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Your Full Moon in Leo Moonscope February 5 2023

Your Full Moon in Leo Moonscope February 5 2023

full moon in leo

Your Full Moon in Leo Moonscope February 5 2023

The full Moon in Leo appears at 16 degrees of the sign of royalty, bedroom antics, creativity, standout moves, and stardom. Leos are a sign designed by nature to stand out. They become miserable when not allowed to express themselves in a way that allows them to do this. Or with anyone or anything that dulls that glow. So, this full Moon asks all of us who or what is preventing us from being seen. Leo Moon also reminds us that being the centre of attention or wanting to be that every once in a while is part of being here. And quite natural. 

Then there’s the other side to this Full Moon. Not everything that glitters is, in fact, gold. It can be brass trying to pass itself off as the 24-carat, hallmarked kind. That lover, that opportunity, even that friend who always has to be the center of attention and never shares the spotlight. That’s brassy behaviour. And there’s no point in trying to gild it. Claim your time to shine in a given area under this full Moon. And do watch for those who want to dull your glow or hog the spotlight for themselves.


This full Moon is best for the fire signs – you, Leo’s and Sagittarians. Do check to see if you have anything at 16 degrees of your sign. Or in Leo or Sag. Within a 1 degree orb. And if so, be insta-ready or simply ready to receive. It’s your lucked out and loved-up full Moon. Where you are extra open, playful, optimistic and at your most fun-living and romantic. 

Hopefully those around you reflect that vibe. Do be aware of what I said in the introduction. Jealousy can surface now. Or you discover you’ve been in the pursuit of fool’s gold as opposed to the real thing. That minor warning aside, be in the moment. Let go of worries of what others think. Radiate and you will attract. Your confidence should be at its peak so this is the perfect full Moon under which to swipe right, make that first move, say ‘I love you’ or showcase anything that makes you stand out from the crowd and which comes effortlessly to you. Fun should be your ultimate take out. And this includes doing what is fun for a living. Luck is all around you now. And is supercharged the more you put yourself ‘out there’ without a care.


Unlike the life and soul of the full Moon rave party of the Aries next door, your desires under this full Moon take you inward and towards appreciating home, family and strangely, personal development. This is more of a quiet, contemplative full Moon for you as it is in its ruling house. Also do look to your chart for anything at 16 degrees of your sign. If you are restless, dissatisfied with how you are living, insecure – do use this energy to address these issues in a practical way now.

How do you feel you deserve to be living? Or even where? Yes, you may find yourself appreciating what creates that sense of belonging or security in your life. Or else realise the corner stones to this are missing or need shoring up. What about your sense of place? Not just in terms of where you live but your place within your family? Are you happy with your role? Did you choose it or were you assigned it? Are you satisfied with your career? Again, this may touch on personal development. Is there a skill you need to study, learn more about that you need? Or even one which enables you to relate to those you love in a deeper and more resonant way? Emotional sharing is your love language under this full Moon. As could be food. While the Aries are out partying, entertaining at home or food with loved ones is far more your style.


Gaps in your knowledge? Got something to say? Bring projects to a key stage or completion under this full Moon. Is it time to push that launch button? The spotlight is on your ideas now. And being confident about them.

Showcase that message, find your platform. Also look to the unique way you see things, say things or communicate. Because your spin on something is what makes you stand out from the crowd and the competition. This is not a full Moon under which to be a ‘Yes’ person. Not if you don’t buy into or believe what someone else is peddling that is. 

Writing, speaking, learning, teaching, pitching, applying, designing, photography and all means of saying it and sharing it – especially the internet and social media, are your pointers to success. One conversation you’ve been having could lead to a big ‘yes’ of a different kind – the yes of an offer or agreement. Exams or tests may feature for some and if you are taking them, provided you remain focussed and don’t allow distractions to creep in, you should be pleased with your result. Just remember however, nothing is over until the fat lady (full Moon) sings. That means it’s not a done deal under it until it’s signed on the dotted line.


Strangely enough, this full Moon can put you in a competitive mood. You want to win. Not at all costs, obviously. But you are playing for keeps, Cancer. You want to emerge with the job, the offer, the answer you’re seeking. Or even the soul/personal validation. Above all, you need to know your efforts are appreciated and not in vain! 

