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Best eSIM Dubai: compare, buy online, and travel connected

Best eSIM Dubai: compare, buy online, and travel connected

With a sunny-weather, all year around and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Dubai has it all. Breathtaking skyscrapers, world-class attractions and beautiful beaches, everything any travelers is looking for. Getting an internet connection at this destination is something you can’t forget. We want you to share every second of this trip and so we want to show you the best eSIM for Dubai, your best option for a seamless adventure.

eSIMs, also known as embedded SIMs, are digital SIM cards that are incorporated in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices. They work the same as regular SIM cards, are easy to get and will help you to avoid paying high roaming rates abroad. Unlike standard SIM cards, eSIMs can be remotely delivered to you, making switching carriers and plans simple. eSIMs offer you additional security and are becoming more popular, while compatibility varies by device and area.

We want to give all the necessary information for you to make the best decision for you to get the best internet connection abroad. Continue reading to find out everything there is regarding the best eSIM Dubai.

Does eSIM work in Dubai?

Yes, eSIM technology is accessible in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Several UAE cellular network operators provide eSIM services, which allow users to activate eSIMs on compatible devices.

To use an eSIM in Dubai, you’ll need a device that supports eSIM capabilities, such as certain smartphone, wristwatch, or tablet types. You should also check with your cellular network operator in Dubai to see if they offer eSIM services and if your device is compatible with their eSIM offering.

It’s important to note that eSIM compatibility varies between devices and cellular network operators, so check the specific criteria and availability with your preferred operator in Dubai before purchasing a device or activating an eSIM plan.

Using your phone abroad. Source: Pexels.

Important Dubai eSIM card information

You have to keep in mind that eSIMs are pretty new on the market, and even though their popularity is growing exponentially among travelers and locals, there are still many devices and several requirements that have to be met to be able to use an eSIM for Dubai.

Device Compatibility

Check to see if your device supports eSIM. Most recent smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets support eSIM, but verify the specifications or contact the device manufacturer to confirm.

eSIM Activation

Check with your preferred cellular network operator in Dubai to see if they offer eSIM services. Holafly offers a seamless activation process from anywhere in the world! Different operators may have different eSIM activation requirements and processes. To begin the eSIM activation process, you may need to visit their physical store or contact their customer support. Remember that you’ll need a prior internet connection for the activation.

Email and Address

You must have an active email address and some providers ask for a physical address. This could be your hotel address where you’re staying.

Cellular eSIM card providers for travel to Dubai

Pros, cons and data plans from eSIM providers for travel to Dubai


Advantages of Holafly’s eSIM for Dubai:

  • Effortless activation and set up.
  • Connect to the best network in Dubai.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number.
  • 24/7 customer service from Holafly’s support team in several languages.
  • Top-up the eSIM you have already installed whenever you need to extend your plan.

Disadvantages of Holafly’s eSIM for Dubai:

  • No calls or talk-time.
  • No SMS.
  • No data sharing.


Advantages of Truphone eSIM

  • 4G & 5G speeds available at most destinations.
  • Coverage in over 130 countries.
  • Use both the Truphone eSIM and your domestic SIM Card.
  • 4G & 5G speeds available at most destinations.

Disdvantages of Truphone eSIM:

  • Only offers plans with a duration of 30 days and 1 day.
  • You cannot purchase through their website, only through their APP; you need to register.
  • The app not available worldwide.


Advantages of Alo SIM eSIM

  • Customers can have various profiles on a single device
  • Alo SIM offers a user-friendly app that enables consumers to remotely manage their eSIM.

Disadvantages of Alo SIM eSIM

  • Compatibility is limited
  • Depending on the region, the quality and coverage may vary.
  • Pricing may vary, and when comparing them to other options.

