Your New Moon in Capricorn Moonscope December 23 2022 – Manifest!

Your New Moon in Capricorn Moonscope December 23rd 2022

The year’s final new Moon appears in Capricorn just two days after the solstice and the Sun’s arrival in here. Like all new Moons, it is a good time to set our intentions for the coming season. And in this case, the coming year. It is brimming with possibility and magic. In Capricorn, the lunar energy lends itself to our career, our ambitions, and our abilities to be emotionally ready to step into our own definition of success. And to commit to this.

Some people make the mistake of believing this Moon is unemotional, cold, or detached. That simply isn’t true. This is the Moon of controlled emotions. Of seeing your emotional reservoir as a precious resource, you don’t waste it. This new Moon is about going back to your core truth what feels certain, true and strong. Yes, it is square Chiron the wounded healer, so we might get an epic, super fast lesson on how to heal our wounds, but also a reminder of how gifted we are for surviving them .


Astrological time is very different from calendar dates. So, in terms of those new year resolutions, this new Moon is the time to set any (I personally prefer the term ‘intentions’), and not January 1. Ambition is more than just working towards accolades and acclaim. It can be a personal milestone rather than a professional one we want to reach. And meet our definition of what success is rather than the one the world holds. So, do bear this in mind.

Tap into your core power, and your sacral (lower abdominal) chakra when thinking about what it is you wish to aim for. Does it resonate there? Do you feel a strength rising from it? What is your belief about achieving it? This is where your power comes from under this new Moon. And also sustains you over the long haul in getting there. You need to be fully committed. Your Tarot card for this new Moon is the 10 of Pentacles.

 It doesn’t just depict worldly success and achievement. You see the figure surrounded by family and even animals. Indicating this card is more about abundance in all its forms than simply money. So, when setting your sights higher, do make ‘abundance’ in all things your definition of success, Aries. This new Moon adds that all-important emotional ingredient without which success is merely just a word and not a feeling.


You resonate with a new Moon in a fellow earth sign, Taurus. That whole foundation/establishment vibe of the one in Capricorn and your 9th, is about emotional breathing room for you. During Pluto’s long-term stay in here, how have you been exploring the many forms for you this could take? And what have you been doing to create this?

This is the last call for rebooting or stepping into something as yet brilliant but undefinable for you. This Moon asks for you to take a big emotional step out of that comfort zone and into unknown territory. But to know the rewards outweigh the risks. This is your new Moon of knowing, learning, and launching. And to launch you need a launch pad. A home port. That’s what you should have been using this Pluto transit to build. Did you? This may not be material but simply emotional as in your emotional foundations and knowing what direction is right for you is so strong you feel the fear but do it anyway. Something bigger is calling you now. Ask yourself if not now then when? The moment is now, not the New Year, and certainly not in 6 months, a year or ten. That’s someday, which never arrives. Today is your time. 3-2-1 – lift off, Taurus!


You’ve just a few more weeks of living with Mars grinding your gears and spinning your wheels as it retrogrades in your sign. It rules your 8th where this new Moon appears along with Pluto of course. So, this is about your money, salary, benefits, shared assets and resources, taxes, investments, loans, shares, mortgages, and yes, sex. Or lack thereof. Mars retrograde along with this new Moon can stir up frustrations in this area of your sexual self is not getting well – enough. 

Just how much is enough when it comes to sex and money are questions this new Moon gently coaxes to the surface for you. It may not be time to act – yet, due to Mars backward, it is time to look deeper into these areas. And remove the emotional sting, guilt, taboo or shame from them. We may, for instance, be ashamed of our true financial situation and hide this from others – including our partners. Or we have deep wounds around our sexuality – which is simply part of our human emotional expression, which needs healing. Pluto is the great transformer and wants things clean for you. From poison to love potion. If you need to – do seek our professional help with this. This new Moon promises healing, change and dragging something out of the shadows for you to bring the healing power of soul-searching light to it. Do it and be free of it – for good, Gemini. 


Of course, the new Moon in your 7th is one of the most important to you of the year, Cancer. Right up there with the new Moon in your sign as it marks the start of a new phase when it comes to those double acts, duets, and dynamic and dramatic duos. This new Moon signifies a fresh start or new beginning in an existing union or for some of you, a brand new relating experience.

Pluto has been transforming you, and your attitude towards partnerships, and intensifying your knowledge of what you want and need from any long-term connection. Now is the time to put all this to good use. You may be exploring this newly single as part of an existing partnership or in search now of that other half who can forge that transformation process for you. Don’t forget, and this includes that business, collaborative or working relationships. That friendship opens you to fresh emotional experiences or any being that offers well.

