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NBA Parlay Picks Today: NBA Parlay of the Day For 6/1/23

NBA Parlay Picks Today: NBA Parlay of the Day For 6/1/23

With so many games going on during the NBA season, there are no shortage of opportunities to place an NBA parlay bet on most nights. NBA parlays carry more risk than straight bets on pro basketball, but offer bettors the chance for greater payouts on one bet as well. Here, we give you our best NBA parlay picks for each night in the National Basketball Association.

Best Sportsbook Promo For NBA Parlays

The best sportsbook promo for NBA parlay betting can be found at Caesars Sportsbook, where bettors can get their first bet on Caesars for up to $1,250. With this offer, bettors can place their first wager on a parlay bet in the NBA. If that bet loses, the will receive their money back in site credit, up to $1,250. That type of insurance is great for a volatile bet like a parlay.

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Gambling Problem? Call or TEXT 1-800-Gambler 21+

NBA Parlay of the Day For 6/1/23

Heat vs Nuggets Game 1: Nuggets -8.5/Aaron Gordon 1+ Made Three/Bruce Brown 1+ Made Three (+450)

The Denver Nuggets should take care of business without too much trouble against the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Along the way, expect Aaron Gordon and Bruce Brown to each make at least one three, as the Heat will have to commit so many bodies to the duo of Jokic and Murray that role players like these two will get some good looks from the perimeter along the way.

NBA Parlay of the Day

Each day, you can find our NBA parlay of the day above. Each bet slip that we share here has been put together by our NBA betting experts, and consist of NBA picks that they recommend both by themselves and combined as a parlay bet. While parlays do come with a lower win probability than single bets, our experts use strategies to get the most out of parlay odds each night.

How to Win NBA Parlay Bets

Winning an NBA parlay bet is not easy, as bettors need every leg of their NBA parlay to win in order for a ticket to be graded a winner. However, utilizing smart strategies can help bettors make the best NBA parlay bets possible each day. Here, we will go over some of those strategies that can greatly impact the profitability of parlay bettors each night on the basketball court.

Stick to Small Parlays

The most important thing that bettors can do in order to make the best NBA parlays possible is to stick to small parlays. Everyone loves the social media posts from media outlets that show bettors hitting a 15-leg parlay that turns just a couple of bucks into hundreds of thousands of dollars. But those outlets don’t show you how many bettors lose similar wagers, which is the vast majority of those attempts to hit it big.

Instead of placing an NBA parlay bet with a ton of legs, it is smarter to simply stick to two or three-leg parlays. These have the best chance of winning, even if their win probabilities are still lower than just placing single bets and simply winning the majority of your wagers.

Use Correlation to Build Parlays

Another smart way to get involved with NBA parlay betting is to put together parlays where each leg is correlated with one another. This is typically done with a single game parlay, where bettors wager on a game result, combined with player props that support that outcome. For example, a bettor can wager on a team’s moneyline odds, along with a player to go over their number of points in the prop market, or total points for the game that fit that team’s style.

For example, a bettor can assemble a correlated parlay for an upcoming game featuring the Los Angeles Lakers. They can bet on the Lakers to win a game over the San Antonio Spurs, and for LeBron James to go over his point total, as the Lakers would likely need James to score big to win in the first place. If the team loses, or James goes under his total, the bet would lose. But if both of those parlay picks pan out, the potential payout would be higher than betting on one of those outcomes by itself.

Find the Best Odds

Another key to successful parlay action is making sure to get the most profitable odds possible from one of the online sportsbook options available to you. With the entire premise of parlays being that combining multiple legs to earn a higher payout, getting more favorable odds at one site compared to other sportsbooks can make a huge difference in the amount that a bettor stands to make.

In addition to finding favorable odds, bettors should also look for parlay-based promotions from legal online sportsbooks to get extra value. Odds boosts and parlay insurance can help bettors increase their payouts or allow bettors to get bonus bets back if their parlay does not win. Any advantages that a bettor can obtain when betting on a parlay could mean a lot to their potential winnings.

Bet On Parlays Responsibly

The most important thing that bettors can do when they bet on each parlay is to do so responsibly. Bettors should leave their biases at the door, not betting on a parlay just because they want to cheer for their favorite team. In a similar vein, chasing losses or adding extra legs to a bet to try and recover from previous losses is not advisable. Parlays should be wagered on responsibly at all times, given that they are more volatile than betting on individual games.

Types of NBA Parlay Bets

There are a few different types of parlay bets that we will highlight here on a regular basis. Each of these options can be used strategically to win if done properly, with slight differences in the number of games and teams involved.

NBA Same Game Parlays

The most popular form of parlay in the NBA has become the Same Game Parlay. Same game parlays, also known as SGPs, only feature bets on a single game, combined into one ticket. These often consist of bets on the outcome of the game, along with player props and/or game props, with every leg needing to win for the bet to cash. These are available during the regular season and playoffs, as bettors only need one game to be scheduled in order to do their SGP betting.

As we mentioned earlier, same game parlay action can be used to create correlated parlays, where a potential payout is contingent on multiple outcomes that are theoretically tied to one another. Correlated parlays do not guarantee a win in the same game parlay markets, but they can provide the best value when it comes to a bettor’s chances to win.

Same Game Parlay+

In a similar vein as the Same Game Parlay, the SGP+ or SGPX lets bettors combine same game parlays across two or more games. Here, bettors can choose multiple legs from one game, and combine them with multiple legs from another. All of those legs from all games must win in order for an SGP+ to hit. With this type of parlay, bettors are not able to pick legs that are all correlated, as the outcomes of different fixed odds markets are independent of those from other matchups.

Multi-Game Parlays

Finally, multi-game parlays that do not feature any SGP components are an option for NBA bettors. With these bets, basketball fans can pick legs from multiple games, including moneyline picks, totals, and props combined from those games. By picking one leg from multiple games, there is no correlation from one leg of the wager to the next. However, there is still a place for these types of wagers.

For example, bettors can wager on two teams that are significant favorites to each win their games and combine each team into a parlay to get a better price. There are still risks associated with this approach, but there are times when combining multiple favorites into one ticket does come with some positive expected value.

Other Types of NBA Bets

Here at ATS, bettors can find more than just NBA parlay betting picks. You can click the links below to find several types of NBA wagers, from sides and totals to props and futures. All of these come from our NBA expert handicappers, with picks available on a daily basis in all of the key betting markets.

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