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How to use an iPhone internationally?

How to use an iPhone internationally?

When it comes to using an iPhone when traveling, there are a lot of things people need to have in mind to be capable of enjoying the most of this device. Using an iPhone internationally nowadays is not something hard to do, but there are certain things to keep in mind as well.

So if you are an iPhone user and you are planning on traveling soon, here you can get to know more about it. It is the perfect guide for people to get the perfect information about how to use the iPhone internationally!

How can an iPhone be used while traveling?

For people who are having doubts about how to use an iPhone when traveling, there are different things to keep in mind. There’s no doubt it is better for people to know how to use the device rather than go blindly abroad.

For people to use an iPhone internationally, it’s necessary to have an open-band device that allows people to use international eSIMs. Or, if people prefer, they can use the roaming services offered by companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Vodafone.

With all of this in mind, it’s time to understand other things related to how the iPhone is used when traveling abroad. 

Is it safe to use an iPhone while traveling?

People might be wondering if there’s an issue with using an iPhone abroad. Some people might be worried about their device being hacked or something similar while traveling somewhere new, but that’s not something that can actually happen.

For people to stay safe, it’s necessary to use it in a safe way. People should stay away from free WiFi connections, as there aren’t so safe to use. It is better to use an eSIM, like the Holafly eSIM, or roaming services in order to have a safe internet connection.

What can people do with an iPhone when traveling?

When it comes to using an iPhone internationally, there are a lot of things people can do with the device. There’s no doubt people will surely try to take out the best of these devices in order to have a wonderful experience when traveling.

As for now, let’s talk about the main features people can get with an iPhone.

iPhone user taking a photo when traveling. Source: Pexels.

Keep in touch with friends & family

As people will take their devices with them, being able to communicate with people who are far away, it’s something great. With an iPhone, and thanks to apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and some others, allow to do this easily.

Take photos and videos from your trip

Having access to an iPhone will allow people to have digital memories stored on their devices. People can take the most out of these devices thanks to their amazing cameras to create some wonderful memories!

Use an eSIM or SIM card to access the internet  

One of the best ideas for people to have internet when traveling, SIM and eSIM cards are the best alternatives. With them, travelers can get access to internet services and social media platforms.

Download content to watch while traveling

When traveling, some trips are way too long. But with an iPhone, people won’t have to worry about not being able to stay entertained. By downloading content from Netflix, HBO, or other services, people can have fun while traveling.

Advantages of using an iPhone internationally

When using an iPhone abroad, there are different advantages people can keep in mind. As for us, these are some of the most important ones:

  1. Being able to use FaceTime and iMessage when having internet.
  2. People can use their SIM cards to make phone calls and send SMS if needed.
  3. Travelers can use eSIMs or SIM cards to stay connected to the internet while traveling to find everything they need.
  4. Easiness to manage personal information that’s stored on the device if it’s needed.

How can people use an iPhone internationally?

For people who want more information about how to use their iPhone internationally, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Before traveling, make sure your device is updated with the latest iOS version.
  2. Check whether you have an open band device or you need to use the internet service of your mobile carrier.
  3. Make sure your ID is properly set up on your device in case you need to add an extra data plan when traveling.
  4. People need to choose the service they prefer to use. We recommend using the Holafly eSIM with iOS devices.

How to activate an eSIM to use with an iPhone?

As for people who are thinking about how to activate an eSIM, here’s the guide. Some people surely know how this is done, but not everyone will have a clear idea of the process. So, let’s talk about how to activate an eSIM, and we’ll use the Holafly eSIM as an example!

  • Go to the official Holafly website to find the perfect eSIM for you. There are over 90 different destinations available for people to choose from.
  • After choosing your destination, pick up the data plan you want to use when traveling. There are different alternatives available for Holafly customers.
  • Once you choose the data plan you want to use, complete the purchase process within the Holafly store.
  • After a few seconds, people will receive a QR code on their email they will need to scan to add the eSIM.
  • To scan the QR code, go to the “Settings” menu and then to “Data Plans.” Once there, press “Add Data Plan” to add the Holafly eSIM. It’s necessary to have an internet connection to complete the process.
  • People have to scan the QR code once the option is available. The rest of the process should be completed manually. It’s also recommended to change the eSIM name to know which service you are using.
  • When traveling, activate the roaming option to use the Holafly eSIM. Keep in mind to deactivate other services you are using.

Frequent questions about iPhone devices

Can people share mobile data with an iPhone?

Yes. All iPhones should be capable of sharing mobile data. If this feature is not available, chances are the mobile carrier doesn’t have that as an active feature.

Can people have more than one eSIM with an iPhone?

No. As for now, eSIMs are limited to one per device. Therefore, people need to choose carefully which service they will use when traveling.

What iPhones are eSIM-compatible?

There are different iPhone devices compatible with eSIMs. From the iPhone X, most of these devices became eSIM-compatible.

Not open-band iPhones can be used internationally?

Yes. But these devices are a bit more limited. People can only use these devices if they have access to roaming services or Pocket WiFi.

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