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<div>Every Across the Spider-Verse Easter Eggs & Cameos You May Have Missed</div>

Every Across the Spider-Verse Easter Eggs & Cameos You May Have Missed

The highly anticipated, epic follow-up to Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is now in theaters. This film not only has a ton of Marvel easter eggs and cameos for the animated universe but also the live-action ones as well! Let’s get into all these awesome Across the Spider-Verse easter eggs and cameos 

This is your spoiler warning if you have not seen Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

Across the Spider-Verse Easter Eggs

Across the Spider-Verse Easter Eggs & Cameos

At the start of the film, we visit Gwen’s world, Earth-65. A familiar animated face and voice is once again yelling about a Spider-person being a menace, that’s right J. Jonah Jameson voiced by J. K. Simmons makes an appearance. 

The Steampunk Vulture that Gwen fights is from a 2014 comic crossover event that included, you guessed it, a lot of different versions of Spider-Man. This event took place on Earth-2099 which Miguel figures out this is where this Vulture belongs. 

When Miguel is shown glitching, his fangs can be seen. Miguel’s fangs secrete a paralyzing, though non-toxic, venom. He also has retractable talons at the tips of his fingers and toes. 

across the spider-verse easter eggs miguel fangs

Back inside Miles’ universe (Earth-1610) J. Jonah Jameson is shown once again. J. K. Simmons is the same in every universe. 

Miles’ roommate, Ganke Lee, who was shown in Into the Spider-Verse but not given anything to do really, has now assumed his role as the Guy in the Chair. The person who helps Miles out when he is out doing Spider-Man things. 

There is a Daily Bugle in their dorm room. In the comics, Peter Parker was a photographer for the newspaper. 

One of the many universes visited in this movie is Earth-131222, the LEGO universe. Lord and Miller who wrote these Spider-Man films, also wrote and directed The LEGO Movie

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Mrs. Chen from Venom is still working in her shop and yes she sees weird stuff all the time Spot. 

Miles and Gwen travel to Mumbattan, Earth-50101, the home of Pavitr Prabhakar (Karan Soni, a Deadpool alum).

Miguel O’Hara is from Earth-928 and that is where the Spider-Man headquarters is located. 

There are a lot of Spider-People all over the place. One is Scarlet Spider (Andy Samberg). In the comics, Scarlet Spider is a genetic clone of Peter Parker

Scarlet Spider across the spider-verse cameos

Margo Kess aka Spider-Byte.  

Deep breath. Here are some other Spideys I saw. Spider- Cat, Takuya Yamashiro aka Spider-Man from the 1978 Japanese television series, Marvel Mangaverse Spider-Man, Otto Octavius aka Superior Spider-Man, Earth X Spider-Man, Cyborg Spider-Woman, Iron Spider, LEGO Spider-Man, Spider-Therapist, Spider-Cop, Spider-Mechanic, Spider-Monkey, Spider-Wolf, and of course Spider-Trex

Josh Keaton also reprises his role as Spider-Man from The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

across the spider-verse spider-men variants metro boomin

The genus behind the soundtrack, Metro Boomin is also seen, he is the Spider-Man wearing black and white.

Taran Killam voices both Web-Slinger and his horse Widow. Killam recently made his Marvel comics debut writing for Web-Slinger in SPIDER-VERSE #4.

When Miles asks if his Uncle Aaron is there, Miguel tells him no it’s not his Uncle Aaron. It’s actually Donald Glover who played Aaron Davis in the live action Spider-Man Homecoming film. 

Miguel rants about Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Doctor Strange from Earth-199999. This is funny not only for the MCU nod but also because fans have debated which is the true designation for the MCU, Earth 616 or Earth 199999.

Miguel is upset that Miles saved the police chief in Pavitr Prabhakar’s world, because that was supposed to happen. He begins to explain what happens when someone messes with the timelines similarly to how it is all explained in Loki. Essentially, Miguel warns Miles about the dangers of breaking canon.

There is a shot of the 1967 Spider-Man from the TV show.

Each Spider-Man is connected by certain events that have to happen–nodes. These nodes are usually the death of someone close to the hero.  

As the events are played out for Miles, Andrew Garfield is shown with his Gwen, Tobey Maguire can be seen with Uncle Ben, and Doc Ock played by Alfred Molina is saying Hello Peter. 

When Miles is running away the infamous Spider-Man pointing meme happens.

The Spider-Man sitting in the therapy office is talking about seeing his Uncle Ben dead

When Miles escapes back to Earth, he lands in Earth-42, the world the spider that bit him came from. In this universe, Miles has become the Prowler, the mantle used by Uncle Aaron in his world. 

To rescue Miles, Gwen recruits some old friends- Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, and Peni Parker.

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Post Credit Scene

There is no post credit scene in Across the Spider-Verse, however when the mid-credit point hits, the title for the third Spider-Man film is shown: Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is in theaters now!

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