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7 Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget + 10 Picks for Best Patio Budget Buys!

7 Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget + 10 Picks for Best Patio Budget Buys!

Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Walmart and LTK. All opinions are 100% my own. Find our disclosure policy here for more information. 

Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

7 Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Will Love

+ 10 Picks for Best Patio Budget Buys!

I have a very small backyard, and I like to stay on a budget when it comes to designing it. I am always on the hunt for small patio ideas on a budget. Over the years I have collected many, and as a result put together this list of 7 Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget from those experiences. It has taken me years to figure out some tricks to save big on my small patio decorating ideas, without compromising on design, and these are some of the tips I have learned over time.

Some of my very favorite small patio decorating ideas on a budget start by looking on Walmart. I am always able to refresh my outdoor space on a budget by doing this, without committing to a full overhaul. Walmart has everything I need to perk my backyard space up, and it is so convenient to have it delivered right to my front door.

Before we get into our favorite tips for Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget – check out these current 10 items you can get for under $30 each on Walmart (starting at under $5), to refresh your patio. You do not have to do a full patio makeover to get that look you want for the summer in your outdoor space. These 10 picks all pack alot of design punch for the price!

Our 10 Favorite Picks for Best Patio Budget Buys 2023!

If you grabbed everything on this list, it comes to just under $200 before taxes. That means you could put together a beautiful patio refresh easily for $100 to $200 depending on what you choose to add.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Here are some more of my favorite small patio decorating ideas on a budget, that you can adopt and use with your style. Use them to refresh your space to entertain in, or just relax in your own outdoor sanctuary. One of my favorite things to do each summer, is create a space outdoors I can enjoy all summer long, and this is how I do it.

1 – Define your space with an umbrella

Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

This is one of the most budget friendly ways to define a sitting area outdoors, as well as create some shade to keep you comfortable. Its perfect for creating a lounge area or dining area. You can do it without having to hire someone to set up or build a structure too. Plus, you can often find some super deals on umbrellas, like these ones starting at under $30.

Add some umbrella lighting to them, and you will want to enjoy yours well into the evenings.

2 – Further define spaces with outdoor rugs

I love to use outdoor rugs to add a warmth to my outdoor spaces, as well as define a seating area. They are also one  of the best ways to start adding design and color to your outdoor space. Use more than one rug to define multiple outdoor areas (like dining or lounging areas).

These do not have to cost a fortune either, check these ones out for just $15.97 each!

3 – Add Fire & Water Elements

tabletop propane fire pit

I got this table top one on Walmart for my kids to make smores with!

Adding fire and water to your patio space will take it to that next level. The sound of a trickling fountain can be so calming. I love watching birds come drink from my birth bath.

Fire is great for warmth, ambiance and even roasting smores around in the evening. Both of these things will help you enjoy your outdoor space even more this summer.

Some budget friendly ideas for adding fire to your small patio space –

The most budget friendly way to do this generally, is to add a table top fire pit, or a wood burning fire pit. There are so many options these days that you can usually find something perfect for any size patio area.

You can also add a wood burning firepit for as little as $27.99, with this option here.

Propane Fire Table

I love to use a propane firepit that has a cover, so that it can double as a table when you are not using the firepit. It really is the best of both worlds this way, and the perfect budget friendly option for small outdoor spaces.

If you are looking for a propane fire pit, which is what I have in my backyard, my favorite pick right now is this Better Homes and Gardens one for just $127!

solar powered water fountain

For a simple and affordable water fountain, start by grabbing a bird bath and then add a solar powered fountain to it. I love the sound of trickling water in my backyard, and you do not have to spend a fortune to get it.

Patio Decorating Ideas Don’t forget to light up that umbrella!

4 – Lighting is Key! My favorite small patio decorating idea.

Lighting is one of the most affordable things you can use to add the wow factor to your small patio spaces in my opinion. It makes those spaces come alive at night, and you will use it so much more than you would if you have had no lighting in it. It can really make your small space feel like you are on vacation some place special! Here are some of my favorite budget friendly lighting options to use, to make small patio spaces come alive after dark.

String lights are my favorite, and you can find super deals on them with these ones for just $13.97

If you do not have an outdoor electrical outlet, do not worry! Solar lights and battery lit candles on a timer will be your best friends. These Mainstay Battery Lit Candles on Walmart are some of my favorites. They are solid, throw off alot of light for battery lit candles, and have a 5 hour timer on them. I set mine to come on at 8pm each night, and they are glowing in my backyard, well past when I go to sleep.

