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Zoho Projects vs ClickUp: 2023 Project Management Comparison

Zoho Projects vs ClickUp: 2023 Project Management Comparison

Key Takeaways: ClickUp vs Zoho Projects

  • The main difference between ClickUp and Zoho Projects is that ClickUp is a cohesive platform, while Zoho requires many integrations to match ClickUp.
  • ClickUp’s free plan is vastly superior to what Zoho Projects offers, thanks to support for unlimited users and powerful collaboration tools.
  • If you’re just looking for software that will help with planning, tracking and completing tasks, Zoho Projects deserves a closer look.

If you’re looking for a robust project management suite, you’re in the right ballpark with Zoho Projects and ClickUp. These two software platforms are both featured in our roundup of the best project management software thanks to their features and ease of use, but which one is right for you? Find out in our Zoho Projects vs ClickUp comparison.

Before you get into the meat and potatoes of these software platforms, we can tell you that, after extensive testing, both software suites are ideal for remote teams working on complex projects. However, one option will shine brighter for teams who like to collaborate. Find out which platform we’re talking about below.

  1. 1
      $5 / month(save 44%)(All Plans)
    • 2
        $4 / month(save 20%)(All Plans)

      How Did We Rate Zoho Projects vs ClickUp?

      We have reviewed dozens of project management suites, including Zoho Projects (here’s our Zoho Projects review) and ClickUp (here’s our ClickUp review). When reviewing, we use the software in real-world situations to see how they behave. As a result, you get reviews filled with detailed, factual information that will help you make an informed buying decision.

      ClickUp vs Zoho Projects: Similarities & Differences

      ClickUp and Zoho Projects have many traits in common. However, a couple of key differences separate these project planning tools. If you want an overview of the options the platforms dish out, take a look at the table below.

      $4 / month(All Plans) $5 / month(All Plans)
      Review Review
      Management Views
      Kanban board
      Spreadsheet view
      Gantt charts
      Workload planning
      Long-term planning
      Management Features
      Multiple project management
      Dependency management
      Native scrum management
      Set user permissions
      File storage
      Built-in integrations
      Reporting features
      General Features
      Free plan
      Free Trial
      Web app
      Ticket-based support
      Live chat
      Phone support


      Zoho Projects and ClickUp have much in common, from similar security features to robust task management tools. Below, we’ll quickly look at the commonalities of these two powerful software platforms. 

      Core Features

      One thing for sure is that Zoho Projects and ClickUp are overflowing with core features. You’ll find multiple views that support numerous project management methodologies. In addition, there are time-tracking features, powerful chat tools, support for integrations and automations, mobile apps, and security and reporting features.

      clickup reports
      ClickUp’s customizable dashboards give a bird’s-eye view of project data and metrics.

      Another plus is that these two tools have team collaboration features that can help bring your team together. If you’re worried about transitioning to either platform, don’t be. ClickUp and Zoho Projects provide users with detailed training materials and deep knowledgebases.

      zoho dashboard
      Zoho’s reporting features are powerful and can help keep you and your team on track.

      If you have a large team, you’ll appreciate the many administration tools and how easy it is to implement custom rules and roles. There’s a lot to like about each of the project management suites. Take a look at the complete list of features for ClickUp and Zoho Projects to see if they meet your project and business requirements.

      Task Management Tools

      Task management is one of the bare necessities with project management software. Fortunately, both ClickUp and Zoho Projects excel at it. Project managers will find a kanban view, Gantt charts, lists, tables, calendars and dashboards to help them plan, track and complete tasks.

      clickup gantt
      ClickUp’s Gantt charts are powerful and intuitive.

      The tools are simple to use and make project planning easy. ClickUp and Zoho Projects also support milestones, subtasks and dependencies, making them ideal for more complex projects. Adding and assigning tasks, adding dates, attaching files to task cards and leaving comments are straightforward, and you can quickly create custom fields to tailor each task to a specific project.

      zoho kanban
      Zoho Projects’ kanban view is easy to use and supports custom fields.

      The number of views on ClickUp and Zoho Projects make them ideal for Agile teams who use scrum methods, kanban methods or even more complex methodologies like the critical path method. It’s also worth noting that ClickUp provides various project templates to help users get started, and both platforms allow you to make workflow templates.