Pluto has been showing you that this begins within you – your partnership with yourself leads to increased self-knowledge. Yes, another quote ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?’. We give love to others in direct proportion to self-love and above all, self-knowledge of our needs. You are the starting point from which all love experiences flow and return to you, Cancer. That’s where you begin under this new Moon.


Do the terms ‘Dry January’ and ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ see your soul leaving your body? Let’s face facts, Leo. No matter your intentions they conjure up feelings of deprivation, denial, and short rations somewhere. Of treadmill routines and lots of kale. I’m not for one moment saying these things may not be 1: good for you or even 2: necessary. But you need to keep in mind that nobody can stick to anything so austere over the long term and that most often the result of deprivation – especially around something you love, will be extremes. So, let’s simply not go there, okay? 

Ahead of 2023, the new Moon in your 6th is when you should look not at resolutions, but at long-term and workable lifestyle adjustments which elevate, energise and support you – mind, body, and soul. This is your time to initiate these. Realistically, just after any holiday ho-ho-ho-ing has taken place. Because honestly, that’s not what this time should be about. Work that works for you. Simple changes to those habits that hand you more time and energy. 

Make different choices rather than consigning yourself to an unrealistic, prison-system regimen of dieting which doesn’t take into account all other factors. And above all, blocking those energy drains, which may be more complex, numerous, and impactful than you may think. Too much time on devices before bed can interfere with sleep for instance. That connection who when their name comes up on your screen you feel your energy level plummet but your conscience won’t allow you to hit ‘Ignore’. Too many ready meals or take outs which fill a hole but never really leave you feeling fuelled up– and also strangely tired. That’s where you start. Probably right after that Boxing Day turkey curry buffet, Leo. Don’t wait for New Year and don’t start in a mindset of austerity and denial. Instead, start living better.


Who wrote the book of love? Was it that new Moon above in your 5th house, Virgo? What are your love or creative goals for ‘23? The gift you are giving yourself under the new Moon’s influence here, is the permission to pursue them, capture them or live them for real. 

This is a new Moon of creation, luck, pleasure, and sensual self-expression. And hopefully having someone or being with those who allow you to do this. A word of warning with this, however – ruler Mercury in retroshadow in here and about to switch to full on retro. So, going back over those past love chapters, reviving old creative ambitions and re-exploring what hands you joy, passion and that unbearable lightness that occurs when we are not just in the flow – we become the flow!

On with the new and revive something old that shows you its heart has kept beating for you all along. Falling back in love with your current boo, or even just with a hobby or past passion outlet. Some of you could believe in love after love again as this new Moon could just heal that broken heart, see you try again to break into a field you were aiming for, or simply have you falling in love with your own life for ‘23. Written in the moon above you this 23 December, Virgo.


The new Moon on the 23rd appears in its ruling house for you. This can set you off on a fresh direction when it comes to your career or purpose, see you moving out and away from living in someone’s shadow, or lead you towards a new home or lifestyle.

Some of you may be contemplating what family means to you. And also whether you want to spend this time next year with yours! Or of course, there may be no one and no place you’d rather be. This new Moon is a fabulous one for planning on making changes to your current home or defining what you need in a future one in the coming year ahead. 

What have you already established for yourself that sustains you and provides you with that all-important sense of security? Now it is time to build on that. But to also take a pragmatic approach to this. Look at where you find yourself and what and who surrounds you. And also whether you have found yourself here out of choice or family pressure/expectations with a touch of guilt as a side order dulling that glow? If its the latter, yes, do use this period to honestly acknowledge some adulting on your part may be needed now. Time to bring it all on home, Libra.


Is someone like a broken record this festive season, Scorpio? Or is it you on replay? What were you saying or promising yourself this time last year about what you wanted to change by now? And have you? Or was it all planning and talk but here you are again – same conversation, same place, same wrapper, same Christmas chocolate?

This new Moon appears in your 3rd of neighbours, siblings, ideas, communication, and the internet. Yes, many of you may have a neighbourly celebration or gathering with siblings or other family. You may have returned to familiar territory as in your childhood home. But is something on repeat now that’s a  conversation you need to change? Or do you find yourself returning to that idea you had this time last year around what you intended to do or how things might loom different?

The good news around this new Moon is that all the retro energy which occurs at the same time is your gift from which new beginnings and follow through on old intentions can actually happen, Scorpio. It’s all thanks to ancient ruler Mars still retro in ts ruling 8th and Mercury, which rules your 3rd, in retroshadow in here. So, what you return to you now recommit to. No talk but all follow-through. If you truly want a different scenario or conversation by this time next year, you now have a second chance to start it.


