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When it’s time to pivot…

When it’s time to pivot…

I’ve got some big news to share with you today, friend.

Over the past 4 years, Mama Needs Box has served thousands of Mamas with subscription boxes full of amazing self-care. Moms have seen their own need for self-care and ordered the boxes for themselves. Husbands recognized how hard Moms work and bought boxes for their wives. Friends went in on subscriptions for their Mom friends. Kids invested in gifts for their own Moms.

Mama Needs Box has proven over and over again to be an amazing gift not only to give, but to receive. In fact, when I dug deeper to see how many orders were gifts, 50% of people who ordered Mama Needs Boxes were giving them as gifts – which has led me to a new direction for our business…

In 2023, Mama Needs Box will pivot from a subscription box service to a gift box service for Moms. 

Our mission from day 1 was to help moms remember that they matter. We want to help them see the need for self-care and provide the tools and inspiration to practice and prioritize it. Our message has always been a call for moms to fill their cups so they can overflow to their families and serve from a place of abundance, rather than burn out. None of that is changing.

While it is sad to leave the subscription box model behind (trust me, this is not a decision I made quickly or take lightly), there is an exciting path ahead.

I’m really excited about the creative potential this new model will give us, and I know we can serve even more moms than before. We are here to be your go-to service for all of your gift giving needs. 

I cannot wait to share more information soon, and I covet your prayers as we make this huge transition! We truly appreciate your continued support and understanding in this time of transition.

Now to the details you’re probably wondering about. Here are some FAQs we’ve put together to answer your most pressing questions. (And if you don’t see your answer below, just email me directly to ask!)


When will you stop the subscriptions?

We have already turned off options to purchase 6 month and 12 month prepaid subscriptions. The 3-month option will be turned off after September 30. We will be taking orders for the October box from September 1-30 and the November box from October 1-31. Our very last subscription box will be our December box, and we will take orders from November 1-30. No subscription box orders will be open after November 30 and any active subscriptions will be canceled.

What happens if I have a prepaid subscription that has not been fulfilled yet?

Many of our active subscriptions will be expiring or will simply be canceled once they are fulfilled. However, there will be some subscriptions that will only be partially fulfilled when we stop in December. For those cases, we will contact you directly to either refund the remainder of your subscription or offer you a credit to our new Shop when it opens.

I will miss getting my box every month – can I still get a box for myself too?

Here’s the best news: if you are already a subscriber and want to keep getting our boxes every month, you absolutely can. Our new Shop will be an amazing place to buy gifts for others AND yourself. You’ll find so many of the fun themes we’ve done in the past, lots of our familiar small & women-owned sourced products, with lots of pricing options, too! Our new Shop will allow us to be so much more flexible in what we offer, and the self-care habit you’ve started does not need to end!

When will you start the new Mama Needs Box Shop?

I’m actively working on what our new Shop will look like and all of those details now. We will be changing e-commerce platforms and creating an entirely new website. A lot will be different and it will take time and money. My goal is to open our new Shop in plenty of time for Mother’s Day 2023!

How can I support you right now?

That is such a kind question! The best way to support us right now is to:

  • Purchase a 3 month subscription before they close! You have until September 30! You will receive the last 3 subscription boxes we ever do: October, November and December. This would make a great gift!
  • Purchase a month-to-month subscription. You can do a one-time gift or a renewing subscription. It will keep renewing until we cancel all subscriptions on November 30.
  • Purchase anything in our Shop. All products are one-time purchases – not subscriptions – and they ship within 2 business days. You can build your own box by adding products to your cart or even purchase Past Boxes or Mystery Boxes.
  • Pray for us. This is the best, free way to support me right now. I have a lot of work to do and decisions to make. It’s scary making a huge change like this, and I’m fighting all kinds of negative voices, fears and worries in my head. I covet all your prayers for these specific things.

This community is one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who has supported us over the past four years. I hope you’ve found a new appreciation for your own self-worth and come to appreciate the power of self-care. And most of all – I hope you continue to grow with us as we take this next exciting step forward!

Change is never easy, but this is how we grow. I will never stop believing in the importance and power of self-care, specifically for all of the Mamas out there, and I am thrilled to continue serving you in a new (and even better!) way.

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