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You Need Self-Care, Mama.

You Need Self-Care, Mama.

Can we be honest for a sec? Maybe you’re tired of hearing how you need to practice self-care. You are weary, just trying to get through the day. Who has time for self-care? What even is self-care? Maybe you haven’t thought about what you need in a very long time.

This is it, friend. This is the theme where it all comes together for you. It’s time to draw a line in the sand, believe that you matter and once and for all take care of YOU so you can take care of everyone else.

Our September box will be filled with products to help you practice self-care guilt-free, whether you’re just starting or already do this well. Also, for the entire month of September, we will do a super fun Self-Care BINGO together, which will be included in your box for you to hang up and follow along (with fun prizes!). Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Order anytime between August 1-31, boxes ship on or around September 4.

What’s inside:

  • Boxes ship FREE!
  • Boxes are full of products from small businesses + self-care tips and a curated Spotify playlist!
  • Custom-made, exclusive sticker of the month in every box!
  • Exclusive podcast episodes for subscribers only!
  • Private Facebook community for encouragement, sneak peeks, polls and more!

I Need Self-Care!

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