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<div>How & Where to Watch Love Island UK in 2023: Stream Summer Love Island From Anywhere for Free</div>

How & Where to Watch Love Island UK in 2023: Stream Summer Love Island From Anywhere for Free

Key Takeaways: Stream Love Island UK

The U.K.’s Summer Love Island returns this June with 10 new sexy singles entering the Love Island villa for season 10. The reality TV show has gained fans all around the world, and this guide shares how and where to watch Love Island U.K. in the U.S. and abroad.

Back in March, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan won the £50K Winter Love Island prize money, and this summer season will no doubt provide another good mix of romance and drama that you’ve been waiting for. 

Love Island season 10 airs on ITV2 in the U.K. and there are a couple of other places you can also watch it. Still, if it’s not available in your location, you can use a decent streaming VPN to access it (read our best VPNs list for more details). 

We recommend using ExpressVPN, which has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans, including the monthly plan. We’ll show you how to watch Love Island season 10 and older seasons from anywhere further down.

  • 06/02/2023

    Rewrote the article to provide information on season 10 of Love Island and where you can stream it. We also included a contestant list.

  • Season 10 and previous seasons of Love Island are available to watch for free on ITVX in the U.K. and 9Now in Australia. If you’re not in either of those countries, you can hop on a VPN server and access them.

  • No, Love Island is not available on Netflix. That could change, but for now, you can watch it on ITVX in the U.K. or 9Now in Australia. If you’re outside of those countries, a VPN can help you access it.

  • Yes, you can watch all previous nine seasons of Love Island U.K. on Hulu. However, you’ll have to wait for season 10 to become available on the platform.

Summer Love Island: Where to Watch Love Island UK

Before we tell you where you can stream Love Island season 10, let’s talk about why your location matters for streaming it. 

Regional restrictions (or geoblocks) are implemented by streaming platforms and channels to control who can access certain content or the entire service. Your location determines what you can access, and in this case, whether or not you can watch Love Island season 10.

A virtual private network (VPN) can get you past geoblocks, but only if you choose a good one. Love Island U.K.’s home is ITV, but it’s only available to people in the U.K., just like BBC iPlayer. If you’re outside the country, you can connect to a server in the United Kingdom to get a U.K. IP address, which will grant you access.

Which Streaming Services Have Love Island UK?

Since we’re talking about Love Island U.K., let’s start with where it’s available in its home country. Love Island season 10 premieres on Monday, June 5, 2023 on ITV2 and ITVX (ITV’s live and on-demand streaming service) at 9:00 p.m. GMT with a new episode airing every evening, Monday through Thursday. You can also watch the previous nine seasons there. 

ITVX is a free service, but it’s only available if you’re in the U.K. Viewers outside the U.K. will need to use a VPN to unblock it. We have a guide on this further down.

love island season 10 itvx
ITVX is the home of Love Island U.K. season 10, which premieres on June 5.

You can also watch the tenth season of Love Island on 9Now in Australia for free, but you’ll have to wait until the day after it airs in the U.K. All nine previous seasons are available there too. 9Now is free to Australian residents, but you can access it with an Australian VPN server.

love island uk 9now
Love Island U.K. season 10 and previous seasons are available on 9Now in Australia.

Hulu has Love Island U.K., but only the first nine seasons. If you have a Hulu account and want to watch season 10 there, you’ll need to wait until it’s available. Like with previous seasons, that could be as quick as two weeks after it’s aired in the U.K., but we don’t have confirmation of this yet.

Hulu is a paid streaming service that’s only available in the United States and you need a U.S. payment method to sign up for the service. If you have one, you can take advantage of its free trial too.

love island uk hulu
Season 9 and previous seasons of Love Island U.K. are available on U.S. streaming service Hulu.

Is Love Island on Netflix?

No, Love Island U.K. is not available on Netflix at the time of writing and there’s no indication that it will ever be available on the platform. Still, this could quickly change and while we aim to keep this information up-to-date, you can also check different Netflix libraries yourself.

How to Access Other Netflix Libraries

If you’ve had no luck finding the content you want in your local Netflix library, you can easily check in other countries by using a VPN. All you need to do is connect to a VPN server in the country where you want to check and log in to your Netflix account as usual. 

This will fool Netflix into thinking you’re located in that country and show you the local library. Simply switch to a different server to check another country. For a complete step-by-step guide on connecting to a VPN, keep reading.

How to Watch Love Island UK for Free

As we mentioned before, there are two options for watching Love Island U.K. for free, but they’re not available worldwide.

ITVX is a free service that’s available for U.K. viewers. If you’re not located in the United Kingdom, you can use a U.K. VPN server to gain access. You just need to create a free account and away you go. When it asks for a U.K. postcode (zip code), you can use a random one from a Google search.

9Now is also free, but only available in Australia. An Australian VPN server will help you unblock the service and create a free account. Like with ITVX, you’ll need to provide a local postcode, but you can input a random Australian one from Google.

If you do need a VPN to access either of those platforms, most providers have a money-back guarantee in place. That means you can ask for a refund when you’re done, essentially using the service completely free.

How to Watch Love Island UK With a VPN

This section shows you how to watch Love Island U.K. for free on ITVX. We’ve used ExpressVPN for this example, which is the best VPN for ITVX. You can use similar steps for accessing 9Now in Australia and Hulu in the U.S., just choose an Australian or U.S. server instead. 

