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NBA Odds: Utah Jazz Now Favorites To Land Draymond Green

NBA Odds: Utah Jazz Now Favorites To Land Draymond Green

NBA Odds: Utah Jazz Now Favorites To Land Draymond Green – originally posted on

The Golden State Warriors are facing on off-season of uncertainty. They are coming off of a disappointing playoff loss and will have a new general manager at the helm, and the future of some players is uncertain. Perhaps none more so than for Draymond Green.

Draymond Green Next Team Odds: Jazz Are Favorites, Then Kings

Green has long been a catalyst for success for the Warriors. It has been Steph Curry and Klay Thompson who have received most of the praise and accolades, but they themselves will tell you that Green is a true key to what they do on the court. He obviously excels on the defensive end, and his basketball IQ is higher than just about anyone he shares a court with.

But things may be coming to an end when it comes to the relationship between Draymond Green and the Warriors. There is of course the new management in place, but Green is aging, and his contract may no longer match the production. Golden State is projected to have the most expensive roster in the league in 2023-24, and they could be looking to make some money-saving moves.

Where Will Draymond Green Play In 2023-24?

Which teams might be interested in Green’s services? Here are a few of the listed options from BetOnline.Ag:

Utah Jazz (+300)

The Jazz showed some promise last season, but ultimately need upgrades to their roster. They’ll have plenty of money to spend as they are projected to be in the top-3 in available cap space, and it would stand to reason that they would go after at least one or two veterans to add to their young core.

Who better than a defensive mastermind who doesn’t need the offensive accolades and can teach prospects the ins and outs of both winning and losing? It sounds like Draymond Green would be the perfect fit.

Sacramento Kings (+400)

The Kings were once the favorites in this category, and the pairing makes sense, from a basketball standpoint at least.

Sacramento enjoyed a historic turnaround last season, and will be looking to get even stronger this summer. Adding a veteran to their front court seems like a high priority, and Green wouldn’t have to move far if he were to play for the Kings.

But there was an obvious rift between the player and the fan base, evidenced by the interactions between the two sides during the 2023 Playoff matchup between the Kings and Warriors. Would fans in Sacramento welcome Draymond Green with open arms?

Dallas Mavericks (+800)

The Mavericks will be linked to pretty much every available player this summer, but Green could be a legit option. There are rumors that they are interested in Deandre Ayton’s services, and have been for some time. But acquiring Green on a 1 or 2 year deal would be a nice backup plan, especially if they were to add another star to go along with Luka Dončić as well.

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