      User-Friendliness and Training

      Zoho Projects has a slight edge over ClickUp regarding overall aesthetics. Still, both pieces of software are relatively easy to use thanks to well-designed navigation menus and intuitive workflow tools. As a result, it won’t take long for you and your team to feel comfortable with either platform.

      clickup learning
      ClickUp’s University is one of the best learning resources we’ve used.

      Should you become stuck, you’ve got nothing to worry about. ClickUp has some of the best training materials in the business. The knowledgebase has well-written articles and well-produced videos to guide you and help you learn advanced tools like mind maps. ClickUp University has been designed to help you understand the entire system with minimal fuss.

      zoho projects support
      Should you become stuck or want to learn a new skill, Zoho Projects’ knowledgebase will help.

      Zoho’s Projects’ training materials consist of easy-to-follow articles in the knowledgebase and webinars that cover various topics. There’s even a Zoho Projects YouTube channel and a lively community where you can find help. Both ClickUp and Zoho do a fine job with training, and both offer friendly user interfaces and tools.

      Integrations and Automations

      If you need to integrate with many other third-party apps, fear not. Zoho Projects and ClickUp offer numerous native integrations. You’ll find support for Microsoft and Google apps, along with communication apps such as Slack. You can even quickly link your account to many cloud storage services, like OneDrive and Google Drive.

      clickup integrations
      ClickUp provides users with plenty of native integrations.

      ClickUp and Zoho Projects both have roughly 50 native integrations for you to choose from, and all are easy to set up. Zoho Projects can also integrate with other Zoho products, like Zoho Analytics, Zoho CRM, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Sprints and more. If you can’t find an integration you need, you can link your account with Zapier (here’s our Zapier review) or IFTTT (check out our IFTTT review) for more integration options.

      zoho integrations
      Zoho makes setting up integrations with many popular apps easy.

      If you want to use automations or set up recurring tasks, ClickUp and Zoho Projects have you covered. Both platforms have no-nonsense automation builders that come with premade templates; you can also make your own. Thanks to these tools, you can make both platforms work for you.

      Security and Privacy

      Both Zoho and ClickUp take security seriously. AES-256 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) methods encrypt data at rest and in transit. On top of this, ClickUp and Zoho boast numerous ISO certifications and are SOC 2 compliant. All of this means your data will be secure.

      clickup security
      ClickUp’s security features are robust and will protect your data.

      From an administration standpoint, you can enforce multiple security protocols, including two-factor authentication and single sign-on methods. You can also implement role-based access controls in Zoho and set custom roles and permissions in ClickUp.

      zoho security
      Zoho Projects’ security and privacy policies should give you peace of mind.

      Zoho Projects and ClickUp take privacy just as seriously as security. GDPR policies and CCPA protocols are in place for EU- and California-based residents. Users can also opt out of cookie tracking. With robust security and privacy policies, you don’t need to worry about your data with ClickUp or Zoho Projects.


      You now know how ClickUp and Zoho Projects are similar; it’s time to see how they differ. The differences aren’t huge by any means, but there are enough discrepancies in price and team collaboration tools to potentially make one a better choice for you than the other.


      ClickUp and Zoho use different pricing models, and while both offer a free version, ClickUp’s free plan is miles ahead of Zoho Projects’. 

      Zoho’s free version supports three users and two projects. You’ll also get custom statuses, task management tools, a few integrations and a read-only Gantt chart. Project feeds, calendars, forums, basic task and issue reports, and mobile apps are also included.

      ClickUp’s free plan makes it one of the best free project management tools available. The free version supports unlimited users and gives access to most workflow and collaboration tools. You’re also granted access to integrations, time tracking, reports, and mobile and desktop apps. The only caveat is that some tools have monthly use caps.

      clickup pricing
      ClickUp has prices and plans that should appeal to many.

      ClickUp has four competitively priced paid plans: Unlimited, Business, Business Plus and Enterprise. The Unlimited plan costs $5 per user per month when paid annually and $9 per user per month paid monthly. Business costs $12 per user per month yearly and $19 per user per month if you pay monthly.

      • Basic functionality with some limitations
      • All prices per user; most limitations removed
      • All prices per user; extra features added, especially security
      • Even more features added

      ClickUp’s Business Plus plan costs $19 per member per month if you pay a year upfront and $29 per user per month, monthly. There’s also a customizable Enterprise plan that varies in cost depending on your needs. You can learn more about ClickUp’s pricing and plans in our ClickUp pricing guide.

      zoho pricing
      Zoho keeps pricing simple by offering only three plans.

