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Giva First Order Discount, Giva Coins + 500 OFF Giva Code

Giva First Order Discount, Giva Coins + 500 OFF Giva Code

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Looking to buy some stunning jewellery on Giva for the first time? Don’t miss out on this Giva coupon code for the first users. Giva first-user discounts are only available to new users placing the order for the 1st time so it’s best not to miss this deal. 

With that said, even if you are an old user, the Giva coupon doe for Rs.500 OFF can still grab you some hefty savings on your next order. Moreover, if you are an old user, you can always get some discount on Giva using Giva coins. More on that later. For now, here are the complete details of how you can grab a Giva coupon code for first-time users and a Giva 500 OFF coupon code to use to rack up some savings. 

Giva New User Offer: Get Flat 125 OFF with Giva Coins 

Giva Coins how to earn and use to get flat 125 new user discount on Giva orders

One of the biggest advantages of being a first user on Giva is the exciting discounts you get to avail. Along with coupon code discounts, you can also make use of Giva coins present in the Giva app. Note that this is a special Giva discount for new users or first-time users, so make sure to avail this deal before placing your first order. 

On Giva, 1 coin = 1 rupee. So the more coins you collect, the more first-order discount you get on Giva. These coins are only available when shopping through the Giva app. So make sure you download the app first to avail the Giva new user offer. 

How to Get Giva Coins to get Flat 125 Off on First Order (Giva First User Offer) 

To avail of this Giva new user offer, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned. First, download the Giva app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. Next, sign in or sign up. Once done, visit “Profile” from the footer bar. In your profile section, visit “Rewards.” Now, this is where you can earn Giva coins as a first-time user and grab flat 125 on Giva. 

To earn the Giva first user discount, complete the tasks shared here such as adding your birthdate (earns you 50 Giva coins), adding your anniversary date (50 Giva coins), Browse the New Arrivals Collection (+50 Giva Coins), Visit a Product for the 1st time (+25 Coins) and adding details for a special occasion (+50 Coins). This totals up to 125 Giva coins which equals to Giva flat 125 OFF discount on your first order. 

Giva New User Code “BLISS250” and Get 250 Discount on Giva

Giva New User Code BLISS250 gets you even more discounts on top of Giva coins. So if you are shopping for the first time, be sure to get this Giva new user code and save 250 on your purchase. You can use this coupon on almost all Giva silver jewellery including their popular deer heart pendant necklace. So if your friend’s or loved one’s birthday is arriving soon, you know where to shop from. If you follow the steps mentioned above of using Giva Coins, you can save 125 + 250 = 375 rupees on your first Giva purchase. But wait, let us make this Giva first-user offer even more exciting. Grab some cashback from Zingoy!

(Get extra Zingoy cashback free. Sign up or sign in now)

Save with Giva First User Coupon + Cashback Offer 

The Giva discounts & coupon offers on Zingoy have just got better. Thankfully, you have landed on this page and can avail all of these money-saving first-user offers on Giva. On top of using Giva’s first-user coupon codes, be sure to avail some exciting cashback from Zingoy. Once validated, simply transfer this cashback to your bank account and save some money on your Giva first purchase. 

Giva 500 Coupon Code: Grab 500 Discount on Giva First Order 

This is probably one of the biggest super savings deals you can grab if you are looking for a Giva first-order discount. Using this special Giva 500 discount code, users can grab 500 OFF on a minimum purchase of Rs.999. This special Giva offer is applicable only on select silver jewellery such as necklaces as well as golden necklaces. 

The Giva 500 OFF coupon code is “VI-MD500.” Use this code to get a flat 500 discount on Giva. As mentioned before, this code is applicable to both new and old users. So whether you are looking for a Giva first-order discount or Giva discount codes for old users, this code is all you need to make some savings on your purchase. 

You can also check out some of our Latest offers on Giva gift cards and grab some savings if a piece of Giva jewellery has stolen your heart but cannot seem to fit in your budget. 

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