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Best Subscription Boxes for 2023: Our Picks

Best Subscription Boxes for 2023: Our Picks

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*This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a small compensation if you make a purchase after clicking through our links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Best Subscription Boxes for 2023


Subscription boxes have gained in popularity ever since they first appeared on the market back in 2010. Every year new companies add their unique curated boxes to the market. Today, you can find a subscription box to fill your monthly craving of any genre; from beauty to clothing, vegan to carnivore, today’s boxes have something for everyone.

Subscription Box Lifestyle Top Ten Winners of 2023!


If you don’t see something that interests you, be sure to check out our MEGA LIST of Subscription Boxes!


1. Universal Yums – snacks for the world traveler 

Universal Yums world snack subscription box

Photo credit: Universal Yums website


Discover the world with this delightful snack subscription box! Each month, they’ll whisk you away to a different country through a delectable assortment of international snacks and candies. Dive into the flavors, history, music, and culture of a new destination you’ve only dreamed of. So, where will your taste buds take you next?


What’s in a Universal Yums box: 5-20 sweet & savory snacks from a different country each month and a booklet with more information about that month’s country

  • Yum Box (5-7 Snacks + 12-page booklet with trivia and games)
  • Yum Yum Box (10-12 Snacks + 16-page booklet with trivia and games + bonus content: recipes, trivia and so much more)
  • Super Yum Box (18-20 Snacks + 16-page booklet with trivia and games + bonus content: recipes, trivia and so much more)

Frequency: Monthly Subscription



  • Contiguous USA – Free
  • Canada – Yum Box $4.00, Yum Yum Box $6.00, Super Yum Box $13.00.
  • United Kingdom, Isreal, and Australia – calculated at checkout

Universal Yums Coupon Codes:

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2. Beachly – a beach vacation in a box

Photo credit: Beachly website


Experience the ultimate beach lover’s dream with Beachly! This fantastic lifestyle subscription box brings you beach-inspired apparel and accessories every season, that’s four times a year. Inside each box, you’ll find a treasure trove of goodies with a retail value of over $250, all at a fraction of the price. They curate items from the crème de la crème of beachy brands, ranging from well-established legends to exciting newcomers. Get ready to unwrap tees, sweatshirts, sunglasses, flip-flops, hats, towels, totes, candles, beauty products, and so much more! And if you’re in search of a smaller treat, don’t miss out on the Beachly Starter Box or the Beachly Beauty Box. Happy beach vibes await!

See our Beachly women’s box reviews here.


What’s in a Beachly box:

  • Women’s Box – 6-8 pieces of premium, beach-inspired apparel, accessories, & lifestyle products
  • Men’s Box – 4-5 pieces of premium, beach-inspired coastal apparel, and accessories
  • Beauty Box – 4-6 beach-inspired, vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty care products
  • Starter Box – 3-4 items with a retail value of $150+

Frequency: Seasonal (4 times a year)


  • Quarterly – $99 USD
  • Annually – $360 USD ($90 USD per box)
  • Starter Box – $29 USD – then transitions to a seasonal women’s box (see above)
  • Beauty Box – $29 USD quarterly


  • Women’s Box
    • USA including Hawaii & Alaska – $4.95 USD
    • Canada – $11.95 USD
  • Men’s Box – Does not ship to Canada. USA – $4.95 USD
  • Beauty Box – First box ships FREE – future boxes are $2.99 USD

Beachly Coupon Codes:

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3. KiwiCo – 9 kids, tweens, & teens subscription boxes

Best Subscription Boxes - KiwiCo

Photo credit: KiwiCo website


Are you on the hunt for one of the coolest subscription boxes for kids of all ages? Well, you’ve landed in just the right spot! These babies, kids, tweens, and teens subscription boxes are all about igniting the imaginations of young innovators through thrilling, hands-on learning experiences. Dive headfirst into the worlds of STEM, STEAM, Science, and Art with kits that are tailor-made for all ages. You might recall Kiwi Crate, but here’s the exciting news: they’ve blossomed into KiwiCo, the parent company that offers nine incredible subscription boxes, all designed to suit your child’s age and passions. So, the only question that remains is this: which subscription line will you and your young explorer embark upon? Let the adventure kick off!

Check out our crate reviews here.


What’s in a KiwiCo box: Crafts and activities all relating to Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, or Math and kid-friendly instructions.

Frequency: Monthly or Bi-Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 0-16+ years old


  • Panda Crate (explore & discover) – 0-36 months old – $21.95 USD/month ($43.90 USD/crate) 1 crate every 2 months – (2 months in one crate)
  • Koala Crate (play & learn) – 3-4 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Kiwi Crate (science, art, and more) – 5-8 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Atlas Crate (geography & culture) – 6-11 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Yummy Crate (the science of cooking) – 6-14 years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Tinker Crate (science & engineering) – 9-16+ years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Doodle Crate (create & craft) – 14+ years old – $23.95 USD/month
  • Maker Crate (art & design) – 14-104 years old – $32.95 USD/month
  • Eureka Crate (engineering & design) – 14-104 years old – $32.95 USD/month

*Subscribe to longer subscriptions and save!

