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Why Phil Mickelson Thinks LIV Teams Wouldn’t Want Rory McIlroy

Why Phil Mickelson Thinks LIV Teams Wouldn’t Want Rory McIlroy

Why Phil Mickelson Thinks LIV Teams Wouldn’t Want Rory McIlroy – originally posted on

The feud between golf titans Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy continues to stir up the golfing world. This rivalry recently erupted when Mickelson suggested that no LIV Golf team would be keen on having McIlroy, not because of his golfing talent, but due to the additional baggage that comes with him.

“No LIV Team Would Wants McIlroy and His BS”

McIlroy has had a rollercoaster of a season in 2023. He started strong with a victory in Dubai. However, he hasn’t quite lived up to his early season promise, subsequently putting up mixed performances. Despite this, he remains an icon in the golf industry, a beacon for the PGA Tour, and an advocate for an off-season.

McIlroy’s belief in an off-season revolves around the idea that the break would help players work on the technicalities of their game and clear their minds without the constant pressure of upcoming tournaments. His struggles seemed to resonate with many players, echoing a shared sentiment about the rigorous PGA Tour schedule.

However, Mickelson, a notable LIV Golf supporter, wasn’t shy to express his opinion on this. In a cheeky post on Twitter, he suggested that McIlroy, due to his need for an off-season, would be a perfect fit for LIV Golf. Yet, he continued to note, half in jest, that no team would want to “deal with all his bs.”

Mickelson’s tweet stirred the pot in a brewing feud that has been heating up the golfing world for some time. His move to LIV Golf, a new golf league funded by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, has sparked controversy and debate among golf enthusiasts and professionals alike.

An Ongoing Feud Between Golf Greats

The barbs exchanged between McIlroy and Mickelson are not new. Last year, McIlroy showed his disdain towards Mickelson with a sharp retort captured at the Tour Championship. The Irishman also openly criticized Mickelson’s comments about Saudi Arabia, calling them “naive, selfish, egotistical, and ignorant.”

Despite the ongoing feud, both golfers remain passionate about the game and devoted to their respective tours.  Meanwhile, the golf world watches and waits, anticipating the next round in this ongoing feud between two of the game’s greatest.

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