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Green Thumbs Up: Grow With U

Green Thumbs Up: Grow With U

Green Thumbs Up: Grow With U

Spring has sprung, which means it’s officially time to start planting your garden! What’s going on in your garden this year? It’s high time to plant some tomatoes and fresh spring flowers, but perhaps you put your green thumb to the test and grow some cannabis, too! Now, we know that might sound a little daunting– but growing cannabis is easier than it seems, especially with a bit of help from the Clone Guy! Clones from the Clone Guy are now available in-store while supplies last at Airfield! We’ll stock them through growing season as best we can. Give us a call or chat with us here to find out which strains are available!

Clones vs. Seeds

Clones are a great alternative to starting a plant from seed. Much like flowers you buy at the nursery or garden supply store, they’re ready to plant when you pick them up from the store! You don’t have to worry about germinating seeds or hoping they’re viable only to find that none of your plants grew. The Clone Guy’s clones have a guarantee like no other– if it dies, they’ll help us replace it for you with a brand new one! Talk about a fresh start!

That’s not the only benefit of growing from clones, either. When growing cannabis from seed, there’s always a potential you’ll end up with a male plant. It doesn’t seem like a bad thing when stated just like that, but male cannabis plants are not that great at producing smokable buds! Instead, they create seed pods that are better for making additional seeds to germinate or crossing genetics to develop new strains. For most people, those two things are not necessarily the primary goal when growing at home.

Cannabis seeds

That’s where the clones come in clutch. Flower is female— we’re sure you’ve heard that saying, particularly this month as we celebrate women, especially women in weed. It means the plants that produce the gorgeous, THC-rich flowers we’re used to appreciating are all female! These female producers are also known as mother plants; clones are cut directly from these mothers, making them exact genetic copies of the plant from which they came. As long as they are cared for and kept away from significant stressors & male plants, you won’t have to worry about lowering your yield or finding seed pods!

Are you feeling ready to try your hand at growing cannabis yet? Fear not; if you still need a few more tips and tricks to get started, the Clone Guy has excellent resources available to customers directly on his website! Find tips on nutrients, watering schedules, and lighting needs, and become an expert before you start!

One last thing to keep in mind! Most cities in California allow recreational cannabis users to grow up to six (6) cannabis plants at their residences (though specifics like required permits or locations vary from city to city; we recommend researching your city’s regulations before purchasing just to be safe!)

We can’t wait to see your gardens! Thanks for reading & happy growing!

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