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Trading WTF with Paul Scott

Trading WTF with Paul Scott

In this episode of Trading WTF, we are pleased to host Paul Scott, a Forex trading consultant and educator with over 25 years of experience in trading at an Institutional and Professional levels. We’ll be talking about what retail traders are missing out on in their education, what they can learn from the institutional sector and what they should concentrate on in their learning and trading.

Paul started work on the London Metal Exchange in 1994 for Credit Lyonnais Rouse as a floor Clerk, moved to Sucden UK (now Sucden Financial) in 1998, passed his regulatory exams in 1998, became head clerk. He moved on to becoming a client liaison person as he had now the proper regulation to speak to, trade for and offer advice to clients.

He moved desks at Sucden to then broker and traded Base Metals, precious metals, FX, Oil and some soft commodities. Then moved to various other banks and broker’s after leaving Sucden. He left the City in 2009, did some consulting for a trade routing system for the LME desks at various banks for a company called BankTech.

When finished up, he helped a friend set up an educational company, then decided to teach retail traders what he was taught and knew about how the markets work, coming from the inside of the business.

In case you missed it, the recording has been uploaded to YouTube where you can watch any time by following this link.

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