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Where to find SA Horse Racing Results

Where to find SA Horse Racing Results

South African horse racing is a thrilling sport that captivates the hearts of many fans and bettors alike. With numerous prestigious racecourses, including Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein hosting exciting events throughout the year, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest results in order to make informed betting decisions.

This blog post not only provides information on where to find SA Horse Racing Results but also shares tips for analysing them effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • TABGold is a one-stop-shop for accessing the latest South African horse racing results from prestigious tracks like Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth and Turffontein.
  • Racing Results and Cards & Results are dedicated horse racing websites that offer valuable information such as racecards, full results and betting tips for South African horse races.
  • Utilise social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date with real-time updates on current races or check directly with the racecourse or track where the races are taking place. Additionally, expert tipsters and analysis along with reliable betting odds can help in making informed decisions when placing bets.

Where To Find SA Horse Racing Results

Access the latest results for races at Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein on TABGold.

TABGold: Access The Latest Results For Races At Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, And Turffontein

TABGold is a popular and reliable source for accessing the latest South African horse racing results, covering well-known racecourses such as Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein.

As one of the leading horse racing platforms in South Africa, TABGold offers a comprehensive database of race results that are continually updated with relevant information.

Not only does TABGold provide the most up-to-date results from these prestigious tracks but also valuable insights on betting tips to help users make more informed decisions when placing wagers.

The website’s user-friendly interface allows individuals to navigate through each track’s data seamlessly while keeping an eye on their favourite races without missing a beat.

Racing Results: Find Meeting Results For Various Courses

Racing Results is a great platform for horse racing enthusiasts to find meeting results for various courses. You can get access to racecards, full results, and betting tips for South African horse races by clicking on the date and track link.

This website provides comprehensive information such as jockeys, scratches, payouts, and other important details that one would need to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in SA horse racing.

Additionally, you can also find historical data on past performances of horses and check out the upcoming South African horseracing calendar.

Cards & Results: Get Racecards, Results, And Betting Tips

Cards & Results is a great resource for horse racing enthusiasts in South Africa as it provides access to racecards, results, and betting tips. By clicking on the date and track link on their website, viewers can see all of the latest information from various racetracks including Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth and Turffontein.

This platform offers detailed analysis of each race along with expert selections making it easy for bettors to make informed decisions. Additionally, users can stay up-to-date with news from the industry by subscribing to Cards & Results email alerts or newsletters.

Today’s Racing Results: Check Results For Today’s Races

Those who want to check the results of today’s races can do so easily by visiting various online racing platforms. TABGold, for example, offers quick access to horse racing results from multiple tracks such as Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein.

In addition to that, one can also find the latest payouts and betting information on TABGold’s website. Another option is Racing Results where one can browse through meeting results for different courses.

Social media sites like Twitter or Facebook are also worth checking out since many horse racing clubs post up-to-date race results there.

Moreover, dedicated websites or forums may give more detailed racecards and even betting tips regarding today’s events. provides a fast and accurate horse racing result service from over 100 racecourses around the world including races scheduled for today in South Africa as well as globally televised big races such as the Kentucky Derby or Royal Ascot.

Turffontein Racecourse: Find Today’s Results And Betting Information

For those interested in horse racing, Turffontein Racecourse offers an excellent source for today’s results and betting information. Located in Johannesburg, this premier racetrack provides a wide range of betting opportunities throughout the year.

From its website, one can access up-to-date information on upcoming events, including races and stakes lists. Moreover, Turffontein also provides essential details such as race times and distances, jockey names and their mounts’ identities.

Horse racing enthusiasts can also find valuable data on scratchings or late changes to fields that could impact their wagers positively or negatively.

How To Find SA Horse Racing Results

Utilise the internet to quickly and easily find updated SA horse racing results.

Utilise The Internet To Find Updated Results

To find the latest South African horse racing results, utilising the internet is a convenient and efficient way. Numerous websites offer up-to-date information on races taking place across the country, including TABGold and Racing Results.

Apart from dedicated horse racing sites and forums, social media platforms like Twitter also provide real-time updates on current races. Handicappers and tipsters often share their insights online as well, offering bettors valuable information to make informed decisions.

Check With The Racecourse Or Track

To get the latest SA horse racing results, it’s always a good idea to directly check with the racecourse or track where the races are taking place. Most tracks provide up-to-date information on their websites or social media pages, making it easy for horse racing enthusiasts to stay informed.

