallow up houses, roads, and animal villagers. Don’t worry — the story is light-hearted and humorous and has a happy ending for everyone involved. It’s an independent game that will have you smiling while smoking a happy strain in your favorite gaming spot.

Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is in early-access release, which means it’s still working out bugs and adding content. The reviews have been sparkling so far, though, and this farm-life sim has a definite Disney vibe. Explore Dreamlight Valley as the mysterious leader, ushering your favorite Disney heroes and villains through the game. Befriend characters, explore the mysteries, farm, mine, fish and dig for treasure. Wear clothing you design as you make your way through this creativity-enhancing strain.

PowerWash Simulator

If you’re looking for a laid-back game that doesn’t require too much thought, PowerWash Simulator may be the game for you. You play as the owner of a power washing business, and it’s up to you to go out there and clean the grime off of vehicles, playgrounds, and even haunted houses. While cleaning up the mess, you can take time to enjoy the scenery again and relax as you smoke your favorite bong. You will feel accomplished and relaxed when it’s all done.

Call of the Sea

If you like brain teasers and games that involve solving mysteries, Call of the Sea may be for you. This story-based puzzle game follows detective Nora as she travels to an island in the South Pacific to uncover the mystery of her husband’s disappearance. As Nora realizes she’s dreamed of this island, she begins to wonder if it was a dream or if it actually happened. You are tasked with solving the riddles of an island filled with strange locations and mysteries. Choose a focused strain and get cozy as you explore hidden areas, search for clues, and get lost in the story.


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