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GGPoker Unofficially Sets New Record in the First Day of Tournament

GGPoker Unofficially Sets New Record in the First Day of Tournament

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GGPoker is currently one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world and is even a Guinness World Records holder. In August 2020, GGPoker hosted a tournament that had the biggest prize pool and won in the toughest competition of all online poker tournaments in the world. Back then, the prize pool was $27,559,500.

The second record

ggpoker-sets-a-new-unofficial-online-poker-recordA few months before that record, the famous PokerStars set the previous one with a prize pool of $18.6 million on its fantastic event, 14th Anniversary Sunday Millions, which caught a lot of attention from the players and the audience.

Back then, when GGPoker set its first record, nobody thought the record would be surpassed, and it was even more unlikely that the new record would be set in less than four years.

However, the day has come, and while it’s still unofficially, it seems the record is broken one more time. According to European Gaming, on October 3rd, the combined Day 1 flight of the $5,000 WSOP Online MAIN EVENT had a prize pool of a fantastic $28,609,250. There were 6.023 unique contestants in this tournament.

Huge success

This is a major success for GGPoker. The tournament has proven one more time that it’s the right place for all of the poker players who enjoy the thrill and adrenaline. The player’s community in this tournament consists of the best poker players in the world and complete juniors in this world – and that’s what makes this tournament enticing and so fun for all of the players, which is proven by the new record.

The first day was successful, but from 6.023 players, only 761 passed to Day 2 of the tournament. After the second day, only nine players will remain on the field, and they will compete for the minimum prize of $250,000 for each player. There’s no “the winner takes it all,” but the winner will take a lot – the last man standing will get the prize of an impressive $2,783,432.

GGPoker was founded in 2017, and the company’s main mission is to “make poker fun again.” That’s perhaps the key to its rapid success, considering six years later, the company can be proud of two world records.

The company’s content is available and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, making the play smooth and fun at the same time. It provides its players with a secure and safe environment, taking care of all responsible gaming practices and complying with them.

Source: Pal, Hunor. “GGPoker Sets A New (Unofficial) Online Poker Record”. European Gaming. October 4, 2023.

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