For example, Turffontein racecourse offers information on upcoming events, full results of past races, statistics and maps of the course as well as ticketing details. Other popular South African tracks such as Vaal, Greyville and Kenilworth also provide valuable insight into meeting results and other relevant information that can be accessed from their respective websites or social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

Look For Dedicated Horse Racing Websites Or Forums

Dedicated horse racing websites and forums are excellent resources for finding the latest South African horse racing results. These sites provide comprehensive information on upcoming races, racecards, betting tips, expert analysis, and more.

Some popular horse racing websites include Sporting Post, Turf Talk, and Racing Association.

Forums such as and offer a platform for discussions on various topics related to horse racing in South Africa and other countries. Here, passionate racing fans can share their opinions on races or horses they’re following while also learning from others’ insights.

By using dedicated horse racing websites or forums during your research process will help you make informed decisions when placing bets or simply gaining insight into the world of South African Horse Racing.

Check With Bookmakers Or Betting Agencies

Another way to stay updated on SA horse racing results is by checking with bookmakers or betting agencies. These organisations often have access to the latest information and can provide punters with quick updates on race outcomes, payouts, scratches, and more.

Some popular bookmakers in South Africa include Hollywoodbets, Betway, and Sportingbet.

It’s important to note that while bookmakers and betting agencies can be a great resource for staying up-to-date on horse racing results, they are primarily focused on the betting aspect of the sport.

Other Useful Horse Racing Resources

Expert tipsters and analysis, reliable betting odds, live streaming of races and information on upcoming events are all valuable resources for passionate South African horse racing fans.

Expert Tipsters And Analysis

Expert tipsters and analysis play a crucial role in horse racing by offering valuable insights into the performances of horses, jockeys, and trainers. These experts use their wealth of knowledge to predict winners, analyse track conditions, and provide betting tips for enthusiasts.

One example is South African tipster Warren Lenferna, who has won numerous accolades for his accurate predictions. He uses data analysis tools to study past performance records, track conditions, and form guides to make informed bets.

His expertise has earned him recognition across South Africa’s horse racing community as one of the top handicappers in the business.

Betting Odds And Information

Betting odds and information play a crucial role in horse racing, as they help bettors make informed decisions. South African TABGold provides up-to-date betting odds for races at various tracks like Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein.

Moreover, dedicated horse racing websites such as Racing Results and Cards & Results offer details on each runner’s form guide to assist gamblers with their bets. These platforms provide extensive coverage of upcoming races along with information on stakes and payouts.

Livestreaming Of Horse Races

Horse racing enthusiasts no longer have to be physically present at the racetrack to enjoy the thrill of live racing. Livestreaming has made it possible for fans to watch races from anywhere, anytime.

Many horse racing websites offer live streaming services allowing viewers to follow the action in real-time. For instance, South Africa’s leading online sports betting website – TABGold – offers a livestream feature that allows users with funded accounts to watch all their favourite races.

Additionally, dedicated mobile apps like Racing TV and AtTheRaces provide live coverage of major races from around the world.

What’s more? With advanced technology like Virtual Reality (VR), watching horse races has never been more immersive than ever before! In some instances, it is even possible to place bets while watching a race via livestream.

This not only enhances user experience but also makes it easier for people who cannot make it to the track or betting shops on race day.

Information On Upcoming Races And Events

Horse racing enthusiasts in South Africa can stay up-to-date with the latest upcoming races and events by checking out various online resources. Racing calendars are available on racing club websites, where one can find a list of scheduled races for the current season.

Additionally, dedicated horse racing news websites offer comprehensive coverage of all things related to horseracing. These sites feature race previews and reviews, expert analysis, as well as details on upcoming fixtures at different tracks across the country.

Online platforms, racing news websites, social media pages of horse racing clubs, and mobile apps are great resources to access South African horse racing results. These sources provide racecards with detailed information about the horses and jockeys competing in each race, including their names, past performances, odds to win the race and stake payouts.

Websites like offer expert tips while provides live streaming of key races across many courses.

In addition to accessing current horse racing results via these online resources, South Africans can learn about upcoming events at different racetracks. Betting agencies sometimes offer special promotions for certain match days or meetings; users may be able to place bets on future races ahead of time by getting updates from these websites or social media pages.

Where To Find SA Horse Racing Results

Access the latest results for races at Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein through TABGold and find meeting results for various courses on Racing Results – discover more places to find SA horse racing results by reading on.

Online Racing Platforms

Online racing platforms have become increasingly popular for accessing horse racing results in South Africa. One such platform is TABGold, which allows users to view the latest results for races at various tracks like Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth and Turffontein.

