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Investor tips: Finfellas 2023 edition

Investor tips: Finfellas 2023 edition

Welcome to June’s special edition of Investor Stories: Finfellas 2023 conference. Finfellas took place in Riga, Latvia at the beginning of June and brought together P2P, crowdfunding, and real estate platforms. At Finfellas, we spoke to 3 different investors and asked for their tips and strategies for investing on Mintos.

Our first investor is Federico from Italy. He is a business management consultant and agreed to speak with us because, across all platforms, he’s had the best experience investing on Mintos. He started investing on Mintos in 2015 when he started exploring investing in loans. Now, about 30% of his portfolio is on Mintos.

Federico’s investor tip:

First, think about what you want to do with the money you’re investing, and don’t be afraid to invest for the long term (retirement, your children’s education, etc.). In general, the more time your money sits in an investment, the higher chance your money will grow.

Secondly, diversify, diversify, diversify. Do this across different platforms, and don’t be scared to take some risks. Federico invests in many asset classes with relatively high-risk portfolios. He finds assets like crypto a bit too risky, and assets like German bonds not risky enough. Although he does invest in these assets, they make up a small portion of his portfolio. 

Our second investor is Max from the Czech Republic. Mintos is one of the first platforms that he started investing with many years ago. About 10-15% of his portfolio is on Mintos. Investing is a hobby that Max enjoys. He invests manually and checks his Mintos account about once a week.

Max’s investor tip: 

Max is an enthusiastic believer in diversification. His friends say his portfolio is diversified to a level of paranoia. His strategy is to diversify across many countries and platforms with bonds, shares, P2P, crowdfunds, deposits, and loans. 

Max has a snowball strategy where he puts some money in an investment, then takes the earnings sometime later and reinvests them. If he has some extra earnings, he’ll use them to further diversify and invest in some new assets. After all, you can never have enough diversification. Max doesn’t invest in very risky assets such as crypto. He says if he can’t check or count it, he can’t control it. At that point, it’s a hazard to him, not an investment.

Our third investor is Peter from Ireland. He started investing because he didn’t want his money to deteriorate in a bank. He got interested in P2P lending first. After a lot of research, he found Mintos because it’s one of the leading platforms for investing in loans. About two-thirds of his portfolio is now on Mintos. After regulation came into place, he had a lot of confidence in platforms for investing in loans because of the proper financial regulation in place to protect investors.

“You work hard to make your money. Let your money work for you”


Peter’s investor tips: 

Although everyone is talking about “one-click investing”, Peter prefers to do his own manual investing. His strategy is to look at the different lending companies on Mintos and invest in safer options based on the Mintos Risk Scores. He sets up different strategies for different lending companies on Mintos based on the Risk Scores. 

Peter emphasizes taking your time and doing your research when it comes to investing. He says that it’s essential to do your research into different lending companies. If you’re just starting out investing, learn how the system works with a small amount of money at the beginning. Patience is key. Take time to learn how to diversify properly. Peter rushed into investing in the beginning. He wanted it all done in one day but regrets it. He says he should’ve taken a few months to invest properly. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Thanks to all of our investors who spoke with us at Finfellas, it was great meeting you!

Your Mintos team

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