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Winter Care For Your Furry Friend

Winter Care For Your Furry Friend

As winter sets in with its colder and shorter days, it’s important to remember that dogs also feel the chill, especially puppies, senior dogs, and hairless breeds. Just like you, if you’re feeling cold, it’s highly likely that your furry companion is as well. To ensure your dog stays warm and comfortable this winter season, here are some valuable tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Winter Wardrobe

Don’t underestimate the significance of providing your dog with a quality winter coat, especially in colder regions of Australia. If your dog spends most of their time outdoors, it’s crucial to keep them wearing their coat consistently. This protective layer shields them from inclement weather and ensures their comfort throughout the winter season. Make sure the coat fits well without restricting their movement. PETstock have a wide variety of winter coats for your dog, browse for your dog’s new winter coat here. However, remember dog’s may overheat so it’s important to remove their coat if their environment is getting toasty!

Cosy Kennel or Shelter

For dogs that sleep outdoors or spend extended periods outside, it’s essential to provide them with a cozy and warm kennel as a refuge during harsh weather conditions. Opt for a raised kennel, positioned away from the general direction of wind and rain. Additionally, adding extra blankets or old jumpers will offer additional insulation for them to snuggle up to.

Managing Arthritis

Arthritis is a prevalent condition among dogs, especially senior ones, and its symptoms often worsen during winter due to the cold temperatures that can stiffen their joints. It becomes crucial to provide extra attention and care to your arthritic dog during the winter season. Alongside keeping them warm and ensuring their overall comfort, incorporating brief but regular exercise sessions can promote better mobility and alleviate their pain.

Heater & Fireplace Safety

It’s a simple yet often overlooked mistake: never allow your dog to get too close to an open fireplace or heater, as they are at risk of getting burned. Consider placing a protective screen in front of the heat source to create a barrier and prevent your dog from approaching it. Additionally, it’s crucial  to never leave your dog unattended near an open fire or heater, as accidents can happen. The heater may accidentally tip over, posing a significant fire hazard. 

Winter Grooming

When bathing your dog in winter, it’s essential to have towels or even a hairdryer on hand to thoroughly dry them afterward. If your dog is comfortable with it, using a hairdryer can help accelerate the drying process. Since dogs tend to develop thicker winter fur coats, regular brushing becomes crucial to prevent the formation of troublesome knots. 

Stay Visible On Walks

In line with our Autumn tips blog, it’s crucial to prioritise visibility during walks with reduced daylight hours. Whether it’s early mornings or evenings, make sure both you and your dog wear reflective or brightly coloured accessories to remain visible to passing traffic. 

Winter Wellness

Ensuring your dog receives nutritious meals throughout the year is essential for keeping them healthy and happy. Even during the less active winter months, it remains crucial to provide them with a complete and balanced diet. With Perfect Bowl, meeting this requirement has never been simpler. You can even enhance their winter dining experience by warming up their meals, offering them a hearty and satisfying winter feast. Shop Perfect Bowl meals here! If you are worried about your dog’s weight during winter, seek advice from your vet.

We trust that these tips will assist you and your beloved canine companion in navigating the chilly winter months. It’s crucial to remember that, despite their fur coat, dogs can still feel the cold. By prioritising their warmth and comfort, you can ensure a cosy and enjoyable winter season for both you and your dog.

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