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Student Toolkit 2024: Top 5 Resources to Boost Your Productivity

Student Toolkit 2024: Top 5 Resources to Boost Your Productivity

Struggling to balance your personal life and academic workload? Overwhelmed by never-ending assignments, projects, and other college stuff? Keep cool, you are not alone. Student life is fraught with challenges and responsibilities, but we know how to ease your struggles! Let’s delve into the top 5 efficient productivity tools designed to transform your academic experience: reimagine the note-taking process, skyrocket the quality of your assignments by switching from Word and PowerPoint to PDF, boost your grades with AI-enhanced learning, simplify task management, and more. Addressing different aspects of academic life, these tools will help you optimize your productivity and stay organized.

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GoodNotes 6

GoodNotes is the most advantageous note-taking application with enhanced writing and drawing abilities. The tool was designed to make the learning process paperless and fulfills its mission perfectly well. The app is better suited for iPads since handwriting feels truly fantastic with the Apple pen. However, typed text is supported as well, allowing students to use GoodNotes on laptops, PCs, and phones. 

The app is packed with a myriad of features, so you can choose a paper color, improve your calligraphy using special templates, add photos and stickers, highlight text with colors and shapes, drag separate elements from images to your notes, draw pictures, relocate paper elements, and more. GoodNotes has everything you need to organize your thoughts and ensures a fun note-taking experience. 


  • Word Complete and Spellcheck features;
  • search through your scans and handwritten notes;
  • AI-guided learning sessions;
  • personalized Study Sets for better memorization;
  • synced audio recording.


Quizlet is meant to take your studying to the next level with its AI-driven capabilities. The service works well for mastering any subject imaginable, whether you are struggling with math, economics, or languages, Quizlet implies scientifically-backed techniques to help you reach perfection. You can use over 700 million ready-made flashcards or create your own, take practice tests, get help with tough assignments, access expert-written solutions, and take advantage of other useful features to get a comprehensive learning experience. Quizlet is available on the web and can also be downloaded on your phone.


  • personalized study modes;
  • Memory Score feature allows you to track your success;
  • assistance with essay writing;
  • ability to transform your notes into practice tests and flashcards;
  • AI-enhanced and expert-written academic solutions;
  • step-by-step explanations for a deeper subject understanding.

PDF Guru will come in handy anytime you want to ace your paper to perfection. It’s a universal file editor and converter packed with top-notch tools for crafting well-polished PDFs. The service operates equally well on different devices as long as you are connected to the internet. Since multiple formats are accepted, you will turn JPG, PNG, TXT, DOCX, or PPTX to PDF easily with just a few clicks. 

PDFGuru also allows you to split a document into separate pages, merge files, compress PDFs, encrypt content with a password, and e-sign your documents. Editing tools are rich as well, so you can modify visual objects in your file and add new ones, highlight text, leave notes, add shapes, change fonts, and more.


  • instant, accurate conversion from and to PDF;
  • wide variety of file formats to work with on any device;
  • powerful editing and security tools;
  • all in one place, whether you need to convert PPT to PDF or edit images in your file;
  • no setup or additional software is needed.
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Microsoft To-Do

The app proves to be super simple even for those not familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem. It serves as the exceptional task organizer helping students navigate the labyrinth of daily assignments. It’s hard to come up with a better way to keep things in order, whether it’s about your homework, extracurricular activities, shopping lists, or whatever. Monitor task complexion, track the deadlines, and enhance your productivity, while staying on top of your responsibilities!


  • compatible with any OS;
  • smart suggestions to update your lists;
  • collaboration with other users is allowed;
  • ability to group lists by categories. 


How often do you reach for your phone? Numbers say that the majority of US residents check their smartphones about 160 times per day. This little, catchy device is probably always at hand – when you go to bed, ride the bus, walk the dog, and, of course, study. Even though smartphones can actually be useful for learning, it’s easy to get glued to the screen once you take the phone in hand, and Forest is one of the best productivity tools for students intended to solve this problem. 

The app introduces an original, environmentally-conscious approach to enhancing student productivity in a gamified way. Thus, the task is to plant a tree whenever you need to stay focused on your studies. If you give up halfway and quit the app, your tree dies. Forest is notable for its real-world impact since each tree you grow in the app translates into the real one, planted by the Trees for the Future. Hence, you can not just avoid phone distractions but also make a meaningful contribution to our planet.


  • convenient timer for better focus on your tasks;
  • real trees are planted while you stay concentrated;
  • compatible with iOS and Android devices;
  • Chrome extension is available.


The interfusion of technology and education has opened up a world of opportunities. Students can plunge into AI-enhanced learning, keep all their notes just a click away, turn PPT to PDF in a second, create well-organized to-do lists, and take advantage of many other innovative tools that have revolutionized the educational process. All the services mentioned above will be wonderful allies in your academic journey, so feel free to embrace them, and watch how your productivity is soaring to new heights. 

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