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Verizon Wireless Loyalty Discount $10/mo for 12 Months (Targeted)

Verizon Wireless Loyalty Discount $10/mo for 12 Months (Targeted)

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you may be interested in this Slickdeals forum post by member gcornett that may save you $120 per line on your cellular bill ($10 a month for 12 months). Here are the simple instructions, which should just take a few moments of your time:

YMMV if it will work for you, but here are the steps to make Verizon think you are ready to leave them.

1. Open your My Verizon app.
2. Click on the Account icon at the bottom of the app.
3. Towards the top, it says “Hi (Your Name)” Click on the “Edit Profile and Settings” link underneath that.
4. On the Account Settings screen, scroll down to the Security section and click Number Lock.
5. On the Number Lock screen, turn off the Number Lock for each line. This enables other carriers to port out your line.
6. Go back to the Account Settings screen and click on Number Transfer Pin.
7. Generate a Number Transfer Pin. Since I already did it, I can’t do it again right now in order to give you step-by-step directions. It was easy. You can figure it out.

And that’s it. Wait a day or two and see if Verizon decides you are also a loyal customer worth giving a $10.00 per line loyalty discount for 12 months. YMMV.

Note: After a few days, go back into the app and turn Number Lock back on, so nefarious characters can’t try to port out your phone number without your consent.

I don’t have Verizon myself, but many forum members have reported success. Seems like it’s worth a try to try and trigger this limited-time automated discount as there is no downside risk. Look for text message that says:

Hi, it’s Verizon. Great news! As a way of saying thanks, we are applying a $10/mo discount to every active phone line on your account for the next 12 months. There is no action needed and you’ll see it in the next 1-2 bill cycles. If you have questions please contact *611 to speak with a rep. Thank you for being a loyal customer!


Hi, it’s Verizon. Great news! As a valued customer, you’re eligible for an exclusive loyalty discount on your current Unlimited plan (no plan change required). This is a limited-time offer, visit to accept the offer. Thank you.

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Verizon Wireless Loyalty Discount $10/mo for 12 Months (Targeted) from My Money Blog.

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