Let’s talk about your psychic development. You know those little “Eat me!” and “Drink me!” signs that appeared in Alice and Wonderland? Just when Alice thought she was totally stuck huge or tiny, those handy signs popped up and got her to the next step. Well, consider this post your Alice and Wonderland-esque sign…

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Not sure what to do next in your psychic development? I’ve got you covered…

your psychic development

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it — psychic development can feel confusing and overwhelming!

Yes, it’s true — psychic ability is a totally natural thing because we ALL have intuition and Spirit Guides who would loveeee to chat with us, but… it can still feel overwhelming.

And, you’ll find that there are different stages along your psychic development journey, and each of them has their own challenges.

This post is designed as a road map to get you to YOUR next stage. Find where you are (most people are at least ONE of these stages in their psychic development) and then follow the prompts to your next stage to get unstuck.

Can you say easy peasy? Let’s dig in!

Stage: Um, am I psychic?

I know, I KNOW.  One moment, you think you’ve got some psychic abilities, and the next, *poof*, you’re back to feeling completely uncertain.

I rode this roller coaster ride when I first started on my intuitive journey back in 2000, too! So friend, you are not alone!

But I’m here to shout out some awesome news… If you think you’re psychic, you are. Yay, pour the lattes!

Seriously, if you are feeling that you are gifted, it’s because, deep down in your soul, you KNOW that you are. It’s just that you gotta get used to the idea.

If this is the stage you’re at in your psychic development, definitely read the following two posts:

Stage: OMG, I’m psychic! Woo-hoo!

Yay! This is such an exciting moment to be in, I know!

But before you pick up your iPhone to share the news with your BFF, give the following post a read: 8 Tips for Coming Out of the Psychic Closet. It will give you some great tips for coming out of the psychic closet without stress, anxiety, and help you deal with any Negative Nancy’s.

Even though your psychic development journey is an awe-inspiring time, if your BFF shares even a tad of skepticism or confusion, it could rub off on you during this magical beginning stage. So read the above post which will share all the do’s and don’ts of your new, exciting revelation… because it IS exciting! 🙂

Stage: Whoa, that’s why I get can’t watch the news. I’m sensitive because of my intuitive gifts!

Holy guacamole do I get this feeling… When you realize you’re a clairsentient or empath (have the gift of psychic feeling and sensing), it ALL clicks into place…

That’s why those ASPCA commercials leave me bawling for hours after I see them… and that’s why it hurts so bad to see homeless people on the street… OH, and that’s why the thought of being in a large crowd makes me want to curl up in bed for a week!

But listen up: Being a clairsentient or empath is AMAZING. You just have to learn to turn your psychic gifts on and off and manage it, which is TOTALLY doable.

As a matter of fact, the following post is chalk full of tips that will help you turn down the volume on your clairsentient gifts:

Stage: Wait, so can I communicate with dearly departed Uncle Joe? Cool!

If you’re a psychic medium (someone who communicates with passed on souls), you know this realization is equally exciting and nerve wracking. Not because the spirits will hurt you (they NEVER will — that’s a total myth), but because it’s a whole new world of possibility, right?

If you’re stuck between “this is awesome!” and “how do I get started?,” definitely give the following post a read which will help you get unstuck in your psychic development:

Stage: How do I develop my psychic abilities?

I thought you’d never ask! This is one of my fav things to chat about because there are so many cool ways, including:

This post (that’s been shared over 6K times on Pinterest) will give you 28 FUN (seriously!) ways to get started: 28 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Stage: Which psychic abilities do I have?

This is a GREAT question! It’s super helpful to know which specific psychic gifts you have so that you can understand YOUR specific gifts and how they work. Plus, it’s so much fun to learn about your specific intuitive abilities. 🙂

Stage: Um, wait. I don’t want to be psychic!

First of all, take a nice, deep breath. It’s OK. Honor what you feel. In fact, I started there too!

The bottom line is, There are TONS of wonderful, capable psychics in this world that really love using their gifts. But… It’s also a-okay if you never do one single thing with yours.

If your psychic development is feeling like a bit too much right now, this post will put you at ease: But Wait! I Don’t Want to Be Psychic!

Stage: I’m afraid people will think I’m weird…

Oh man, do I get this. In fact, I wrote a book about it, which you download and read for free here: 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts.

7 Real World Steps will help you get nice and cozy with your psychic development and abilities.

Stage: I’m afraid of spirits and evil stuff

With all the gory stuff Hollywood uses to sell tickets, I totally don’t blame you. In fact, it’s natural to have some fear around the subject.

I was in the same boat when I first started, and I know countless others who were too.

So before you hang up on your abilities, be sure to check this post out: Help! I’m Scared of Developing My Psychic Abilities! 4 Steps to Overcoming Fear.

Well friend, I hope this post has helped you discover the next step in YOUR psychic development!

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Let’s talk about your psychic development. You know those little “Eat me!” and “Drink me!” signs that appeared in Alice and Wonderland? Just when Alice thought she was totally stuck huge or tiny, those handy signs popped up and got her to the next step. Well, consider this post...