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<div>Tantus Paddles Review: Tantus Pelt, Wham Bam, Tawse & More</div>

Tantus Paddles Review: Tantus Pelt, Wham Bam, Tawse & More

Silicone spankings. Tantus paddles carry weight, their silicone transmitting more force to the derrière than leather “impact” sex toys. The firm material bends more than, say, a wood paddle does too—so that a Wham Bam, or Dragon’s Tail, or Tawse slaps the ass in a unique way.

Impact connoisseurs will want to try a range of different materials, and silicone is a must-have in your kinky collection: it bites. To that end, how are the Tantus paddles distinct from one another, & which is my fave paddle toy?

Tantus Paddle Comparison Summary:

All 6 of Tantus’ silicone paddles (full collection here) are made of firm, platinum-cured silicone. We tested these 5 Tantus paddle toys and would summarize as:

  • Tantus Pelt. Best all-around: Contains thud, slap, plenty of pain if desired, balanced swing.
  • Gen Paddle. Best beginner option: lighter-weight, slappy, not as painful.
  • Tawse Small. My personal favorite for fun swinging: how the 2 tails flail is most interesting. Requires a steady hand & good aim if you’re near the genitals.
  • Wham Bam. Capable of causing the most pain if you swing this bad boy hard. Most expert-level tool besides Dragon Tail, next.
  • Dragon Tail. Most stingy bite, from the slender tip.
Tantus paddles review - Gen, Pelt, Tawse, Dragon Tail, Wham Bam
From left: Gen, Pelt, Tawse Small, Dragon Tail, Wham Bam.

Thud, Slap, Sting, & Pain! Paddle Breakdown

Tantus paddles (and tawses, and cane) are all made of 100% silicone. I’ll run through how each silicone spanking felt, from Pelt to Wham Bam!

Read up on impact-play safety here. Impact tools can be dangerous if directed at certain areas (like the kidneys or spine), and it’s best for all parties to be sober when engaging in any BDSM play where bodily harm or emotional duress could result.


The classic Tantus paddle. The Pelt’s unassuming form cuts through the air, and smacks harder than you might assume. It doesn’t appear so aggressive, does it?

tantus pelt paddle review

My boyfriend thinks Pelt has the most balanced feel in his hand. It’s the most predictable, really, since this Tantus silicone paddle folds over the least. It can thud, too, if swung gently; but makes hard impact if you wanna play rougher. Pelt’s a smooth hit, with no bumps or cutting edges—just pure thump, which does sting too.

The Pelt’s paddle looks barely thicker than the Tantus Gen: but that smidge of an inch translates to a huge difference in feel when hitting the skin:

Gen Paddle: Pelt Lite

Easy beginner play. The Tantus Gen is the lightest-weight silicone spanking paddle by Tantus. I like it cuz I’m not a hardcore masochist, I do go for lighter and slappier swats.

Gen, on top below, is a good intro tool because it’s not so jarring. The thinness of the paddle slaps with a little more sound, and less weight, than Pelt. Because it’s smaller, it’s also the cheapest silicone spanking paddle, at $23.99.

Tantus Gen paddle vs. Tantus Pelt paddle
Gen, top; above Pelt, below.

Wham Bam

The most hardcore tool. The way Wham-Bam slaps and smacks is intense, to say the least! How it folds over in the air adds extra force… its long length arching over.

Tantus Wham Bam paddle size vs. arm
Wham-Bam’s paddle section is ≈9.7 inches length, with a ≈5.2 inch handle (15 inch total length).

I would definitely recommend Wham Bam to serious spanking fans and kinky folk. It’s a hard hit that smacks, thuds, and stings all in one. For me, it gets overwhelming very quickly!

Tawse Small

The most interesting / unique, IMO. Tawse Small’s 2 tongues split and fly! They fold over on themselves in a flailing way. I really loved how this one was a mix of “thud” with just an edge of sting. (It wasn’t so snappy like the Dragon Tail, next.)

Tantus Tawse small silicone paddle

Because I do prefer sensation play to real pain play, this is my favorite of the Tantus spanking sex toys.

The best part was when my bf moved a little bit over and downward, so the Tawse small connected with the back of my labia, too. The mixed sensations—ass-slapping + vulva-tweaking—proved more intriguing to me than just being hit hard full-on.

Dragon Tail

The stingy-est *snap*. The “Dragon Tail” here has a super-skinny tip!

Tantus Dragon Tail paddle

I’d designate Dragon Tail as the most expert-level paddle, since the tip is so small and it folds over easily in the air. The spanker / dom will need practice to guide it to any specific area & make an impact. The Dragon Tail feels like the most niche of Tantus spanking toys, too, since it’s tough to control and we never really got our groove going with this one. The tip can sincerely sting, if you like the extra bite!

Pros & Cons (vs. other spanking sex toys)


  • Weighty & hard-hitting.
  • Durable material.
  • Can be washed and sanitized easily. (Silicone is functionally nonporous & hydrophobic.)
  • 6 Tantus paddles provide different feels.
  • Some swing more, others hit harder.


  • Most are not beginner-level. May require some experience to know how forcefully to swing (to match your partner’s preferences and pain tolerance), since the silicone does hit hard (or flail wildly, in the case of the Tawses).
  • Dragon Tail is particularly pinpoint / connoisseur-level.

How to Clean & Care For

Made of platinum silicone, Tantus paddles are functionally nonporous. Some of them (like Trip 2 Tawse) have been marketed as being double-purpose: so, you can insert the handle end as you would a dildo.

To clean, wash with any handsoap under running water.

If you’re in a kink-friendly group and trying to practice safe sex (vs. being kinky with a monogamous partner), then the sanitizability of Tantus silicone makes sense. If you want to Tawse someone’s vulva, or are hitting hard enough to make someone bleed, then it’s great to be able to kill any germs before using the impact tool on another. Tantus silicone (if non-vibrating) can be baked in the oven on a cookie sheet or glass baking pan, for example: bake around 300 degrees (F) for up to 10 minutes.

Recap & Rating

The Tantus paddles can have a hardcore bite and sting, due to how well silicone transmits force (even when you’re not swinging super-hard).

I’d recommend the Gen first as a beginner silicone paddle,

Or the Pelt and the Wham Bam for more advanced use: folks who know they love harder spanking.

I personally found the Tawse Small the most interesting tool for pure sensation. Its tails don’t hit as hard (as Wham-Bam or Pelt), they’re thinner; but the slappyness is super-fun. Would recommend this if used carefully for vulva-slapping. It’s just stingy enough, without being damaging when swung with moderate force.

See 6 Tantus silicone spanking tools here,

Save 10% with code FELICITY in the gift card box at checkout.

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