Cashed up with that rich feeling or dreading opening that banking app, Sag? Where has your hard work and generosity of spirit led you this year? Hopefully, into the black and not the red. There’s more than one kind of rich and that’s what enriches your life on an emotional level. The people in your life, the experiences you have, the freedom to have them – that’s abundance and prosperity. And this is what the new Moon in your 2nd connects you to. Being emotionally rich. More than what money simply buys you. So, do focus on whether what you do or how you spend your money hands you these. It’s not about the stuff. Or it can be.

Pluto has re-forged your value system and your relationship to your money and what it buys you for over a decade now. This time is now coming to an end. This new Moon also coincides with Mars retrograde in your 7th and Mercury in retroshadow in your 2nd. Love is the ultimate asset in our lives. When we feel loved up we feel rich beyond measure. So, do look to those connections which give you this. Be it that partner, that priceless friendship, that work alliance. And also the ones where you seem to spend what is most valuable to you – caring, your time, your emotional support or even your money too, and look to whether you get the return on your investment that’s equal. If not, reinvest elsewhere for the future, Sag. New avenues to prosperity may spring from old ideas now.


The new Moon in your 1st appears at 1o of your sign, so will bring especially powerful new beginnings for those of you with chart aspects between 0-2 degrees. Do check your chart or if you are unsure, check with one of our astrologers. However, for all sea goats out there this marks the astrological start of your fresh cycle. One that will see Pluto begin to end its long-term soul forging process in your sign and ruler Saturn add weight to your words as it moves into your 3rd.

You do begin this new year with Mercury in your 1st in retroshadow and days away from moonwalking backward. So, think of relaunches and reboots. Or simply taking the time to mark or celebrate those achievements, recharge and then aim for a whole set of new ones. Many of you may also be looking at your on line profile or brand, style, the impression you create and the visual message you give out. 

If it’s time for an update you will make decisions around this over the coming month. Cappy. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to grab a bargain with Mercury retro around. It may not turn out to be that over the long term. And as for your theme – well, you are a work in progress for the next six weeks. Don’t be in too much of a hurry with that process. February sees you knowing how you want to be. Wait to redefine your emotional, spiritual and literal style – and what you really want to go for next. 


Your new year doesn’t start until the Sun and New Moon are in your 1st. The new Moon in your 12th sends you deep into the waters of spiritual truth when it comes to what new beginnings you initiate from the end of January onwards. So, up until then, plan and explore in your mind rather than initiate, Aquarius. 

Many of you will be embracing the spirit of gratitude this holiday season which this new Moon can trigger. It connects you to all you have in your life which may be intangible but exists. The treasure within in other words. And in showering the spirit of gratitude on those people, experiences, emotional truths, knowledge, wisdom, love – you set yourself up to see what holds you back effortlessly dissipate to clear the way for the new over the coming month.

Try a 30 day negativity cleanse and see where you are in a month, Aquarius. I know people who have tried this who have had astounding results. Don’t focus on what you what, instead, look to the past and what every relationship or experience has taught you. Even if it was negative. This isn’t about forgiving someone for hurting you or doing you harm. It is about seeing how the experience shaped you. ‘I deserved something better.’ isn’t letting someone off the hook. But it does release you from any past ties and tells the universe – lesson learned. Keep a journal to keep track of the process. And by the time the Sun and new Moon are in your sign – prepare to be astounded at what is already knocking on your door impatient to enter.


The new Moon, which sets your social scene and determines your goal direction for the year is the one that appears in your 11th of friendships and the future. Maybe for you, the holidays is most meaningful when spend with kindred spirits – or a mix of these and family. 

Old souls and old goals feature. Old friendships can be renewed – not from a sense of sentimentality but from a place of continued resonance as you realise these people are part of your journey. Mercury is in retroshadow in here at the time this new Moon appears. So, expect reconnections and reunions, which take you on into ‘23. 

Social life lacklustre? Only you can determine if it changes. Yes, this time of year can throw the light on loneliness. Or even the worst kind of feeling alone. We can be in relationship and surrounded by others, but if we feel they don’t ‘get’ us, that is worse than actually being alone. If the new Moon brings up issues around this, please know you have the power to change this but if you are alone this is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. You may, however have chosen the wrong company in the past. And the good news is now you get to choose anew.

A goal you allowed to lapse could also return – reforged and refined, and you realise you should never have stopped pursuing the dream in the first place. Just consider for a moment if you find yourself in this situation whether the timing before was right? It may be more to do with that than any lack on commitment on your part. If you do reclaim the belief in your ability to have and achieve it, under this new Moon know that this time nothing is going to stop you from getting it. It’s a nice feeling to end one year on and enter a new one. Don’t stop believin’, Pisces. You are a most magical being.

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Your New Moon in Capricorn Moonscope December 23rd 2022 The year’s final new Moon appears in Capricorn just two days after the solstice and the Sun’s arrival in here. Like all new Moons, it is a good time to set our intentions for the coming season. And in this case,...