i wish i wouldve found PLO sooner. i purposely put off playing it for many years because until recently all the places i knew that offered it had a min buy of $200 instead of $100, and i never felt like my roll was high enough to afford it. remember i always expect the worst to happen, so i want far more buyins than most people feel comfortable with, primarily because i dont get a check from the government like most people do, or any other form of steady income, or access to credit cards or assets which can be sold. or a method of borrowing. it was only when i started playing in places like TX or FL did i see how much lower the buyin is in some places. 

I will admit the virus has done wonders for poker players. unlike other people, they are not dependent on the economy to survive, and can never be laid off or fired so its the only occupation i can think of in which your income is 100% secure, and cannot be stopped. the games are finally beatable for the first time in years, because for years when i played poker, i was struggling to earn over $10 an hour, especially when trapped for so much of my life in $1-2 NL. and before that i was trapped in stud for another 10 years. 

the games are better because so many of the nits (basically older players) quit the game, and the most degenerate of us are still playing. or is it just that my game has tremendously improved with more experience? i think its just that democrats arent capable of being taught critical thinking skills. colleges discourage this, and ban anyone who thinks or believes differently and doesnt just parrot the PC axioms. and without being able to go against the grain u cannot win at poker

to win u must do the exact opposite of what the other players want u to. in fact u must play in a style that makes the entire community hate u. because u arent doing what they want u to do so they can win your money easier. the more you are hated the more u will win. and you will get far more action if u fold every hand and never get action yourself, because people stupidly think that if they bust u, u will get up and quit the table. when the truth is if u are losing all u will do is rebuy, and for much larger amounts than your initial buyin was. the ONLY way u will get up and quit the table is when u get ahead about $300 or so and then u will quit instantly because its hard to play your best when u have too much in front of u.

i think the only people at the table who are happy when i win are the dealers, because then they know theyll get a bigger sized tip which they can frame on their wall and post online. them, and the people who know ill immediately leave, and have been hoping i will anyway so the seat can be replaced by someone willing to donate far more money and play more pots. 

the biggest lie in poker is that u have to give action to get action. thats not true because i never give any, and yet get multiple callers every time im allin. and here they dont let u run it twice if theres more than 2 people in the pot, which i dislike. im used to being multiple people allin and still being able to run it twice. 

and the next biggest lies right behind it are u should always buyin for the max (which u shouldnt do until u are stuck) and that u should always straddle, which only causes u to pay far more in blind bets per orbit than your opponents do. 

but lets be honest. the main reason im doing better is simply because PLO is a much better game than NL is. people are already experts in NL, and know very little about omaha. and they think in omaha u are supposed to play more hands, and i wonder where they get these awful ideas?

in $1-2 NL, pots are tiny and the rake gets most of it. especially in florida. not so in $1-2 PLO or $2-2 PLO. there pots often reach over $1000. and when u win u get 4 to 1 on the money often instead of 2 to 1. 

im ashamed i wasted so much of my life playing too small, but what choice did i really have? most of my life my roll was between 6k and 15k and that just isnt enough for PLO. u need to be over 20k preferably alot more than that even.

i used to waste money alot too. the last time i was in florida i wasted a fortune on uber and lfyt. i dont do that anymore. i dont go and visit every cardroom in the area anymore, even if its a $30 or more Uber fee to go to and again to go back. i stay close to home. most of you were not around when i was in my 20s and 30s, and only joined up once i was over 40. but when i was that young i used to think i could get a woman to like me if i gave her money and turn her into my girlfriend. boy was i wrong on that. just a total waste. and i quit that years ago since now im way too old to attract a womans interest anyway. i never bother to try anymore. 

i do not keep any records and have zero evidence of what im making but i know in the last week i made over 3k, some of it from video BJ of course, but mostly 2 lucky sessions of poker. one of which was a $1200 win. thats a lot more a week than usual, but ive certainly seen nowhere in the USA games are as easy to beat as here in florida. i think its because of all the old and rich money floating around with Trump being nearby. there are an awful lot of wealthy people in town right now who just dont want to leave and return to where they came from because they have no freedoms there anymore. i guess its similar to why people want to cross the border from mexico. although here in FL theyre from Cuba and are much smarter politically than those crossing the border in TX. floridians know the dangers of socialism. 

 i wish i wouldve found PLO sooner. i purposely put off playing it for many years because until recently all the places i knew that offered it had a min buy of $200 instead of $100, and i never felt like my roll was high enough to afford it....