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<div>NFL Conference Championship Odds – NFC & AFC Futures Betting</div>

NFL Conference Championship Odds – NFC & AFC Futures Betting

The NFC and AFC both have their share of talented teams, but only one team can win each conference en route to the Super Bowl. Here, we take a look at the odds to win each conference in the 2023 season, to get an idea of which teams are being given the best chance by oddsmakers to face off in the big game in February. As these NFL conference championship odds can change before the season and throughout the season, be sure to check back regularly to get the latest odds before doing your NFL betting.

NFL Conference Championship Futures

NFC Conference Championship Futures Odds



+350 +350 +350 +425


+400 +275 +320 +250


+600 +650 +650 +600


+1100 +750 +1000 +1000


+1100 +3000 +2200 +3000


+1300 +2200 +1600 +2500


+1400 +2200 +1600 +1400


+2000 +3500 +3000 +4500


+2200 +3500 +3000 +4000


+2200 +1200 +1400 +1300


+2500 +5000 +4000 +4500


+3000 +1200 +1600 +1100


+3000 +3500 +4000 +4000


+3500 +3500 +3000 +2500


+4500 +2200 +2200 +3000


+10000 +8000 +10000 +10000

The NFC is in an interesting place going into the 2023 NFL season. The NFL conference championship odds in the NFC are headlined by the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys, who are a cut above the rest of the pack in oddsmakers’ eyes before the season begins. All three of those teams were in the Divisional round in the NFC, and are poised to have the talent to challenge for a spot in the Super Bowl once again.

At longer odds, there are a few interesting teams to keep an eye out for. The Detroit Lions got hot late in the 2022 regular season, and could continue to improve in 2023 under head coach Dan Campbell. The Minnesota Vikings could figure out their defense and be a value to win the NFC if they turn things around on that side of the ball. And who knows what the Los Angeles Rams could do this year if Matthew Stafford is healthy for a full season like he was during their Super Bowl run.

The most likely outcome is that one of the Niners/Eagles/Cowboys trio comes away with the NFC championship. But injuries and surprises make it so that no team is a sure thing in the NFL, and bettors may want to look further down the board.

AFC Conference Championship Futures Odds



+330 +350 +350 +330


+400 +450 +475 +500


+550 +500 +500 +550


+1100 +1600 +1300 +1300


+1200 +1000 +1200 +1100


+1400 +900 +900 +1100


+1500 +1400 +1300 +1100


+1600 +1400 +1300 +1200


+1700 +1600 +1800 +2200


+1700 +2200 +2500 +2500


+2500 +4000 +2800 +4000


+2800 +3000 +3500 +2200


+3000 +3000 +3500 +3500


+4000 +6600 +6000 +5000


+8000 +4000 +8000 +7000


+10000 +8000 +12500 +10000

In the AFC, there are also three main teams that are expected to come away with the AFC Championship. The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are one of those teams, and they are joined by the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals on the short list of AFC favorites. It would take a lot for any other team to surpass those three teams to claim the AFC title, but there are a few teams that have realistic shots to do so.

Out West, the Los Angeles Chargers have an explosive offense led by QB Justin Herbert, and are a few defensive players away from being truly dangerous. The New York Jets added Aaron Rodgers, which makes them at least an NFL caliber team offensively for the first time in a while. And the Miami Dolphins could be dangerous if Tua Tagovailoa stays healthy as well.

ATS NFL Odds Explanation: Understanding Odds to Win the Conference

Betting on the NFL Conference winner in the AFC or NFC means betting on the team that will win either the AFC Championship Game or the NFC Championship Game, depending which conference the team plays in.

This is different than making Super Bowl picks, which require bettors to accurately predict which team will win the upcoming Super Bowl. As betting on a conference champion requires one fewer win than betting on a Super Bowl champion, the payouts for this market can be a little smaller than betting on a team to lift the Lombardi Trophy.

How The Playoff Format Works

Beginning in 2020, the NFL introduced a new playoff format. Seven teams from each conference make the playoffs and only the #1 seed in each conference gets a bye in the first round. This is a big change from the previous long running format that saw two teams from each conference get a first round bye, with only six total teams from each conference making the playoffs.

The six non-bye teams play on Wild Card Weekend, or what the the league has rebranded as Super Wild Card Weekend. The winners advance to play in the Divisional Round and the team that had a bye will be in action for the first time at that point. The winners in that round advance to the Conference Championship Round.

Those Conference Championship Games are where these specific wagers will be decided. It is important to note that conference winner odds are posted long before the playoff teams are known. As a general rule, the teams that appeared in the playoffs the previous year are usually among the favorites to win the conference.

Reading NFL Conference Championship Odds

Here at ATS, we make it very easy for you to see which teams have the best theoretical chance of winning their conference. We give you the opportunity to compare odds at different US sportsbooks across the industry to see which ones have the best odds. The higher the price, the higher your potential winnings are going to be, so you always want to select the sportsbook that has the biggest plus figure offered and bet with them.

If you need to open a new account with a different sportsbook, we have compiled a comprehensive list of NFL betting sites. The links on that page will get you the best offers and promos available for new users upon sign up.

In Season Conference Odds Movement

All 16 teams from the AFC and the NFC are going to be listed with odds to win their respective conferences until they are mathematically eliminated from doing so, no matter how ludicrous it seems that they can win. The conference champion odds are always changing based on offseason transactions, betting action, or wins and losses in the regular season, so keep it tuned right here at ATS to see the latest odds updates.

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