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Your Skin Is Fresh As F*ck: Pound Cake’s CEO F*cks With Vaseline The Long Way

Your Skin Is Fresh As F*ck: Pound Cake’s CEO F*cks With Vaseline The Long Way

Deon Libra’s Your Skin Is Fresh As F*ck gets into the skincare adventures and routines of some of the dopest humans across all industries, from all hoods.

We kicked it with Camille Bell, our good sis in beauty and the CEO of Pound Cake, to talk about her fresh ass skin. She may not consider herself a skincare G.O.A.T., but when it comes to her own routine, she knows what the f*ck’s going on.

When did you realize that it is important to take care of your skin?

During my freshman year at Temple University, I had a friend who worked at Aveeno in Center City, in Philly. I always got compliments on my skin, and she was like, What’s your skincare routine? And I was like, Oh, I just use a bar of soap on my face like Dove. And she was like, Camille! She hit my arm and said that it was terrible and that I should never use a bar of soap on my face. So she bought me all of this stuff and was like, Moisturize your face and have this cream and that cream.

So as I continued throughout college and started experimenting with makeup, I was like, Well, I definitely need to make sure that I’m washing all of the makeup off of my face so that it doesn’t clog my pores. And that was the first person to get in my ass about that.

How would you describe the feeling of using your first skincare product after switching it up?

I felt rich. I was going from using a Dove bar. And recently, I’ve seen Dove campaigns, and they’re like, Our bars of soap are safe on your face. But the first time I got a regular face scrub from my friend, I felt luxurious because it was a premium product. You had to go to the mall to get that. I was getting my Dove bar soap at the Rite Aid across from my dorm. But yeah, I felt right.

What can’t your skin live without?

Any good moisturizer. It’s interesting. My skin type is oily and dry. As interesting as it sounds, it gets oily during the day whether I have on makeup or not. However, if I wash my face and don’t moisturize it (I wash my face and dry it with a towel or let it air dry), my skin will be dry. I have to put the moisture back in. I try a lot of things, but I haven’t found a moisturizer that I need to re-up on. But there is one serum. It’s the cocokind ceramide barrier serum. I got a lot of compliments when I started using it earlier this summer.

What skincare product or tool would you say, “F*ck it.” to?

The light thing that people put on their faces, like the red LED light. Yeah, I didn’t personally see that it worked for me. Some people swear by it, but that is definitely something that I ditched. It just did not work for me.

Who do you consider to be a skin god?

I feel like, shit, Dev’s skin. It’s always looking like… Shit is always glowing. But besides Dev, do you know who seems like they have really good skin? She looks really moisturized. SZA. When she takes selfies and stuff, she looks pretty moisturized to me. Just like, glowing and healthy.

Dry or oily?


Glow or matte?


Physical exfoliant or chemical exfoliant?


Beat face or bare face?

Beat face.

Lip gloss or lipstick?


Gua sha or jade roller?

Jade roller.

Eye patches or under-eye gel?

Under-eye gel.

Hands or face brush?

I like my hands. Yeah, hands.

Pop it or pimple patch?

Pop it.

Wax or thread?


Camille’s Skincare Routine

Youth To The People | Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser



Farmacy | Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm



oil to milk cleanser | Microbiome-Nourishing Face Wash



aha jelly cleanser | Clarifying Face Wash



Clinique | 7 Day Face Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula



Vaseline® | Healing Jelly


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