This is the full Moon of earthly delights for you. Tell me more or rather gimme more, I hear you say! It’s a full Moon of appreciation, lavishness and yes, indulgences. Of splashing out and splurging if your budget allows. But only on the very best. You are not interested in gaudy or mere baubles. And as for fake? Forget it! It needs to be real and if it’s not, you won’t settle for anything else preferring to wait instead. By the way – this goes for love too. Those worldly pleasures include fine wines and dining, objects d’art, clothing made from tactic and sensual fabrics, perfumes to get lost in and anything which engages all your senses. You’ll go for quality over quantity. And bespoke or carefully crafted over mass production. The fact hardly anyone else has it just makes it far more desirable. And just remember as we’re talking self-worth – there is only one of you, Cancer. Remember that when thinking about giving yourself away.


What dulls your shine? Is it something outdated, lived out, worn out, Leo? I’m talking about more than just your wardrobe of course. This encompasses the entire stage set of your life. And those co-stars in your production. 

This full Moon is best for all fire signs – not just you but the Aries and Sagittarians too. You do need to check your chart now for anything at 16 degrees of Leo and also the others fiery friends. Include the asteroids in this and also the ascendant, descendant, IC, MC, vertex, nodes and prenatal eclipse points. If you are uncertain of these or what they mean then one of our astrologers can help you. If you do have anything at 16 degrees, expect a powerful peak which leads to a reinvention in some way. Of yourself or even a key relationship. Your desires and dreams need expression. Above all, ditch those filters, Leo. You honestly don’t need to serve anything but your authenticity now. And if someone is making you feel that’s never enough – that’s what’s gone beyond its use-by date now.


Time to search out meaning, peace of mind, or simply recharge and reboot. The full Moon in your 12th will highlight the need for this, Virgo. Many Virgos have Leo factors so check your chart for them especially at 16 degrees. What this full Moon does is send a searchlight to seek out the truth. Or highlight an area which needs your attention. There’s no escaping or denying what is illuminated by it. But as always, free will says its up to you what you do about it now you see it.

This is a fabulous full Moon under which to immerse yourself in creativity, research, hone those psychic skills, journal, paint, listen to music, explore the outer limits of your imagination, read uplifting or self-help books and tune into the vast web of possibilities the multiverse contains. Questions such as ‘What direction should I take?’, ‘What should I do?’ or even a simple ‘Why?’ can be asked and answered. Your higher self, your guides, angels, ancestors, God/dess, divine presence makes itself known. You’ll peer behind the veil of the obvious to discover the real meaning behind your life events. Don’t run from the truth, Virgo. It’s here to set you free.


Any residual restlessness left over from that protracted retro-cycle should now be channelled into goals and turning dreams into reality, Libra. This full Moon supercharges your social scene. So it is time to be ‘seen’ and connect both personally and professionally. Connect and reach out now as if networking were an Olympic event and you are determined to come back with gold! Strengthen those friendships and ties you have to others.

Above all, accept invitations to be out and about under this full Moon. Last minute invites, or those which take you out of your usual social mixology are especially favoured. But be confident in rejecting any where you feel you have to put on a front or be anyone but your genuine self. This full Moon is about kindred spirits and good times to share. In a carefree and free-flowing way without pretence or keeping up appearances. If you can’t be yourself in the company you keep then you need to change up that company. Don’t however waste this energy on those with whom you no longer feel a resonance with. And if you love the company you do keep, do understand that inclusivity means accepting that friends can have different viewpoints and opinions to yours, but you can still be friends. Embrace individuality and diversity and you set your future goals in motion.


Full Moons always call for fusion, Scorpio. Think of all the various ways fusion can be defined. As you are ruled by Pluto (which rules nuclear energy), then fusion can result in an incredible release of this. We talk of fusion when two ideas or people are aligned. Alchemy occurs when this happens. And change on a fundamental level as matter itself is transformed. Full Moons always call for fusion of two very different energies or emotional states/perspectives. Under a full Moon in your 10th, you may feel something very intensely, but have to draw on a different kind of response to what you would normally do. 