Comparison of eSIM providers for Dubai

Provider Data Days Price Support Sales channels
Holafly 6 GB 15 $49 USD Multilanguage Web
Truphone  1GB 1 $10.00 English Play Store, App Store
Truphone  2GB 30 $20.00 English Play Store, App Store
Truphone  3GB 30 $5.00 English Play Store, App Store
Truphone  5GB 30 $35.00 English Play Store, App Store
 Alo SIM 1GB 7 $8 USD Website Play Store, App Store
 Alo SIM 2 GB 15 $15 USD Website Play Store, App Store
 Alo SIM 3 GB 30 $21 USD Website Play Store, App Store
 Alo SIM 5 GB 30 $32 USD Website Play Store, App Store
 Alo SIM 10 GB 30 $50 USD Website Play Store, App Store
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the Internet in Dubai.

Perks and Features of eSIMs for Travel to Dubai

Tourists taking a picture. Source: Unspalsh

Knowing the advantages offered by these virtual cards is essential when buying your eSIM. Keep this information in mind so that you know when comparing and deciding how you want to connect to the internet abroad. Most eSIM cards only come with data included, no calls, no text messages. If you wish to talk to your friends and family, it’s best to use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or maybe skype.

Some eSIM cards will automatically configure an APN for you. If your device supports dual SIM, you can keep your local SIM and avoid changing it when traveling to Dubai. Remember to configure your cell phone to avoid unexpected charges.

Local Cellular operators offering eSIM in Dubai


Etisalat provides a variety of cellular plans, including both prepaid and postpaid choices. Voice calling, SMS messaging, and data are common features of these plans. They may provide many plan levels with variable benefits like as increased data allotment, international calling minutes, and more features. Additionally, they also offer eSIM.

You can transfer from a SIM to an eSIM going to an Etisalat store and the staff will assist you with the transfer. If you already have an eSIM you can transfer it from one iPhone to a new one, get a new number and a new eSIM and from an old number. Go to their website and follow the steps. You’ll be good-to-go in no time!


du is also a local carrier in Dubai that offers data plans, and packages that include calls, texts and data. Nonetheless, there’s also eSIM options to go for. If you’re an existing customer, you can get an eSIM for your old number and if you’re a new customer you can also get a new eSIM. Keep in mind that there are one-time fees as stated below:

  • From a normal SIM to an eSIM: AED 20.
  • New Prepaid Subscriber: AED 55.
  • Subscribing to a new Postpaid plan: AED 125.

Data coverage map for traveling to Dubai

We want you to also keep in mind the coverage areas provided by local providers in Dubai. This is important in case you’re going to places far away from the urban areas. This is to offer you with a complete picture when purchasing your eSIM, given that a low-cost virtual SIM card may not provide adequate coverage around Dubia you intend to travel.

Keep in mind that the best eSIMs in Dubai are those with the most roaming agreements. In this case, Etisalat and Du have the best coverage in Dubai.

To give you an idea, the coverage maps for each of these operators are provided below.

Coverage map of Etisalat operator in Dubai

Coverage map with Etisalat in Dubai. Source:

Coverage map of the Du operator in Dubai

Coverage map with du in Dubai. Source:

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Dubai

Can I use my own data plan in Dubai?

It is determined by your cellular provider and the roaming agreements in place. Some international carriers provide roaming services in Dubai, but it’s best to check with your carrier ahead of time to understand the availability, coverage, and any additional charges associated with using your home country’s cellular data plan in Dubai.

Are there specific requirements to purchase and activate a local SIM card in Dubai?

To buy and activate a local SIM card in Dubai, you must normally present a valid passport and visit a cellular network operator store or authorized merchant. Depending on the individual legislation in effect at the time, certain retailers may require extra documents, such as proof of residency.

Can I use an eSIM to connect to the internet in Dubai?

Yes, eSIM tech is available from both local providers and international operators, for example, both Etisalat and du offer eSIM services. Additionally, Holafly, Truphone and Alo SIM offer eSIMs to stay connected in Dubai.

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