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What’s new in wellness?

What’s new in wellness?

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The market size of the health and wellness category is impressive. First, the Global Wellness Institute presents an interesting definition: “Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots. The key principles of both preventive and holistic wellness can be traced back to ancient civilizations from the East (India, China) to the West (Greece, Rome). In 19th century Europe and the United States. Holistic and wellness-focused modalities have gained more visibility in recent years. It is understood as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health”. This portal indicates that this category was worth U$ 5243 billion in 2022 and has a projected value of U$ 8945 billion in 2032, with a projected CAGR of 5.5% over this period. Such a market size is known as the “wellness economy”.

On the other hand, reviewing an example, a recent publication by the portal indicates that the global meditation market has a projected CAGR of 10.4% in the period from 2019 to 2027 with an estimated value for that date of U$9 trillion. The wellness market in general is presenting great dynamism and therefore we see very interesting innovations and trends in different fields such as mental wellness, physical activity, lifestyle, beauty, health, cosmetics, wellness in workspaces, wellness at home, meditation, wellness tourism and spa industry, among others.

Apps: We are seeing apps that offer themed meditations that increase concentration, decrease stress and help to cope with difficult emotions and moments. These apps are interesting because they include the voices of famous people.

Biofeedback: This is one of the trending concepts in this category. It consists of monitoring and measuring the different reactions of the organism, such as heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rate, brain activity and eye movements, among others, to define actions that help control stress, emotions, motivation, concentration capacity, therapy follow-up, concentration capacity, provide calm and better sleep experience.

Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bath: This is an oriental concept that is gaining more prominence in all regions and consists of a visit to a forest immersing oneself in it with the five senses, in order to bring health and well-being to people. Statistics indicate that every year between 2.5 and 5 million Japanese people affected by stress, hypertension and anxiety caused by modern life, attend such sessions in certified forest centers, where they can find breathing exercises and guided activities. Before and after the natural therapy session, participants’ blood pressure and other physiological variables are measured to check the effectiveness of the treatment.

A recent publication in the Colombian newspaper indicates that: “modern cities do not stop growing and living in them is synonymous with adrenaline and stress. Therefore, it is not unusual for people, focused on their daily chores and obligations, to put themselves on autopilot and forget about themselves, their emotions and needs. World Bank figures indicate that 55% of the population lives in cities and by 2050 this number is expected to double. Faced with this maddening and overwhelming panorama, there are different techniques to achieve a change: to return to the origins and get away, at least for a while, from the maelstrom and urbanization”. This technique is said to have the following benefits: it reduces stress, anxiety and depression, improves mood, boosts the immune system and increases creativity and well-being.

Grounding: The objective is to put the feet and hands in direct contact with any natural surface, for example, walking barefoot on grass, earth or sand, hugging and leaning on tree trunks.

Mood-boosting: This is a claim that is trending in the cosmetic and wellness field. We see new technologies, textures, biochemical pathways and scents that help improve mood.

Massage Beauty: This was one of the most interesting topics presented at the last IFSCC world congress in Barcelona. Some authors presented lectures and papers on the anti-aging biochemical pathways that are activated by different massage procedures and how these have different benefits in skincare. This is one of the pathways that will inspire the launch of new technologies and products with massage-like concepts.

Mindfulness: This is a practice that integrates meditation, breathing and concentration. It is increasingly present in relaxation and massage sessions. Due to the current situation that includes post-pandemia, political conflicts, wars, inflation, among others, it is gaining more relevance in cosmetic and beauty products and therapies.

Lifestyle medicine: The Global Wellness Institute presents an interesting definition: “Lifestyle medicine is a rapidly evolving field that aims to promote health and prevent chronic disease by addressing lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep and social support”. Cosmetics is an important ally for this trend.

Sound wellness: Different studies have shown how music helps to reduce mental anguish and enhance physical well-being, for example in cancer patients. There is also research on how different types of music help lower cortisol levels in the blood. Artificial Intelligence is helping to create different melodies that help with stress management and meditation. Auditory wellness represents a great opportunity for innovation and music will be an ally for the cosmetics of the future.

Gabriel García Márquez said “there is no medicine that cures what happiness does not cure”. Wellness is presented as an innovation driver for the cosmetics of the future and we have before us the possibility to evolve cosmetics for the benefit of people.

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