This may revolve around having to maintain a facade or keep your cool – this full Moon is in your house of career and public image. Or you may be dealing with people in positions of authority and this may require discretion rather than speaking your mind. Or simply someone may lose their cool and while you might feel like losing yours, you know deep down this would be counterproductive in the long term. A career matter may enter a key stage, you may be asked to suddenly reshuffle those priorities – and have little choice in the matter. Just remember, often a winner is a person who thinks one thing but knows when to say another. That’s you, Scorpio. Alchemically fusing two forces for a successful outcome.


Adventure, excitement. To preface Yoda: A Sagittarian wants these things. Especially during a full Moon in your wanderlusting 9th. With ruler Jupiter back in your 5th – which of course rules holidays as well as regular kinds of fun, pleasure and romance, something is calling you on a soul level. And this full Moon amplifies it. 

It could well be that trip you are planning to take. This full Moon can push/pull bringing up questions around taking that leap of faith, should you stay with what you know or go instead deeper into the mystery of what’s ‘out there’? You need a bigger experience, to expand your knowledge, to broaden your horizons. As well as a place that is calling, it could be that job, ambition, project or plan which could see you standing out or getting noticed. It could call for a roll of the cosmic dice on your part – to take a chance. Or to simply ignore that inner critic telling you that you can’t do it and go ahead anyway. It’s an unusual Sag who clings to home territory as you are the sign of the explorer and philosopher’s quest. But it can happen if we are told by caregivers growing up the world is a scary place and there be dragons. Whatever – or even whoever, calls under this full Moon, do answer by taking that first, key step on a larger journey. Ride the dragon, Sag.


What if change happened and it all turned out not just okay, but better than you could have possibly imagined? You are in the final weeks of Pluto at a late degree of your sign and ruler Saturn is also preparing for a shift. The full Moon in your 8th brings up an issue of necessary change. A transition or transformation that marks both an end of one cycle and a rebirth for you into the next. What we resist, persists. And Pluto and Saturn ready to change signs along with this powerful full Moon asks you no longer resist it. No matter how triggering it may be.

Know you are powerful, brave and fearless. Intention and integrity feature as these will ensure your best outcome. You may have to act as your own negotiator or advocate now. Money, what you owe or are owed in turn, your salary, emotional dynamics in intimate relationships, benefits, power plays, taxes, legacies, mortgages, loans, joint account and assets, aligning and separating, signing on the dotted line could feature. And there’s no putting it off under this full Moon, Capricorn. If someone or something has been holding you back, dulling your shine or keeping you confined to the outer limits where you don’t belong, this full Moon marks the point of setting things to rights.


Partners need an equal share of the spotlight – or is someone hogging it, Aquarius? Yes, it may be time to focus on your significant other, spouse, bae or boo. Or you may be in need of some good good lovin’ yourself under the full Moon in your 7th. And if so, do ask for what you need. No matter how close you are to someone they are not a mind reader. Do share your emotional state and ask the questions that gets the other party sharing theirs in return.

This can be a fabulous full Moon of togetherness or for date night. However, it can also bring that ‘in your face’ individual into focus. Just as it can highlight any imbalances in that cycle of give and take. You are now in a sensitive time when it comes to the future of partnerships of all kinds. Saturn in your sign should have made you more attuned to your long term needs. As well as looking realistically at the kind of connection that sees them met. It’s about to exit your sign for your 2nd of relationships which are ‘assets’ to you – and those which fall into the red. Throw in Pluto about to put you through the biggest makeover you will experience in this lifetime and this full Moon will show you who is on the emotional journey with you for the longer term – and who feels their own is far more important than yours.


Finding the right work, being the round peg in the right shaped hole, taking care of business and that includes the business of being well, are themes the full Moon in your 6th places front and centre for you, Pisces.

You are what you eat but you are not what you do. That’s the paradox contained within this full Moon. If you are defining yourself by your job title (or lack thereof), then it is time to look at yourself differently. You are vibrant, multi-faceted and all too beautifully alive and human! So, you should do whatever it is necessary to enhance your health, diet or daily routine. And while you are not your job or your employment status, you do need to focus on how what you do affects you. And whether you feel at the end of the day you have made that all important difference to someone or something. 

If you want to change your work (paid or unpaid), your habits and what you do every day, then you need to understand systems, details, schedules and being organised are your secrets to success. Take a one step at a time, methodical approach especially if you are keeping a lot of plates spinning right now. And know you can only accomplish so much in the time given. So long as its given your best.

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