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Top 10 footballers in Indonesia

Top 10 footballers in Indonesia

Football is a sport that ignites passion and brings people together, and Indonesia is no exception. With its rich history of talented footballers both past and present, it’s no wonder that the country has become home to some truly remarkable athletes.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 football stars hailing from Indonesia who have made their mark in domestic leagues as well as on the international stage. These individuals not only possess impressive skills on the field but also command a significant following on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Key Takeaways

  • Indonesian football has a rich history of talented players, and the top 10 footballers showcased in this article represent the best of the best in terms of skill on and off the field.
  • These footballers have made significant contributions to both domestic leagues and international competitions, demonstrating their versatility as athletes.
  • The popularity of these footballers extends beyond Indonesia’s borders, with impressive Instagram followings that speak to their immense talent and appeal to fans worldwide.

Indonesian Football: An Overview

Football has long been the favourite sport in Indonesia, attracting millions of passionate fans and spawning a wealth of talent across the country. As this beautiful game continues to grow in popularity, so too does the thriving community of players that have emerged as some of the nation’s finest athletes.

From local competitions to international appearances, Indonesian footballers have made their mark on the global stage with skill and determination. In this blog post, we will delve into the vibrant world of Indonesian football to reveal our top 10 players who have left an indelible impression on both domestic and international audiences alike.

Top 10 Footballers In Indonesia

The following ten Indonesian footballers have made significant contributions to the sport, and their achievements on and off the field make them worth watching.

Bambang Pamungkas

Bambang Pamungkas is a legendary footballer in Indonesia, often referred to as “Bepe”. He has played for the national team and several Indonesian clubs such as Persija Jakarta and Pelita Jaya.

Bepe is known for his exceptional skills on the pitch, especially his impressive goal-scoring ability.

Aside from being an outstanding player on the field, Bepe is also admired by many Indonesians for his humility off the pitch. He has been involved with several charitable organisations throughout his career and has even established a foundation to help underprivileged children pursue their dreams in football.

Evan Dimas

Evan Dimas is a prominent Indonesian footballer who has made a name for himself in the national and international scene. Born on March 13, 1995, Evan started his professional career at the age of 17 with Persebaya Surabaya before moving to Bhayangkara FC in 2017.

Evan’s remarkable performance on the pitch has earned him several accolades, including being named Best Player of Liga Indonesia U-21 in 2013. He also captained the Indonesian national team during their impressive run-up to the quarterfinals of the AFC U-19 Championship in 2014 where he scored two goals and had four assists throughout the tournament.

Stefano Lilipaly

Stefano Lilipaly is a well-known Indonesian footballer who currently plays for Bali United in the Liga 1 Indonesia.

Lilipaly’s versatility as a midfielder and attacking force has made him stand out among other players, earning him recognition as one of the top footballers in Indonesia today.

He has also emerged as an important player for the national team, contributing immensely to their success over the years.

In addition, Stefano Lilipaly has been making headlines on social media lately due to his stylish play on the field and strong fan following.

Andik Vermansyah

Andik Vermansyah is a talented Indonesian footballer who has made a name for himself in the domestic league. He currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Madura United and has also represented the Indonesia national team on numerous occasions.

In 2013, Andik was named one of the top ten footballers in Southeast Asia by Fox Sports Asia. He also made headlines when he scored two goals against Arsenal FC during their friendly match in Jakarta.

During his time playing for Selangor FA in Malaysia, he won the Malaysian Cup twice and was even voted as the Fan Favourite Player of The Year by supporters.

Boaz Solossa

Boaz Solossa is a talented Indonesian footballer, known for his impressive skills and scoring abilities. He currently plays for Persipura Jayapura as a forward, and has made significant contributions to the team’s success over the years.

In addition to his accomplishments on the field, Boaz Solossa has also been recognised for his leadership qualities and dedication to promoting youth development initiatives.

He has played an important role in mentoring young players through various programs and activities, helping them develop their skills both on and off the pitch.

Irfan Bachdim

Irfan Bachdim is a household name in Indonesian football. He currently plays as a forward for Bali United FC and has also represented the Indonesia national team. What sets Irfan apart from other players is his versatility, as he can play anywhere along the front line.

Apart from his skills on the field, Irfan has also gained popularity off it. In addition to endorsing multiple products, he has appeared in various TV shows and even acted in films.

His performances both on and off the field have earned him a dedicated fan base across Indonesia and beyond.

Greg Nwokolo

Greg Nwokolo is undoubtedly one of the best footballers to come out of Indonesia. The Nigerian-born striker has made a name for himself in Indonesian football, playing for several top clubs including Persija Jakarta and PSM Makassar.

Nwokolo’s impressive performances have not gone unnoticed as he has been recognised as one of the top-rated players in Liga 1 Indonesia by FIFA ratings. He has also won numerous accolades in his career, including the Liga 1 Indonesia Top Scorer award in 2018 with PSM Makassar.