  • Optional Add-On – Deluxe Subscription (book) – $10.95 USD monthly


  • Canada -$4.95 USD per month
  • USA – FREE
  • Worldwide – price varies country dependent

KiwiCo Coupon Codes:

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4. Annie’s Kit Clubs – 20+ crafting, educational, and book club boxes for women, girls & boys

Best Subscription Boxes - Annie's Kit Clubs

Photo credit: Annie’s Kit Clubs website


Did you know that Annie’s Kit Clubs is the proud parent company of over 20 different crafting and science experiment subscription boxes, plus an awesome book club? Take your pick from a wide range, including crocheting, card-making, quilting, beads, young woodworkers, and so many more! Whether you’re a mom, grandma, daughter, son, or just treating yourself, we’ve got something special for everyone. I’ve had the pleasure of trying a few of these boxes myself, and I can tell you, each one was an amazing experience. Come join the crafting and science fun with us!

See our Annie’s Kit Clubs box reviews here.


What’s in the Annie’s Kit Clubs box: Each box is different, but you get all the items you need to create a great new project – you will just need household items, such as glue and scissors.

Choice: Choose from 20+ subscription boxes!

Frequency: Monthly or Seasonal Subscription

Cost: $14.99-$39.99 USD monthly or seasonal


  • USA – $5.95 USD
  • Canada – $6.95 USD

Annie’s Kit Clubs Coupon Codes:

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5. Bespoke Post – awesome, trendy boxes for men

Best Subscription Boxes - Bespoke Post

Photo credit: Bespoke Post website


Welcome to the world of monthly men’s lifestyle subscription boxes! Bespoke Post is all about bringing you the coolest trends in food, drinks, fashion, travel, and more. It all starts with a fun quiz to learn your likes and dislikes. Then, on the first of each month, you’ll get a sneak peek of your box. You’ve got five whole days to customize items, switch boxes, or even decide to skip this month’s box if you like.

Bespoke Post is all about flexibility and choice here. Whether you want to skip a month, cancel temporarily, or come back next month, they’ve got you covered. They take pride in being one of the awesome options for men’s subscription boxes. Their boxes are a mix of the latest fashion trends, carefully curated items, and practical tools. And here’s some exciting news – they’ve even added product options for women and children recently! So, let’s make every month a delightful surprise together.

See our Bespoke Post reviews here.


What’s in the Bespoke Post box: A collection of themed items introducing people to something new each month – personalized to your interests.



  • $49 USD monthly for members
  • $70 USD for non-members


  • USA (lower 48 states) – $4.95 USD or FREE for orders over $95 USD
  • Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska – $10 USD

Bespoke Post Coupon Codes:

Subscribe to Bespoke Post here



6. SinglesSwag – a box for single women (or any women)

Best Subscription Boxes - SinglesSwag

Photo credit: SinglesSwag website


Hey there, fabulous ladies! SinglesSwag is your go-to monthly lifestyle subscription box, and it’s all about celebrating YOU, no matter your relationship status. Inside this box of joy, you’ll discover an array of fantastic full-sized products that are hand-picked to make you feel fantastic. From trendy goodies to fabulous finds, it’s a monthly treat that’s hard to resist. If you’re familiar with FabFitFun, think of SinglesSwag as a kindred spirit. They share a love for on-trend beauty and lifestyle products for women. The difference? SinglesSwag brings you a unique mix of fabulous items with the same goal in mind – making you feel absolutely amazing. So, treat yourself, because you deserve it!


What’s in the SinglesSwag box: Items may include organic bath and beauty products, trending fashion accessories, artisan-crafted snacks and treats, best-selling books, and other fun surprises!

Frequency: Monthly Subscription


  • SinglesSwag – $49.99 USD monthly or less
  • SinglesSwag Petite – $34.99 USD monthly or less


  • USA – FREE
  • Canada & Worldwide – Calculated at Checkout

SinglesSwag Coupon Codes:

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7. BarkBox – themed toys for your dog

Best Subscription Boxes - BarkBox

Photo credit: BarkBox website


Calling all dog parents! Get ready to spoil your furry friend with the most adorable subscription box in town! BarkBox brings you a delightful surprise every month with fresh, fun themes and the cutest plush toys that your pup will adore.

What’s inside your BarkBox? Well, you’ll find 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a satisfying chew, all carefully chosen to match the month’s unique theme. And guess what? You can even tailor the box to your dog’s specific needs.

Rest easy knowing that all the treats and chews are proudly made in the USA and Canada, using the finest domestic and imported ingredients. Don’t forget to explore the holiday and seasonal boxes to keep the tail-wagging excitement going! If your furry companion needs extra tough toys, be sure to check out our sister company, Bark Super Chewer. Happy tails ahead!


