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Which Horse Racing Is On TV Today?

Which Horse Racing Is On TV Today?

If you’re a horse racing enthusiast, knowing which races are on TV today is essential for catching all the thrilling action. From Ascot to international fixtures, there are numerous events broadcasted live, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Our comprehensive guide covers the latest TV schedules and racecards for all UK & Ireland racecourses as well as major televised horse racing events. We also delve into channels such as ITV Racing, Sky Sports Horse Racing, Racing TV and BBC Sport to provide up-to-date information about their coverage and streaming options.

Key Takeaways

  • Horse racing events are broadcasted live on various platforms including free-to-air channels, online streaming services and catch-up TV.
  • Popular channels for horse racing coverage in the UK include ITV Racing, Sky Sports Racing, Racing TV and BBC Sport.
  • Free listings and streams for horse racing can be found on free-to-air channels such as ITV4 and Channel 4, as well as online platforms like Racing TV and Betfair Live Video.
  • It’s important to stay updated with the latest schedules by checking websites like RacingTV or Sky Sports Horse Racing to know which races are airing on TV today.

Horse Racing Events On TV Today

Today’s horse racing schedule can be found on various platforms including free-to-air channels, online streaming services, and catch-up TV.

Today’s Horse Racing Cards & Schedules

If you’re looking to catch all the excitement of horse racing on TV today, make sure to check out the latest racecards and schedules. From major televised events like Ascot to smaller local races, there’s always something thrilling happening in the world of horse racing. Websites like RacingTV and Sky Sports Horse Racing provide up-to-date information on all upcoming fixtures, including details on each race’s jockeys, horses and trainers. You can even find current odds, stats and previews that will help you make informed decisions about which horses to bet on or just up your knowledge game before tuning in.

It is essential to keep track of when races are scheduled so you don’t miss any action-packed moments! Checking today’s horse racing cards online is easy with live coverage available across multiple channels broadcasting globally! Whether it’s ITV4 for UK viewers or online streaming services for international audiences, there are plenty of ways for fans everywhere to enjoy watching their favourite horses compete at top speeds.

Live Horse Racing On TV

If you’re a keen horse racing fan, you may be wondering where to catch today’s live racing on TV. Luckily, there are various channels and broadcasters that offer coverage of the latest races across the UK and beyond.

Channels like ITV Racing, Sky Sports Racing, and Racing TV provide in-depth analysis, racecards for all today’s horse racing meetings including latest form, naps, stats and previews.

You can also access free live streams online from platforms such as Bet365 or Paddy Power which often show international fixtures. Tune into live broadcasts normally covering seven races or check out websites focused on Horse Racing listings like Horse Racing On TV for complete schedules of today’s live Horse Racing meetings on your favourite channels.

Today’s Racecards

For those looking to stay up-to-date on today’s horse racing events, racecards are an essential tool. These cards provide all the information needed for each individual race, including details about the horses, jockeys and trainers involved, as well as odds, form guides and predicted outcomes.

Racecards are available for every UK & Ireland racecourse and can also be found online or through dedicated horse racing TV channels. For instance, Sky Sports Horse Racing offers comprehensive coverage of all today’s meetings with detailed stats and previews of each race. Similarly, ITV Racing Fixtures provides a schedule of live races that can be watched on TV every Saturday. With this wealth of information at your fingertips, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to staying up-to-date on the latest horse racing action.

TV Channels And Broadcasters For Horse Racing

Find out where to watch all the latest horse racing action on TV with channels such as ITV Racing, Sky Sports Racing and Racing TV – read on to discover more!

ITV Racing Schedule Today

ITV Racing is one of the leading channels for horse racing coverage in the UK, with live broadcasts of major races throughout the year. The ITV Racing schedule for today is readily available on their website, including a comprehensive guide to upcoming race meetings and events. Fans can also find detailed information on each race, including tips, form guides and expert analysis from top jockeys and trainers.

Whether you’re tuning in to catch your favourite rider or simply looking for some exciting action-packed entertainment, ITV Racing has got you covered. Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and updates by regularly checking their website or following them on Twitter for real-time updates.

So sit back, relax and enjoy some high-octane racing action right from the comfort of your own home!

Sky Sports Racing

Sky Sports Racing is a popular television channel that broadcasts live horse racing meetings every day. It provides racecards for all today’s horse racing meetings, including the latest form, stats, naps, latest odds and previews to help viewers stay informed about upcoming events.

The channel offers comprehensive analysis of the races with expert commentary from pundits such as Alex Hammond and Jamie Lynch. In addition to live coverage, Sky Sports Racing also features programs focused on racing news and reviews of recent events, making it an excellent resource for both avid fans and casual viewers alike.

Racing TV

Racing TV is one of the popular broadcasters for horse racing in the UK. They provide comprehensive coverage of live races, news, and expert analysis of various competitions throughout the year.

With over 35 British courses covered along with action from Ireland, Cheltenham and more, Racing TV is an excellent choice for avid followers to watch all their favourite horse racing events on television.

Additionally, they offer extensive previews for each day’s action as well as race replays that you can access anytime by subscribing to their service.

One great aspect of Racing TV is its exclusive content specifically tailored towards die-hard fans who love nothing more than horse racing. For example, there’s a program called ‘Luck on Sunday’ hosted by Nick Luck where he interviews leading jockeys and trainers about their latest achievements along with interesting stories about horses behind the scenes.

Moreover, there are statistics provided under every race giving detailed information on odds and form surrounding each runner which can help tipsters make informed decisions before betting on any given market.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport is a popular broadcaster for horse racing fans in the UK. They cover many races throughout the year, including some of the biggest events such as Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot.