  1. Sign Up for a VPN Service

    Choose a VPN service and sign up for a plan. ExpressVPN’s annual plan offers the best value and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use with the monthly plan as a free trial.

    get expressvpn itvx
  2. Install the VPN App

    Install the VPN’s app on your device. After installation, launch the app and sign in to your account.

    expressvpn apps
  3. Connect to a U.K. Server

    Find and connect to a server in the U.K. ExpressVPN’s full server list can be found by clicking on the three dots. You can then scroll through the server list or use the search bar to find a suitable server. Once you have, click on it. It should connect automatically, but if not, click the big “on” button.

    ExpressVPN app uk
  4. Go to ITVX

    Go to the ITVX website and click the “person” icon.

    itvx website
  5. Register or Log In

    If you already have an ITVX account, sign in. If not, click “register now.”

    itvx register
  6. Provide a Valid Email Address

    Enter your email address — make sure it’s valid, as you’ll need to verify it later — and a password. Click “continue.”

    itvx email password
  7. Enter Your Information

    Enter your personal details and click “next.” Then enter your date of birth and click “next.”

    itvx dob
  8. Enter a Postcode & Verify Your Email

    Now enter a U.K. postcode, which you can find on Google, and click “next.” Then go to your email account and click the verification link. A new window will pop up. Click “continue.”

    itvx postcode
  9. Choose the Free Plan

    Click “choose free plan.” Note that the free version is ad-supported.

    itvx free plan
  10. Search for Love Island & Start Streaming

    Click the search function and search for Love Island. Then click the play button and start watching Love Island U.K.

    stream love island on itvx

The Best VPNs for Watching Love Island UK

Since streaming services try to stop VPNs from unblocking the service in other countries, you need a VPN that can get into platforms unnoticed. Our VPN recommendations below can do just that, as well as provide a decent streaming speed. Let’s dive into our first pick, ExpressVPN.

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn app uk
ExpressVPN can unblock any streaming service and has fast speeds.


  • Fast speeds
  • Unlocks streaming apps
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive plans

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming for a few reasons. It can easily access any streaming service and it has servers in 94 countries, meaning you can access many different streaming libraries. Its speeds are fast enough to ensure a smooth experience and its strong security means you’ll stay protected while watching Love Island online.

You can install ExpressVPN on almost any device and its app is easy to use, even for less experienced users. However, all of this comes at a high price. The monthly plan costs the same as many other providers, but where you usually see a large discount on longer plans, ExpressVPN’s annual plan is still pricey. 

If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a top-quality service, then ExpressVPN is the best choice. You can read our ExpressVPN review for more information or use the 30-day money-back guarantee to find out how good it is for yourself.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn uk server
NordVPN is an affordable alternative to ExpressVPN and has the fastest average speeds.


  • Long-term affordability
  • Easily unlocks streaming apps
  • Fastest VPN speeds


  • Mobile map is difficult to use

NordVPN is a great alternative to ExpressVPN, especially if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly. It can access streaming platforms and has servers in 60 countries for doing so. Plus, our speed tests show that NordVPN has the fastest VPN speeds on average. It doesn’t skimp on security either, helping you stay protected at all times.

In one way, NordVPN’s app is better than ExpressVPN’s because it has an interactive map you can use to easily connect to servers around the world. However, while it’s great on a desktop, we found it a bit fiddly to use on a mobile device (read our NordVPN review for more details).

That’s not a reason to completely disregard NordVPN, though, and if you don’t mind signing up for two years, you can save some money. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee too, in case you want a refund. 

Summer Love Island 2023 Contestant Lineup

Love Island is a reality TV show that brings together single contestants nicknamed “islanders.” They live together in a villa for around eight weeks and are completely isolated from the outside world. While in the villa, the contestants have to “couple up” to ensure they stay in the villa, but also to try to find “the one.” 

During their time in the villa, contestants have to take part in challenges and games, all while the public can see and hear everything they do. As usual, the public gets to vote who their favorite islanders are, which decides who stays in the villa. Plus, for season 10, the public also gets to decide who is coupled together, rather than the contestants deciding for themselves.

To shake it up even more, when contestants are dumped from the villa, new contestants arrive. In the end, only one couple gets to win and take home the prize pot.

Season 10 is the second U.K. season for 2023, with Winter Love Island airing earlier in the year (read our guide on how to watch Winter Love Island). This time it’s set in Mallorca, Spain, and will once again be presented by Maya Jama. The table below shares who the first 10 islanders are to enter the villa.

Contestant: Age Occupation Hometown
Mitchel Taylor 26 Gas engineer Sheffield
Ruchee Gurung 24 Beautician Sutton
Tyrique Hyde 24 Semi-pro footballer East Sussex
Andre Furtado 21 Business owner Dudley
Molly Marsh 21 Musical theater performer
Social media creator
George Fensom 24 Business development executive Bedford
Ella Thomas 23 Model Glasgow
Catherine Agbaje 22 Commercial estate agent Dublin
Mehdi Edno 26 Communications manager London
Jess Harding 22 Aesthetics practitioner London

Final Thoughts: Love Island Season 10

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to watch Love Island abroad. New episodes will start on June 5 on ITVX in the U.K., and you can also watch it on 9Now in Australia. 

Remember, if you’re outside those countries, you can use a VPN to watch it. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for the job, and its money-back guarantee means you can use the service without spending a penny.

Are you a fan of watching the islanders find love or do you only tune in for all the drama? Which platform will you use to watch Love Island online? Will you need a VPN to watch it? If so, which VPN will you choose? Let us know in the comment section and, as always, thank you for reading. 

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