Another online platform is Racing Results which gives you access to meeting results for many racecourses across the country. Additionally, Cards & Results provide racecards and betting tips while Today’s Racing Results will give you up-to-date information on today’s races.

Horse Racing News Websites

Horse racing news websites are a great resource for staying updated on the latest developments and information related to the sport. These websites offer breaking news, insightful analysis, and feature stories on horse racing events happening around the world.

BloodHorse is one of the most trusted sources for horse racing news in the US. It covers all aspects of thoroughbred racing with articles on breeding, sales, track coverage and more.

Racing Post is another go-to source for international race coverage that offers industry-leading statistics along with relevant updates on trainers and jockeys’ activities.

At The Races provides daily reports from UK & Irish racecourses while Horse Racing Nation serves as a comprehensive destination for American-based thoroughbred content including in-depth profiles of horses running in top races like Kentucky Derby or Breeder’s Cup Classic.

Social Media

South African horse racing results can also be found on various social media platforms. Many horseracing organisations and racecourses have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts that provide real-time updates on the latest races, horses, jockeys, and trainers.

For example, Turffontein Racecourse has a Twitter account where they post information about upcoming races, and event details such as gate opening times and access to their facilities.

In addition to this account, some other social media handles like #horsesofinstagram provides very visually engaging content related to horses all over the world including South Africa.

According to recent statistics from there are over 18 million active social media users in South Africa which means most of the information is shared via these channels daily making it possible for users interested in Horse Racing industry to keep up-to-date with everything that’s happening at any point in time.

Racing Club Websites

Racing club websites are also a great source for SA horse racing results. These websites offer the latest news and updates on race meetings, as well as results and analysis.

Additionally, South African horseracing clubs such as the Cape Thoroughbred Sales Company (CTSC) have online platforms where enthusiasts can find comprehensive information about upcoming races and events.

On these racing club websites, you can also learn about the history of horse racing in South Africa and get insights into various local breeds.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among horse racing enthusiasts in South Africa. With the convenience of accessing racing results, betting tips, and racecards from anywhere and at any time, mobile apps have become an essential tool for horse racing fans.

One such app is TABGold’s horse-racing app which offers access to live streaming of races, information on upcoming events, and fast and accurate race results.

Other useful mobile apps include’s horse-racing app that offers real-time notifications on starting prices and scratchings while providing detailed performance statistics of horses involved in a particular event.

What Information Can You Find In SA Horse Racing Results?

SA Horse Racing Results provide a wealth of information including horse and jockey names, race times and distances, betting odds and results, as well as prize money and stakes – read on to discover how to best analyse this data for your next bet.

Horse And Jockey Names

Knowing the names of horses and jockeys is essential for anyone interested in horse racing. By identifying the top-performing jockeys and horses, one can gain valuable insights into each race’s potential outcomes.

In South Africa, some notable jockeys include Lyle Hewitson, Craig Zackey, and Warren Kennedy. Similarly, some popular horses include Do It Again, Rainbow Bridge, and Summer Pudding.

In addition to identifying individual performers’ strengths and weaknesses, understanding horse-jockey pairings is also important. Some jockeys may work particularly well with certain horses or trainers due to their riding style or personalities.

Keeping track of these pairings can help predict future outcomes more accurately.

Race Times And Distances

Horse racing enthusiasts know that it is crucial to have accurate information on race times and distances when following the sport. South African horse racing results provide this vital information for various courses, including Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, and Turffontein.

Not only do punters need access to up-to-date race timings and distances before placing bets, but trainers also use this information to determine a horse’s suitability for a particular race.

Horse racing in South Africa has become more accessible thanks to online platforms like Turffontein Racecourse and Racing Results sites where people can find complete details of upcoming events along with exact race times and distances.

Betting Odds And Results

Betting odds and results are two crucial pieces of information for any horse racing enthusiast. When it comes to betting, understanding the odds is important as they determine how much money you can win if your chosen horse wins.

In South Africa, TABGold offers a comprehensive guide on the latest betting odds and payouts for races at various tracks such as Vaal, Greyville, Fairview, Kenilworth, Turffontein, and more.

Additionally, by studying past race results and analysing trends in performance stats like jockey form or trainer strike rates; bettors increase their chances of predicting future winners accurately.

Prize Money And Stakes

Prize money and stakes are two crucial elements of horse racing that can be found in South African horse racing results. Prize money is the amount awarded to the winners of each race, and it varies depending on the class and prestige of the event.

The higher the prize or purse, the more competitive the race usually is. On the other hand, stake refers to how much owners have invested in their horses for a particular race.

