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Holafly eSIM is not working: How to solve this problem?

Holafly eSIM is not working: How to solve this problem?

When it comes to using an eSIM, there are a lot of things for people to keep in mind. The same happens when people are trying to understand why their eSIM is not working. But we can be even more specific with this, as we want to talk about why the Holafly eSIM is not working and what solutions there are available for people to use.

In this case, instead of focusing on other eSIMs, we’ll focus on the Holafly eSIM. So for those who are using one, want to get one, or are planning to get one for traveling, this might come in handy to understand what’s happening.

Does the Holafly eSIM work in the same way as other eSIMs?

Holafly online store.

People might think that eSIMs vary from one another, and in some way, they do differ, but mostly when it comes to talking about the available features these eSIMs can provide to people. When talking about how they work, most eSIMs will work in pretty much the same way as expected.

So for those who are planning on using an eSIM from Holafly, it is important to keep in mind these will work just like other eSIMs. What we can tell that’s different from the rest is the following:

  1. Most eSIMs from Holafly provide unlimited data plans that are accessible to all types of travelers.
  2. People can buy an eSIM from Holafly in a matter of seconds by simply having an internet connection.
  3. To use an eSIM from Holafly, the only requirement is to have an eSIM-compatible device to use it.
  4. People will receive a QR code in their email to activate the eSIM after the purchase process is completed.
  5. There’s no limit on how many eSIMs people can get from Holafly when traveling.

With all of this in mind, it’s time to talk about the possible reasons why the eSIM is not working.

Reasons why the Holafly eSIM is not working

When using an eSIM from Holafly, there might be some reasons why it won’t work. But what’s actually better to know is the fact these issues are easy to solve. There’s no huge issue when it comes to using an eSIM from Holafly and having an issue that can’t be fixed.

Also, it is important to say these issues don’t often happen when using the Holafly service. These issues are quite rare to see, but it’s still better to have some ideas of what can happen. 

The main issues why this could be happening are the following:

  • The eSIM was not properly activated: When scanning the QR code, people need to check that the eSIM was properly activated. If this wasn’t the case, then the eSIM won’t work.
  • Check your mobile has open bands: All mobiles using international eSIMs need to have open bands. This is one of the most important features a device need to have, and it might interrupt the usage of the eSIM from Holafly if it isn’t activated.
  • SM-DP+ Address is not properly set up: When it comes to using a device that supports eSIMs, it’s necessary to set up an SM-DP+ Address. If this one is not working properly, people need to know how to fix it to use their eSIM.
  • Lack of coverage: When traveling, coverage will not be the same in all places. Before going to a certain place, check the coverage in the area. With this information in mind, you will know how well your Holafly eSIM will work there.
  • Check your data plan: All data plans from Holafly will work for a certain amount of days. After these days have passed, the eSIM won’t work. It might also happen the data is over for limited data plans, so it’s important to check this out.

What other issues can people have with an eSIM?

When it comes to using an eSIM, there are other issues people can come across. Some issues will surely be harder to solve because these might be directly related to a malfunction in the device, some others might be because people need to reboot their device, and some others might be caused because people could have erased their eSIM by mistake.

For people who are using other eSIMs, and not the one provided by Holafly, there are different issues on why this could be happening. If by any chance you are having issues with an eSIM, you can get to know more with us about why your eSIM is not working.

What to do if my Holafly eSIM is not working?

In most cases, the issues related to the Holafly eSIM not working, and even with other eSIMs, are possible to solve within a few seconds. In most cases, the issue is not something hard to deal with.

But in case you want extra help with your eSIM from Holafly, the customer support service from the company will be ready to help you out. In fact, we can tell their service is by far one of the most complete ones in the market. 

For those wondering how Holafly can support someone, their customer support service offers:

  1. Customer support agents are available 24/7, which is great for people around the world.
  2. Holafly offers services in different languages. People can get support in English, French, and Spanish, among other languages.
  3. People can get access to the customer support service with a single click on the Holafly website.

FAQs about the Holafly eSIM

Do Holafly eSIMs work with other SIM cards?

Yes. As long as the device people are using a dual-SIM device, both the eSIM and SIM card can work on the same device without any issue.

Can people activate the Holafly eSIM on different devices?

No. When using an eSIM, these will only work on one device. People can’t activate the eSIM several times on different devices. It’s important to activate it on the device where people will use it.

How can people activate an eSIM from Holafly?

To do this, people need to receive the QR on their phones and then go to “Settings.” Once there, people need to head over to the “Mobile Data” menu to add the eSIM by scanning the QR code.

Can people share mobile data with the Holafly eSIM?

Some data plans allow people to do this. Before buying an eSIM, people can check the information about the eSIM to see whether they can share mobile data or not.

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