What’s in a BarkBox: 2 toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew

Frequency: Monthly Subscription

Choice: To customize your box, please reach out to BarkBox directly



  • Canada – $8 USD
  • Contiguous USA – FREE
  • Hawaii & Alaska – $8 USD

BarkBox Coupon Codes:

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8. MEL Science – cool science experiments for kids, tweens & teens

Best Subscription Boxes - MEL Science

Photo credit: MEL Science website


Hey there, science enthusiasts of all ages! MEL Science is a super cool science experiment subscription box designed for kids, tweens, and teens. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of science with up to 3 exciting experiments delivered to your doorstep every month. These educational boxes are perfect for budding scientists aged 4 to 16+ who just can’t get enough of everything science-related. Not only will MEL Science provide endless fun and entertainment for the kids, but it also creates fantastic family bonding moments and is the ultimate subscription box for homeschoolers. Let the scientific adventures begin!

See our reviews of MEL Science.


What’s in a MEL Science box: Everything you need to complete awesome science experiments! All necessary chemicals, components, and instructions.

Frequency: Monthly Subscription or One-Time Bundles

Age Range:


  • MEL Chemistry – $44.90 CAD/$39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Physics – $44.90 CAD/$39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL STEM – $44.90 CAD/$39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Medicine – $64.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Math – $39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Space – $39.90 USD monthly or less
  • MEL Coding Bundles – $179.90 USD or $299.90 USD


  • USA – FREE
  • Canada – $1.90 CAD monthly (Currently, only MEL Chemistry & MEL Physics ship to Canada)

MEL Science Coupon Codes:

Subscribe to MEL Science here


9. Smartass & Sass – a hilarious box for your girlfriends

Best Subscription Boxes - Smartass and Sass

Photo credit: Smartass & Sass website


Discover Smartass & Sass, your go-to subscription box for reveling in humor, wit, and a touch of sophistication! Are you on the hunt for that perfect gift to delight a friend who’s always ready to share a hearty laugh or may occasionally indulge in colorful language? Well, your search ends here! Our Smartass & Sass subscription box delivers a monthly dose of laughter that you and your closest companions will treasure for years to come.

These gifts are thoughtfully curated for those no-nonsense, straight-shooting, take-no-prisoners girlfriends we all have. You know the ones! They’re the friends who would burst into fits of laughter if they received this delightful surprise. So, come join the fun and let the good times roll!

See our Smartass & Sass reviews.


What’s in a Smartass & Sass box: Choose your plan:

  • *SHIRT-ONLY* Subscription – soft-blend tee, unisex sizes XS-4XL
  • *SMALL BOX* Subscription – 3-4 items from the box, bite-sized snark
  • *BOX* Subscription – 6-8 full-size items, hilarious brands
  • *BIG BOX* Subscription – everything in the box, plus a soft-blend tee

Frequency: Monthly Subscription



  • Domestic (USA) – Shirt subscription: $3.95 USD/shipment, Box or Big Box subscription: $7.95  USD/shipment.
  • International (Canada, Mexico, the UK & Australia) – Shirt subscription: $6.95 USD/shipment, Box or Big Box subscription: $16.95-$26.95  USD/shipment.
  • Shop order shipping rates vary and are calculated by weight based on location.

Smartass & Sass Coupon Codes:

Subscribe to Smartass & Sass here



10. Raddish Kids – a kids’ cooking box

Best Subscription Boxes - Raddish Kids

Photo credit: Raddish Kids website


Let’s get the kids in on the kitchen action and ignite their passion for cooking with the Raddish Kids monthly cooking club just for them!

The Raddish Kids subscription box, it’s all about reinforcing what kids are learning in school while having a blast in the kitchen with a little help from parents or family members. Not only will your youngsters learn valuable cooking skills, but they’ll also dive into the worlds of math and chemistry – all while having a ton of fun and creating fantastic family bonding moments. Cook up some delicious themed recipes and make learning a joyous adventure for the whole family!


What’s in a Raddish Kids box: A monthly cooking or baking club themed according to season, holidays, or global inspiration.

Choose from 3 Clubs: Cooking ClubBaking Club, and Global Eats Club.

Frequency: Monthly Subscription

Age Range: 4-14+ years old

Cost: $24 USD each month (less if you subscribe to a longer subscription)

*Add-On – Upgrade to Raddish+ – access to 100+ fan-favorite recipes – $7 USD a month


  • USA – FREE
  • International & Canada – $7 USD a month

Raddish Kids Coupon Codes: 

Subscribe to Raddish Kids here



Of course, there are many many more boxes out there, so we have compiled our MEGA LIST of Subscription Boxes, allowing you to pick from tons of boxes. And remember, if you are a subscription box subscriber, be sure to leave your reviews and share your thoughts with everyone.


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