The bigger the stake, typically means there will be better quality horses running.

For example, at Turffontein Racecourse’s Emperor’s Palace Ready To Run Cup Day in 2019, a massive R3 million was up for grabs as prize money for three-year-olds over just 1400meters – which made it one of Gauteng’s richest horse races!

South Africa offers some great prizes and stakes making horse racing an exciting sport filled with plenty of expectation and anticipation both from participants and also from fans who enjoy following the racing closely each year.

Tips For Analysing SA Horse Racing Results

Analysing past performances of horses, jockeys and trainers can help horse racing enthusiasts make informed decisions.

Study Past Performances Of Horses, Jockeys, And Trainers

To increase your chances of placing winning bets on horse racing in South Africa, it is crucial to study past performances of horses, jockeys, and trainers. Analysing a horse’s previous races can help you understand its running style, preferred distance, and track conditions.

You can also check jockey statistics to see which riders have won the most races or who performs well with certain horses.

For instance, analysing past data on Turffontein racecourse shows that top trainer Sean Tarry has had an impressive win percentage of 23% at the venue over the last five seasons.

He has trained over 200 winners during this period and could be worth following when he saddles up runners at Turffontein. Similarly, looking back at jockeys’ records reveals that Warren Kennedy has been successful recently with over 70 wins from his last 400 rides across various courses in South Africa.

Analyse Track Conditions And Race Distances

To become a successful horse racing bettor, it’s essential to analyse track conditions and race distances. Different horses perform better on different surfaces, so understanding the current track condition is crucial.

A horse that excels on wet tracks may struggle on firm ground, and vice versa.

Race distances are also crucial factors to consider when analysing horse racing results in South Africa. Some horses perform better over sprint distances of five or six furlongs while others excel over longer races like 1 mile plus course length.

For example, if a handicapper notices that a certain jockey regularly wins with front-running tactics over short distances but struggles to maintain leads in long-distance races – this could inform their betting strategy by considering shorter sprints for backing said rider – informed decisions based solely on trends from past performances go along way in winning bets!

Look For Patterns And Trends

To increase your chances of success in horse racing, it’s important to look for patterns and trends. By doing so, you may be able to identify horses that consistently perform well under certain conditions or against certain competitors.

For example, you might notice that a particular jockey always seems to do well on a specific racecourse. Or perhaps you see that a certain horse tends to run best over shorter distances rather than longer ones.

By studying past performances of horses, jockeys, and trainers alongside track conditions and race distances, you’ll start to develop an understanding of what factors have the greatest impact on outcomes.

Follow Expert Handicappers And Tipsters

Following expert handicappers and tipsters is a great way to increase your chances of winning at horse racing. These individuals have years of experience in the industry, know the ins and outs of racecourses, jockeys, and horses.

Some popular handicappers and tipsters include Winning Form, The Citizen’s Racing Correspondent, Sporting Post, and Turfontein Insider.

For instance, Sporting Post provides daily updated horse racing news in South Africa while The Citizen’s Racing Correspondent offers in-depth coverage of local races with insightful commentary from experts which includes trainers as well as jockeys themselves offering an insider point view on how competition shapes up.


In conclusion, finding South African horse racing results is now easier than ever before with the vast array of online resources available. From TABGold to Racing Results and Cards & Results, there are plenty of options to choose from.

It’s important to do your research when searching for horse racing results and utilise dedicated websites, social media platforms, or mobile apps. By studying past performances, track conditions, and following handicappers and tipsters, you’ll increase your chances of making informed bets on upcoming races in South Africa.


Where can I find the latest SA horse racing results?

The fastest and most reliable way to find current South African horse racing results is by visiting reputable online sportsbook sites or official racecourse websites that provide real-time updates on all races taking place in the country.

Is it possible to access SA horse racing results via mobile apps?

Yes, many sports betting and live streaming apps offer up-to-date information about upcoming races as well as deliver detailed statistics, form guides, jockeys information and other useful data for punters from the palm of their hand

Are there any free services available online where I can view past SA horse racing results?

Some websites such as Sporting Post allow users to browse through an extensive archive of historical race data dating back several years at no extra cost but if you want full comprehensive stats then consider a paid subscription service with daily and seasonal reports.

Can I receive alerts on my phone regarding SA horse racing outcomes?

Most high-profile South African bookmakers offer notifications that alert users when races are about to start or when certain horses have been scratched while others use SMS messaging options so customers never miss out on a race they’re interested in following closely without having to check regularly themselves.

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