I also love to use solar lights for pathway lights. This set of 6 solar powered pathway lights for just $4.97 is one of the most budget friendly ways to light up a path you will find ( I mean it is just $0.83 cents per light)!

Edison bulb solar lantern

These Edison bulb solar lanterns are some of my favorites for adding great style to your yard. I use these in planters, and they add such a beautiful ambiance to the garden or patio areas.

Solar powered flickering flame light torches are what I have in my yard to line pathways, and I love them. They add such a beautiful ambiance when I walk down the pathway to my front door in the evenings.

5 – Decorate outdoors, like you would indoors

Outdoor cushions for $5

Use Pillows and cushions – this is such a fun and affordable way to add both comfort and style to your outdoor spaces.

I am thrilled with the pop of color these outdoor throw pillows added to my weathered rocking bench. I got all 4 of them for under $20 ($4.97 each) on Walmart here.

Pioneer Woman Melamime dishes

I also love how versatile they are, as you can see how I use them on my patio chairs for a pop of color too. They have to be about one of the very best deals to update your outdoors with a pop of color. I added in this Pioneer Woman Table Runner to dress up my firepit/table with.

Outdoor table set with pioneer woman dishes

Set your table. I love to use Melamine so I don’t have to worry about the dishes breaking outdoors. Plus, there are so many beautiful options, like this set from the Pioneer Woman (the full set is under $30)!

6 – Add a Container Garden

You do not have to have tons of space to add a garden to your patio. Use containers to start adding flowers and plants you love. Herbs are affordable and a great way to add greenery to your back yard (and they do not take up much space), if you are just starting.

Better Homes and Gardens Rattan Raised Planter

I love to add container gardens to my small outdoor spaces, as I can build on them as I can afford more flowers, and they just add so much beauty to your space. I have included this Better Homes and Gardens Raised Planter in my top 10 list above, as it is a super value at size and price, for under $30.

One money saving tip here is to shop for perennial plants, so they will come back each year. That way the next year, you will have flowers returning that you do not have to go out and buy again. One of my very favorites are Hydrangeas. They add so much beauty, are fairly easy to care for, and you can get a 2 gallon pot of them for under $30 here, which is a great price!

decorating your patio

Create different heights for visual interest with your potted plants, and think outside of the box too.

I have showed a couple of examples of how you can style this planter. Use it as a standard planter, or add some architectual interest to your garden by stacking something on top of it. The idea is to be creative, and think outside of the box! This one might be a bit controversial, but I sometimes even mix a few faux plants in with my real ones. It just makes maintenence easier – and again – think outside of the box for your garden. Your imagination is your only real limit.

7 – Outdoor Furniture Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune

When it comes to furnishing your small space, going big can really work great. think about one large piece of furniture, instead of a bunch of small ones. I love this backyard swing that lets you change out adult swings with kids one – so every one is heppy, depending on who is using the back yard!

Macrame chair swing for the backyard

Consider buying or building a Wooden Swing Set that can double as an adult set with these macrame chairs on Walmart, or change them out with kids swings when they want to play! You can generally find the Macrame Chairs for under $40 too!

These Hammock Chairs are another idea for smaller spaces, and so fun, plus only $29.99! I added one to my backyard when my son was young, and would take him out many evenings to read a bedtime story in it. It is such a special memory for me, and we just loved ours.

8 – Splurge on a little luxury

Here are a few ideas for some splurge items you can add to your small outdoor patio space, to make it feel more luxiourious. Even though these are splurge items, we found them at some very reasonable prices on Walmart right now.

Intex Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tubs!

This is my number one pick, as it is something really special to add to a small patio area to take it over the top. I bought my Intex Inflatable Hot Tub on Walmart, and love it. It has added so many relaxing nights for me, or fun evenings for my kids to our backyard. Although it is a what I would call a splurge item, it is still will cost you less than what many people spend on redoing their patios if you shop smart. For example, Walmart currently has this Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub on sale for just $398 – a great price to add a hot tub to your back yard.

Grill, griddle or Outdoor Pizza Oven!

These popular Blackstone ones, will turn your small outdoor patio area into a second kitchen to make meals on hot summer days. They even carry pizza ovens, which are so fun to use year round.

Now all that is left is to sit back and enjoy your newly refreshed outdoor space. It will make entertaining and relaxing all summer long so much better with these small patio decorating ideas. Check out this Walmart+ Free Trial offer too, if you want to get it all shipped to your for free!

7 Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget + 10 Picks for Best Patio Budget Buys! is a post from Thrifty NW Mom

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