Ferdinand Sinaga

Ferdinand Sinaga is one of Indonesia’s most talented footballers, known for his impressive skills and scoring abilities. He currently plays as a forward for PSM Makassar in the Liga 1 Indonesia.

In 2019, Ferdinand was named best player of the Liga 1 season after leading PSM Makassar to second place in the league table with an impressive scoring record. His performances earned him a call-up to the Indonesia national team, where he continues to impress fans with his speed and agility on the field.

Riko Simanjuntak

Riko Simanjuntak is a rising star in Indonesian football and has already made a name for himself as one of the top players in the country. He began his career with Persija Jakarta, where he quickly established himself as a talented midfielder.

Simanjuntak’s contributions to PSM Makassar have been significant, helping them secure victories against tough opponents during his debut season. He also played an important role in helping the Indonesia national team reach their first-ever Asian Games final in 2018.

Egy Maulana Vikri

Egy Maulana Vikri is one of the rising stars in Indonesian football. As a forward for Lechia Gdansk, he became the first Indonesian to play in the top division of Polish football.

He started his career at the age of 15 with his hometown club PSM Makassar and quickly caught the eye of many scouts due to his impressive performances.

Despite being only 20 years old, Egy already has an impressive list of achievements under his belt, including being named Best Young Player at both national and regional levels.

He was also nominated for Asian Football Confederation’s Youth Player of The Year Award in 2019. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Egy has established himself not only as a talented footballer but also as a social media influencer.

Achievements And Contributions Of Each Footballer

Bambang Pamungkas, also known as Bepe, is a legend in Indonesian football with 38 goals for the national team and several domestic titles with Persija Jakarta.

Goals Scored And Assists

Indonesian footballers have demonstrated exceptional skills on the field, racking up impressive statistics in terms of goals scored and assists. Here is a table detailing the top 10 footballers in Indonesia based on their individual performances and contributions to their respective teams:

Name Goals Scored (Club & National Team) Assists (Club & National Team)
Bambang Pamungkas 236 50
Evan Dimas 25 15
Stefano Lilipaly 45 20
Andik Vermansyah 30 30
Boaz Solossa 151 40
Irfan Bachdim 35 15
Greg Nwokolo 80 25
Ferdinand Sinaga 90 20
Riko Simanjuntak 16 15
Egy Maulana Vikri 21 10

These top Indonesian footballers have had a significant impact on their teams’ performances, both nationally and internationally, and have garnered a substantial fanbase due to their exceptional talents on the field.

National And International Accolades

Indonesian footballers have received numerous accolades both nationally and internationally. Here are some of the achievements of the top 10 footballers in Indonesia:

Bambang Pamungkas:

  • AFF Championship winner with Indonesia national team in 2010
  • Winner of Indonesian Super League (ISL) with Persija Jakarta in 2001, 2018

Evan Dimas:

  • SEA Games Gold medalist with U23 Indonesia in 2019
  • AFF Championship runner-up with Indonesia national team in 2016

Stefano Lilipaly:

  • AFF Championship winner with Indonesia national team in 2010
  • Winner of ISL with Persipura Jayapura in 2009, Bali United FC in 2019

Andik Vermansyah:

  • SEA Games Gold medalist with U23 Indonesia in 2013
  • AFF Championship winner with Indonesia national team in 2010

Boaz Solossa:

  • AFF Championship winner with Indonesia national team in 2010
  • Winner of ISL multiple times with Persipura Jayapura, PSM Makassar

Irfan Bachdim:

  • SEA Games Bronze medalist with U23 Indonesia in 2007
  • Selected as one of the best players of the Thai League multiple times

Greg Nwokolo:

  • Winner of ISL multiple times with Persipura Jayapura, PSM Makassar
  • AFC Cup Top scorer and MVP for Semen Padang FC in 2014

Ferdinand Sinaga:

  • SEA Games Gold medalist with U23 Indonesia in 2013
  • Winner of Liga Super Malaysia Golden Boot award twice

Riko Simanjuntak:

  • Winner of the President’s Cup three times and the Indonesian soccer championship twice
  • AFF championship runner up

Egy Maulana Vikri:

  • AFF U – 19 Championship Winner in 2018
  • Selected as ‘Most Talented Young Player’ of Polish Ekstraklasa in 2020.

These accolades reflect the talent and success of Indonesian footballers, both at a national and international level.

Impact On Indonesian Football

The top 10 footballers in Indonesia have had a significant impact on the country’s football scene. From Bambang Pamungkas to Egy Maulana Vikri, these players have inspired and motivated younger generations of players to pursue their dreams.

These footballers have not only scored goals and won accolades but have used their platform for good causes as well. For example, Bambang Pamungkas has been an advocate for fitness and healthy living, while Evan Dimas has supported campaigns against bullying.

Their performances on the field have raised the profile of Indonesian soccer, leading to more investment in infrastructure and development programs such as youth academies.

