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Early Super Bowl Bets Are Flying for Ohio Sports Betting

Early Super Bowl Bets Are Flying for Ohio Sports Betting

The calendar may still read June, but that doesn’t mean that Ohio sports betting proponents aren’t fired up for the fall to get here. There’s no question that football is quite popular throughout the state, especially with the Cincinnati Bengals being one of the top teams in the league. It figures to be a major year for this team and folks are excited. With that said, early Super Bowl bets are flying for Ohio sports betting.

As you might have been able to guess, the Bengals are the popular pick. According to a report, the state has seen a spike in Super Bowl futures picks. This makes sense, as the Bengals have plenty of people talking during their OTAs. The excitement for the season is only going to keep on growing as we inch closer to training camp in late July.

The Bengals reached the Super Bowl two years ago, but they suffered a close loss to the LA Rams. Then last season, the Bengals faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, giving Patrick Mahomes and Co. issues from start to finish. However, the Chiefs not only were able to sneak by the Bengals in that game, but they then went on to beat the Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy.

Looking ahead to this season, though, plenty of people are high on the Bengals to get the job done. Per the best-rated sportsbooks, which includes the reliable Bovada review, the Bengals hold +1000 NFL betting odds to win the Super Bowl. Those are the No. 4 odds, as Cincy is behind Kansas City, Buffalo and Philadelphia. Throughout the summer, though, bets are going to keep on going strong on the Bengals.

Ohio sports betting has been a massive success thus far

In addition to the NFL wagers, it’s important to remember that Ohio sports betting has been a massive success thus far. The projections for the state have been smashed already. There’s a good chance that we could see the revenue for Ohio top $1 billion soon. This is something that not a lot of people expected to happen so quickly, but the popularity of sports betting has been unreal ever since things were launched on Jan. 1.

Online betting has been incredible for Ohio and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Right now, the NFL bets are of course popular, but MLB betting is also through the roof. The Cincinnati Reds may not hold strong World Series odds, but they have recently called up some of their top prospects and those players haven’t wasted any time in putting on a show for the club. It has led to more fans making their way to the stadium.

With that, though, it has also led to more people betting on the Reds. The same can be said for the Cleveland Guardians, with the AL Central side hoping to make a splash the rest of the season. Both the Reds and Guardians have a huge following in Ohio. Whenever they’re in action, people are ready to drop what they’re doing to watch them. This also means that people have betting interests too.

Once the football season arrives, we’re only going to see the numbers increase. In addition to the Bengals, you can’t forget that NCAAF betting will also be sky-high thanks to the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are a national powerhouse, easily considered one of the top college football programs in the USA. This will be the first full season for people to legally bet on the Buckeyes. We expect fans to take full advantage of that.

Ohio’s record betting start is being noticed by outside states

You better believe that Ohio’s record betting start is being noticed by outside states. While more than 30 states in the USA have legalized betting, there are still several that haven’t been given the green light to move forward with the project. Most notably, Florida, California and Texas are still waiting to try and get things over the line. For all three states, it’s looking like 2025 will be the earliest they get things launched. What’s the delay for these places getting things done?

For all three states, lawmakers and officials can’t seem to get on the same page. With Florida, they actually had things launched in the fall of 2021, but a U.S. District Judge shut things down after siding with a lawsuit that claimed the activity was illegal. Both Texas and California haven’t been able to get things voted in, which is why illegal activity remains high for them.

At the end of the day, no one can deny that sports betting has the potential to bring in a massive amount of revenue for a state. That’s exactly what we’re seeing in Ohio. With this, officials in Florida, California and Texas are using that evidence to try and convince legislators of the strong impact betting has. Ohio has set the table on how to get things done. Only time will tell if other states follow suit.

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