      Zoho Projects offers only two paid plans: Premium and Enterprise. The Premium plan costs just $4 per user per month when you pay yearly and $5 per user per month with monthly payments. The Enterprise plan runs $9 per user per month if you choose to pay annually and $10 per user per month if you pay monthly.

      As you can see, there’s a big difference in price between the two platforms. Remember that Zoho Projects is just one part of a larger Zoho ecosystem and is missing many features that come standard with ClickUp. Still, both pieces of software provide price points and plans that should suit many.

      Team Collaboration Tools

      When you look at collaboration tools, Zoho’s multi-platform approach becomes apparent. ClickUp features many collaboration tools and more functionality, whereas Zoho Projects features less, unless you integrate with other Zoho software solutions.

      clickup collaboration
      ClickUp’s collaboration tools are some of the best in the business.

      ClickUp has powerful real-time document editing tools, an easy-to-use chat app, collaborative whiteboards, mind maps and even in-app video calls if you integrate with Zoom. Sharing files with team members is also a piece of cake. On the other hand, Zoho Projects has an easy-to-use chat feature, and you can share files, but that’s it.

      If you want to use whiteboards or have video calls, you’ll need to sign up for Zoho Meeting, and if you want to edit documents in real time, you’ll need to sign up for Zoho Writer. Each platform also has its own fees.

      zoho collaboration
      Zoho’s built-in chat app is packed with features and is easy to use.

      If you need tools to help with project planning and more features to help with team collaboration in general, ClickUp is the clear choice. You can make Zoho Projects work, but you’ll need to be willing to sign up for more Zoho platforms, which can quickly increase overall cost.

      Which Is Better: Zoho Projects vs ClickUp?

      ClickUp and Zoho Projects are similar overall. The biggest difference between Zoho Projects and ClickUp is that ClickUp is a self-contained project management platform with everything you need out of the box.

      Meanwhile, Zoho Projects is one small part of a much larger Zoho ecosystem. Zoho Projects works well, but it’s frustrating to have to integrate so many apps from the Zoho ecosystem to achieve the same level of functionality.

      We Recommend ClickUp If You Want…

      • A one-stop shop for project management: If you’re looking for one do-it-all platform that includes every tool you need out of the box, ClickUp is for you.
      • A comprehensive free plan for small teams: ClickUp’s Free Forever plan is one of the best for startups and small groups needing to get work done.
      • Plans that grow with your team: ClickUp offers many affordable plans that can easily be switched between as your team changes.

      We Recommend Zoho Projects If You Want…

      • A no-fuss task management tool: Zoho Projects is a no-fuss, easy-to-use platform that’s easy on the eyes.
      • To save money: While Zoho Projects doesn’t offer many plans, the two available paid plans are very affordable.
      • A large ecosystem of tools: Zoho Projects is part of a much larger Zoho ecosystem that offers numerous tools for businesses in many fields. 

      If You Want to Consider Other Services, Check Out…

      1. 1
          $8 / month(save 20%)(All Plans)
        • 2
            $10.99 / month(save 18%)(All Plans)
          • 3
              $9.80 / month(All Plans)
            • 4
                $8 / month(save 20%)(All Plans)
              • 5
                  $15 / month(All Plans)

                The Verdict: Why We Think ClickUp Wins Overall

                ClickUp’s cohesive set of tools, stellar free plan and more advanced features make it a better choice than Zoho Projects. If you’re okay with integrating (and paying for) other Zoho platforms, you’ll like Zoho Projects, but most will find that ClickUp offers a much better experience overall. As such, ClickUp takes the win over Zoho Projects.

                Have you used Zoho Projects, ClickUp or a different tool to manage tasks? Which platform did you like better and why? Let us know in the comment section, and, as always, thanks for reading.

                FAQ: Zoho Projects vs ClickUp

                • Zoho Projects is a versatile piece of software that’s suitable for construction teams, marketing groups, education teams and even those doing software development.

                • Yes, you can use Zoho Flow to integrate Zoho Projects with ClickUp.

                • Zoho is very user-friendly, and teams new to project management tools will have no problem learning how the software works. Zoho also makes integrating Zoho Projects with many other Zoho products easy.

                • ClickUp’s easy-to-use task management and team collaboration features make it one of the best project management tools available.

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