The Wonderful World of Astrology Dice

Our Trusted Psychics are always teaching us new things when it comes to the Psychic World and deepening our understanding of how Psychics work.

Whether this is through natural senses, such as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience, or through Psychic Tools, such as Astro Dice.

What Are Astro Dice?

Astro Dice consist of a set of 3 dice with 12 sides. Each die is based on one of the three principles of Astrology. Each of these encompasses different symbols and meanings to be interpreted once cast together.

Houses: Represents the area of life that will be affected or of concern.

Signs: Represents the emotions involved in this situation.

Planets: Represents the actions, circumstances, or influences that affect the overall situation at hand.

For more information on the Astro Dice, our resident Psychic Astrologer, Aldo Raffa, is here with his latest video! You’ll also find a mini Astro Dice reading at the end!

If you’ve got Astro Dice, or are thinking of getting your own, Aldo’s been kind enough to give us a breakdown of the meanings on each die:

The Meaning of the Houses

Houses 1 to 6

(1) This house represents your personal life, how you look, and your new beginnings. It also tells you to look out for accidents.

(2) When this house shows up on the dice, it’s telling you to look at your finances. There may be lost or stolen objects. Your finances will change, but this could be good or bad.

(3) This house represents siblings or people tied to you by blood and location. It also represents short journeys, small vacations, and travel. You may be expecting emails, letters, or advice, but watch out for gossip.

(4) The fourth house represents parents or people that act as parental figures. Domestic issues are at the heart of your question. There may be inheritances on the horizon. It also represents the ending of any situation.

(5) The fifth house is about fertility, women, children, pregnancy, and fun. It represents creativity, water, rain, teaching, gambling, hobbies, and romance.

(6) The sixth house deals with all things related to health, hygiene, daily routines, injuries, pets, and employees.

Houses 7 to 12

(7) The seventh house is most concerned with close personal partnerships, like in relationships and business. This house could mean new contracts, rivalries or an unidentified person that could become a new partnership.

(8) The eighth house represents death and, because of that, transformations. It could mean literal death or even birth. It also represents the occult, taxes, debts, mortgages and loans.

(9) The ninth house deals with journeys and long-distance travel. It also represents religion, philosophy, education, lawyers, dreams, divination, wisdom, the arts, media, and publishing.

(10) This house looks at your kingdom: your career, your success, your fortune. It is also concerned with the environment and weather, as well as reputation and glory.

(11) Good fortune comes with this house. It signals friends, those who may help you, protection, riches, gifts, joy, renewed hope, praise, and group activities.

(12) This house represents imprisonment. Loss, grief, enemies, and solitude follow it. It represents death, fear, secrets, suffering, things that are hidden, our deepest thoughts and addictions.

The Meaning of the Astrological Signs

  • Aries: Impulsivity, competition, letting go, intense reactions and situations.
  • Taurus: Sensitivity, hurt feelings, emotional responses, holding grudges.
  • Gemini: Duality, mischievousness, emotions over rationality, cleverness, curiosity.
  • Cancer: Deep emotions, lost friendships, loyalty, nurturing.
  • Leo: Confidence, stamina, leadership, pride, being the centre of attention.
  • Virgo: Rationality, solitude, pickiness, overly critical, striving for more than you can handle.
  • Libra: Balance, harmony, or the need to find harmony in a situation that is out of control.
  • Scorpio: Transformation, truth, honesty, hidden emotions, a need for power.
  • Sagittarius: Adventure, seeking truth, positivity, optimism, a need for relaxation.
  • Capricorn: Controlling, possessiveness, business matters, barriers between people.
  • Aquarius: Anxiety, unpredictable future, a need for communication, introspection.
  • Pisces: Compassion, escapism, innocence, a person in your life may be acting dishonestly.

The Meaning of the Planets

  • The Sun: The ego, your most basic self, consciousness, vitality, stamina, and creation.
  • The Moon: Emotions, instincts. habits, moods, and the unconscious.
  • Mercury: The mind, communication, intelligence, reason, and language.
  • Venus: Love, attraction, relationships, art, beauty, and harmony.
  • Mars: Aggression, sex, action, desire, courage, passion, and competition.
  • Jupiter: Growth, hope, expansion, luck, abundance, optimism, and understanding.
  • Saturn: Discipline, responsibility, ambition, obligation, law, and structure.
  • Uranus: Inspiration, change, eccentricity, chaos, rebellion, and reformation.
  • Neptune: Mysticism, dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, imagination, and delusions.
  • Pluto: Transformation, power, death, rebirth, and evolution.
  • The North Node of the Moon: Lessons to be learned, fear of the unknown, fate, and the path forward.
  • The South Node of the Moon: The past, karmic baggage, and the path you have followed until now.

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