The channel offers live coverage of major race meetings with expert commentary, analysis, and interviews from top industry figures. BBC Sport also provides up-to-date information on horse racing fixtures, results, and betting odds.

In addition to TV broadcasts, their website features news articles, opinion pieces, and video highlights from recent races.

Where To Find Free Listings And Streams For Horse Racing

You can access free-to-air channels and online streaming platforms to find listings and streams for horse racing, with catch-up services available on some channels.

Free-to-air Channels

There are free-to-air channels that broadcast horse racing events. Here are some of them:

ITV – broadcasts live horse racing on its main channel and on ITV4

Channel 4 – broadcasts horse racing regularly, especially during big meetings

BBC – airs a few horse racing events each year, such as the Grand National and Royal Ascot

FreeSports – offers some live coverage of UK and Irish racing

Racing TV Freeview – provides free viewing access to selected races and content from Racing TV

If you want to watch these channels for free, you can use an indoor aerial or satellite dish depending on your location. Alternatively, some TV sets have built-in Freeview or Freesat tuners that can pick up these channels without any additional equipment.

Online Streaming Platforms

There are various online streaming platforms available for horse racing fans to catch their favourite races in action. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Racing TV – This platform offers live streaming of horse racing events from over 30 British racecourses, as well as exclusive previews, reviews, and expert analysis.

Sky Sports Racing – With Sky Sports Racing, viewers can access live streams of all UK and Irish races, along with racecards, betting tips, and interviews with jockeys and trainers.

ITV Hub – If you want to catch the latest horse racing events on ITV but can’t be in front of your TV screen, the ITV Hub is the perfect solution. You can watch live streams of all ITV’s races online or on-demand.

Betfair Live Video – This online betting platform not only offers great odds for horse racing fans but also gives them free access to high-quality live video streams for various races.

At The Races – With At The Races’ subscription-based service, you can stream live horse racing events from a range of countries including the US and Australia, along with previews, results, and statistics.

So if you’re unable to watch a specific race on TV or looking for more options to catch your favourite horses in action then these online streaming platforms got all covered.

Catch-up Services

Catch-up services are a great way to stay up to date with horse racing, even if you can’t watch it live. Here are some of the best catch-up services available:

ITV Hub – The ITV Hub is a free catch-up service that allows you to watch the latest horse racing events from ITV’s coverage. You can watch on-demand and get access to all the latest highlights and replays.

Sky Go – Sky Go is a subscription-based service that allows you to stream all of Sky Sports Racing’s horse racing coverage, including replays and highlights.

Racing TV Player – The Racing TV Player is a subscription-based service that gives you access to live broadcasts and replays for almost every UK and Irish race meeting, as well as international races.

BBC iPlayer – Although not specifically focused on horse racing, BBC iPlayer offers highlights and replays from many major racing events throughout the year.

Freeview Play – This free catch-up service offers access to all the major TV channels in the UK, including ITV Racing, giving viewers access to highlights, replays, and analysis.

With these catch-up services available, horse racing fans never have to miss a moment of their favourite sport!

Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Favourite Horses, Jockeys And Trainers

Automated Alerts

In today’s fast-paced world, staying up to date with your favourite horses, jockeys, and trainers can be quite challenging. Fortunately, automated alerts can make this process a lot easier.

Automated alerts allow you to stay informed about everything from race results and betting odds to injury reports and upcoming races. This ensures that you never miss out on anything important that could affect your betting strategy or simply enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

Exclusive Features

The website Horse Racing doesn’t just provide a comprehensive schedule of today’s horse racing on TV. It also offers exclusive features to help you keep track of your favourite horses, trainers, and jockeys.

With automated alerts for when your favourites are running, you won’t miss a race even if you’re unable to watch it live.

Additionally, Horse Racing offers free access to exclusive previews and tips from experts in the industry that could give valuable insights into what might happen in upcoming races.

This is particularly useful if you’re new to the sport and want some guidance before placing a bet or picking a winner for an office sweepstake.

Free Access

For those looking for easy access to horse racing events on TV, there are a number of free listings and streams available. Many UK horse racing channels offer free-to-air coverage of major televised races, while online streaming platforms provide viewers with the opportunity to catch up on missed events or stream live races from anywhere in the world.

One such website is Horse Racing which provides exclusive features like automated alerts for racecards for today’s events as well as detailed statistics and odds previews.

Other options for finding free access include tuning into ITV4 where seven live races are usually covered every week.


In conclusion, finding out which horse racing is on TV today has never been easier thanks to the numerous TV channels and platforms that provide live coverage of major horse racing events.

With websites like Racing TV and ITV Racing Schedule, you can easily keep track of your favourite horses, jockeys, trainers, and races. Additionally, with free-to-air channels and online streaming platforms now available, you don’t have to miss a single race even if you’re away from your television set.


How can I find out which horse racing is on TV today?

You can check TV listings, both online and in print, to see what horse racing events are scheduled to be broadcasted on television.

What channels usually show horse racing on TV in the UK?

Channels that typically show live coverage of horse racing in the UK include ITV Racing, Sky Sports Racing, and Racing TV.

Will every race on a given day’s schedule be shown on TV?

Not necessarily, broadcasters may choose to only air specific races or events based on popularity or viewership potential.

Can I watch live horse racing online if it’s not being shown on TV?

Yes, many bookmakers offer live streaming services for customers with active accounts where they can use their platform and watch coverage directly from their website as well as from their mobile apps available for iOS and Android users. Additionally there are some third party streaming sites that also provide such service however caution should be taken when using them, checking legality & safety measures before making any decision is highly recommended.

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