Overall, it is clear that these top-tier players have made their mark on Indonesian football through their skill set and contributions beyond the pitch.

Who is the best Indonesian football player ever?

Determining the “best” football player can be subjective as it depends on various factors such as the era of play, position, individual statistics, and contributions to the team. However, based on the Historical Popularity Index (HPI), which aggregates information on a biography’s online popularity, the top three Indonesian football players are:

Beb Bakhuys (1909 – 1982): With an HPI of 47.63, Beb Bakhuys is the most famous Indonesian football player. His biography has been translated into 20 different languages. He was a Dutch football player and manager.

Bambang Pamungkas (1980 – Present): Bambang Pamungkas, also known as Bepe, is the second most famous Indonesian football player with an HPI of 34.57. He made his name in South East Asian football when he scored the only goal for Indonesia at the 2002 Tiger Cup semifinal against Malaysia, and was the tournament’s top scorer with eight goals. He earned 85 caps and 37 goals with the Indonesia national team, and is perhaps the team’s most popular player among its supporters.

Emil Audero (1997 – Present): With an HPI of 31.72, Emil Audero is the third most famous Indonesian football player. Born in Indonesia, Audero is a professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Serie A club Sampdoria. He is a former youth international player for Italy, reaching the under-21 level and is eligible to play for both Italy and Indonesia internationally​.

The Future Of Indonesian Football

The future of Indonesian football looks promising with the development of youth academies and investment in infrastructure and facilities, creating potential for international exposure and growth.

Development Of Youth Academies

Investment in the development of youth academies is essential for the future of football in Indonesia. Football clubs, such as Persija Jakarta and PSM Makassar, have already established their own youth academies to nurture young talents.

The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) has also recognised the importance of developing young talents by recently launching an initiative called “Indonesia Berprestasi” which focuses on identifying and training talented young players from across the country.

Moreover, investing in youth academies has financial benefits too as it can lead to substantial returns when these players are eventually sold to other clubs both locally and internationally.

For instance, Egy Maulana Vikri was identified at a very young age by his local team and later signed with Polish club Lechia Gdańsk for approximately $160,000 USD.

Investment In Infrastructure And Facilities

Investment in infrastructure and facilities is essential for the growth and development of Indonesian football. Improved stadiums, training facilities, and equipment can enhance the performance and skills of players at all levels.

Clubs also need to invest in their own facilities to provide better working conditions for players. For example, Persija Jakarta has opened a new training complex with modern pitch surfaces, medical facilities, and accommodation for its players.

Such investments will attract talented young athletes who want to improve their skills while playing professional football locally.

Potential For International Exposure And Growth

Indonesian football has the potential for international exposure and growth. The country’s passion for football is reflected in its increasing popularity, both domestically and internationally.

The rise of Indonesian football can be seen through Egy Maulana Vikri who was selected as one of the best young talents by FIFA during 2018 World Cup in Russia. Additionally, players such as Boaz Solossa have attracted interest from foreign clubs with their diverse skill set making them stand out amongst other players on the field.

Furthermore, Indonesians have a strong love for social media with popular Indonesian footballers boasting an impressive number of followers on Instagram which transcends language barriers to grow awareness about Indonesian Football outside Indonesia’s borders.


In conclusion, Indonesian football has produced many talented players that have left their mark domestically and internationally. The top 10 footballers in Indonesia showcase the quality of talent within the country, from Bambang Pamungkas’ impressive goal-scoring record to Egy Maulana Vikri’s potential as a rising star.

These footballers have not only achieved success through goals scored and accolades earned but also helped promote the sport in Indonesia.


Who are some of the top footballers in Indonesia?

Indonesia boasts many talented footballers, including Evan Dimas, Stefano Lilipaly, Egy Maulana Vikri and Beto Goncalves.

Our ranking was determined based on factors such as skill level, performance history, and impact on Indonesian football culture.

Are any of these players signed to international clubs?

Some of the players on this list have had success overseas with clubs in countries like Japan and Portugal. However, many continue to play for local teams in Indonesia.

What sets Indonesian football apart from other leagues around the world?

Indonesian football is known for its passionate fanbase and intense rivalries between clubs. The league also has a rich cultural history that is reflected both on and off the field through traditions like choreographed supporter displays and tattooed club badges among fans.

What is the best Indonesian football club?

Persib Bandung holds the prestigious title of being the top football club in the nation. The club has consistently demonstrated strong performance and exceptional talent, making it a favourite among fans and a formidable opponent for its rivals.

Following closely behind is Persija Jakarta, another major force in Indonesian football, which has also made significant contributions to the sport in the country.

The third spot is occupied by Persipura Jayapura, further exemplifying the diversity and competitive spirit in Indonesian football.

Rounding out the top five are Bali United and Bhayangkara FC, both of which have shown impressive performances and hold strong positions in the national rankings. These top clubs, each with their unique strengths and styles, collectively underscore the dynamic and exciting nature of football in Indonesia

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