Healing Sounds and Sound Therapy

Sound, inclusive of music, is sometimes used in therapy to heal the soul. Most of us have a song or a sound that takes us back to an event or to a time in our lives we remember instantly.

Such a sound is powerful in conjuring up memories and emotions, especially unresolved ones. By bringing these unresolved emotions to the surface, recalibration and healing can occur.  


Sound speaks to us not just lyrically but also instrumentally. Be it clapping or the ringing of bells for ceremonial reasons and to bring a school lesson to an end.  

When sound is used for healing, it communicates to us, and the body responds.  If we listen carefully, we can feel where we are holding on to dense energy in our bodies

This is where we need to place our efforts to strengthen and support our well being. In the Psychic world, a Clairaudient can use sound specifically to get a direct link.

The Relationship Between Sound and Chakras

Sound consists of different frequencies that impact our energy centres, often called our chakras. Whichever sound is communicating to us, that we can really hear, is a valuable clue.

Especially as to where our emotional blocks reside and prevent us from reaching our full potential. By exploring the 7 main chakras, we are in an excellent position to discern which chakras need attention.  

Root Chakra

The root is physical energy. This chakra is about grounding and overcoming adversity by letting go of our limiting belief system to allow us to thrive.  


SOUNDS: Thunder/earthquake, drumming, cello and rock music.

Sacral Chakra

This feminine energy encourages us to be comfortable in our bodies. This incredible energy is also very supportive of change.


SOUNDS: Water/ocean, pipes and trumpets.

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is a masculine energy that supports our power through the practice of self-mastery. 


SOUNDS: String instruments such as the violin.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra is feeling energy. This energy teaches us to connect with others, through love and compassion, by accepting and working through our feelings. 


SOUNDS: Wind instruments, piano and guitar.

Throat Chakra

This encourages us to transform our feelings into kind, honest and transparent communication.


SOUNDS: Singing insects such as crickets, flute, small bells, clarinet and the oboe.  

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is spiritual energy. This energy is about cultivating and trusting our intuition to achieve a sense of knowing.


SOUNDS: Out of space and bells.

Crown Chakra

This one is spiritual energy. By balancing all 7 chakras, we can connect to the source, guiding us to our true life purpose.  


SOUNDS: Silence, crystal bowls, tinkling bells and sea horns. 

Psychic Living

Harmony of 7 Chakras

Interestingly, the singing bowls, gong baths, chanting of mantras, affirmations, meditation, harp, classical guitar, voiced synthesisers, and orchestras harmonise all 7 chakras.  

By balancing our 7 main chakras, we will achieve optimal health of our mind, body and soul, which will also be reflected in our aura.  Such a journey rewards us with balance and happiness.

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Healing Sounds and Sound Therapy Sound, inclusive of music, is sometimes used in therapy to heal the soul. Most of us have a song or a sound that takes us back to an event or to a time in our lives we remember instantly. Such a sound is powerful in conjuring up...